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Screenshot of dspirl11
Author:Stan C.
Title:The Downward Spiral (0b908525c1a9ca5ead173ddec390fb02)
Filesize:629 Kilobytes
Release date:27.12.1996
Additional Links: Crash'serc's QualitySPQ Level Heaven
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
dspirl11.bsp1484 KB27.12.1996
dspirl11.txt6 KB27.12.1996 - The Downward Spiral

Small to medium Wizard/Metal map with waterfall canyon leading to a cave with an eddy, a temple and underground caverns. OK.

Tags: metal, wizard, bridge, waterfall, temple, caverns, medium, canyon, traps

Editor's Rating: Average
User Rating: 3.1/5 with 15 ratings
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xDDGx Registered, rated this a 4 7 July 2014, 2:02

This is a nice and interesting map, I think, this is one of the best maps of year '96. I didn't like only cubbish outer walls (shown on this screen); also, someone can get angry because of continuous jumps over lava (although, I passed this place without problems). And, finally, there is a bit rough spiral stairs (I felt through it a couple times, though, without damage).
On the other hand, there are good layout, unusual level-design and interesting gameplay.

ArrrCee Registered, rated this a 4 23 May 2015, 4:40

The Downward Spiral on The Quake Grave

I was pretty impressed with The Downward Spiral! I agree with all of xDDGx's points above, he is right on the money. Though there are some things strange about it, there are a lot of positives here. The map has a good flow to it, it has traps and events in almost every room and offers a great experience for the first year of Quake's release. I say check it out!

JMP Registered, rated this a 4 18 January 2017, 2:08

A fun map--it's rough around the edges but fairly inventive. Very good for 1996.

JMP Registered, rated this a 4 18 January 2017, 4:42

I should have mentioned that the screenshot is the worst part of the map visually. That put me off of playing it for a long time, but when I finally downloaded it I found that the rest of the map is much better. In general, the visuals are on the plain side but still decent.

Esrael Registered, rated this a 4 21 January 2018, 10:01

I'm quite impressed by this map. As ArrrCee stated, there are events almost at every turn, and some of them are quite something else from your typical Quake fare, which keeps things very interesting.

Actually, the map feels more like an Indiana Jones ® adventure than a Quake map, which is quite refreshing.

In terms of gameplay, it's definitely one of the best 1996 maps. The visuals are very crude at times, which is quite understandable, because the vanilla textures aren't very suited for a map like this and the hardware limitations of the time. But considering the limitations, the author pulled this off rather well.

pmk Guest 28 October 2018, 15:50

To me this is an average 1996 quake that was probably good for its time but i don't think it was really all that fun to play. The map didn't have an intense or memorable combat situations with quake enemies and overall the map felt very bland to me. I will give this map a three out of five rating because it is well built, constructed but overall i feel the map is kind of average and not really a must play as there are better maps and mods to play from the quake modding community.

Greenwood Registered, rated this a 4 23 January 2020, 23:16

Considering map editors in '96 were basic and unforgiving, this is a very cool map. Definitely above "average" if you take into account some of the inventive things done (spoiler alert) like the dangerous stalactites that drop down, turning into platforms for progression and the whirlpool that can suck you under.

It's definitely one of the better maps from 1996 and well worth a look.

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