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Screenshot of dnq
Title:Duke Nukem Quake (52d252f83f2ac5df6a930e992060d129)
Filesize:76999 Kilobytes
Release date:16.10.2022
Additional Links: Slipseer page
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
DNQ.txt5 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/la_bk.tga769 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/la_dn.tga769 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/la_ft.tga769 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/la_lf.tga769 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/la_rt.tga769 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/la_up.tga769 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/stratosphere_bk.tga370 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/stratosphere_dn.tga765 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/stratosphere_ft.tga558 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/stratosphere_lf.tga399 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/stratosphere_rt.tga402 KB16.10.2022
gfx/env/stratosphere_up.tga368 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/brick_1.bsp854 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/brick_1.map2 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/brick_2.bsp1534 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/brick_2.map2 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/glass_1.bsp89 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/glass_1.map3 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/glass_2.bsp89 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/glass_2.map3 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/grey_1.bsp173 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/grey_1.map2 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/grey_2.bsp173 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/grey_2.map2 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/orange_1.bsp429 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/orange_1.map2 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/orange_2.bsp428 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/orange_2.map2 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/red_1.bsp173 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/red_1.map2 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/red_2.bsp88 KB16.10.2022
maps/duke_brk/red_2.map2 KB16.10.2022
maps/e1l1.bsp52961 KB16.10.2022
maps/e1l1.lit29879 KB16.10.2022
maps/startduke.bsp19429 KB16.10.2022
maps/startduke.lit5286 KB16.10.2022
music/track03.wav34009 KB16.10.2022
music/track19.mp36358 KB16.10.2022
music/track37.mp37965 KB16.10.2022
progs/artifact_jetpack.mdl33 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukegfx/secscreen.wav10 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/cake.wav110 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/damn.wav66 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/drink.wav43 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/ele1.wav76 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/flapflap.wav29 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/getsome.wav92 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/hailking.wav120 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/imgood.wav103 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/lookgood.wav130 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/myself.wav156 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/pay.wav185 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/quakeno.wav131 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/rock.wav79 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/rocket.wav307 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/scream.wav131 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/secdoor1.wav43 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/secscreen.wav10 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/shakeit.wav89 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/slidedoor1.wav91 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/switch.wav13 KB16.10.2022
sound/dukesfx/whistle.wav173 KB16.10.2022

Duke Nukem Quake

Small city themed level, a remake of the first level of Duke Nukem 3D + custom start map (startduke.bsp). Unzip into /ad/ folder of Arcane Dimensions v1.81+ (NOT included) then start via console: "game ad; map startduke"

Textures from DukeHRP, sounds from Duke3D, music remixed by the author. File overwrite warning: this mod overwrites music file /ad/music/track03.wav

"I think The Map is Pretty Easy - Recommend Hard or Nightmare [...] (Thanks to Allen Blum III for designing a kick ass map! & 3D Realms! I Still remember that night, after a weeek, we finally finshed downloading all 5 x parts from a BBS. As an 12 year old kid! Mind = Blown!)"

Tags: small, city, urban, cinema, remake, ad, music, textures

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3.9/5 with 13 ratings
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Anon Guest 22 April 2023, 10:38

I can't wait to see more of it! Might be a nice bonus to port some things from Quake Champions Classic, like player model, kicking and more Duke taunts.

KurtDamage Registered 24 April 2023, 19:26

Very fun Maps here. A must play for any Duke fan. The visuals are great and game play is a blast.

qkpt Guest 6 May 2023, 14:41

always enjoy a hollywood holo remake in other engines, good map.

inf78 Guest 6 May 2023, 22:11

It just made me to dl the shareware and play it in DOSBox again ;) Sure, the original is still original and just rocks, but this is also very cool. I think the biggest 'problem', if I can call it that, are the monsters and weapons. Those just don't fit the map, or Duke in general. OTOH, I totally digged the functional security cameras, awesome! The intro sequence is also super cool.

Great stuff!

MikeTaylor Registered 12 May 2023, 16:24

I guess you had to be there. For me, with no Duke Nukem nostalgia to rely on, this just felt primitive and unexciting. My apologies to GX.

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