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Screenshot of dwellv1p2
Author:AlekswithaK, Danz, Fairweather, Greenwood, h4724, JCR, khreathor, Markie Music, Mazu, Pinchy, PoolboyQ, VoidForce
Title:Dwell - Episode 1 (Version 1.2) (8e6295f4da425a3b96e8c7ada01743c2)
Filesize:124676 Kilobytes
Release date:07.10.2020
Additional Links: Additional screenshotsFunc_MsgboardTrailer
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
README_dwellv1p2.txt4 KB07.10.2020
gfx/conback.lmp63 KB26.09.2020
gfx/env/ame_nebula/ame_nebula.shader1 KB15.01.2009
gfx/env/ame_nebula/ame_nebula_bk.tga769 KB13.03.2002
gfx/env/ame_nebula/ame_nebula_dn.tga769 KB13.03.2002
gfx/env/ame_nebula/ame_nebula_ft.tga769 KB13.03.2002
gfx/env/ame_nebula/ame_nebula_lf.tga769 KB13.03.2002
gfx/env/ame_nebula/ame_nebula_rt.tga769 KB13.03.2002
gfx/env/ame_nebula/ame_nebula_up.tga769 KB13.03.2002
gfx/env/ame_nebula/readme1 KB14.01.2009
gfx/env/black_bk.tga13 KB07.10.2012
gfx/env/black_dn.tga13 KB07.10.2012
gfx/env/black_ft.tga13 KB07.10.2012
gfx/env/black_lf.tga13 KB07.10.2012
gfx/env/black_rt.tga13 KB07.10.2012
gfx/env/black_up.tga13 KB07.10.2012
gfx/env/moonrise_bk.tga3073 KB14.05.2015
gfx/env/moonrise_dn.tga3073 KB14.05.2015
gfx/env/moonrise_ft.tga3073 KB14.05.2015
gfx/env/moonrise_lf.tga3073 KB14.05.2015
gfx/env/moonrise_rt.tga3073 KB14.05.2015
gfx/env/moonrise_up.tga3073 KB14.05.2015
gfx/env/ozymandias_bk.tga769 KB06.07.2020
gfx/env/ozymandias_dn.tga769 KB06.07.2020
gfx/env/ozymandias_ft.tga769 KB06.07.2020
gfx/env/ozymandias_lf.tga769 KB06.07.2020
gfx/env/ozymandias_rt.tga769 KB06.07.2020
gfx/env/ozymandias_up.tga769 KB06.07.2020
gfx/env/sahara_bk.tga577 KB11.11.2017
gfx/env/sahara_dn.tga736 KB11.11.2017
gfx/env/sahara_ft.tga614 KB11.11.2017
gfx/env/sahara_lf.tga616 KB11.11.2017
gfx/env/sahara_rt.tga591 KB11.11.2017
gfx/env/sahara_up.tga361 KB11.11.2017
maps/d1m1.bsp5796 KB01.10.2020
maps/d1m1.lit2696 KB30.09.2020
maps/d1m2.bsp9158 KB28.09.2020
maps/d1m2.lit2316 KB28.09.2020
maps/d1m3.bsp14919 KB29.09.2020
maps/d1m3.lit4804 KB29.09.2020
maps/d1m4.bsp2590 KB05.10.2020
maps/d1m4.lit1562 KB05.10.2020
maps/d1m5.bsp2912 KB07.10.2020
maps/d1m5.lit1454 KB07.10.2020
maps/d1m6.bsp6693 KB05.10.2020
maps/d1m6.lit2661 KB05.10.2020
maps/d1m7.bsp9358 KB06.10.2020
maps/d1m7.lit4285 KB06.10.2020
maps/d1m8.bsp9357 KB04.10.2020
maps/d1m8.lit4097 KB04.10.2020
maps/d1m9.bsp20962 KB03.10.2020
maps/d1m9.lit5833 KB03.10.2020
maps/start.bsp5713 KB04.10.2020
maps/start.lit2317 KB04.10.2020
music/Track107.ogg5892 KB16.09.2020
music/track02.ogg1491 KB01.10.2020
music/track03.ogg1932 KB24.09.2020
music/track100.ogg2784 KB01.10.2020
music/track101.ogg6917 KB26.08.2020
music/track102.ogg5115 KB31.08.2020
music/track103.ogg5894 KB06.09.2020
music/track104.ogg5371 KB02.09.2020
music/track105.ogg5576 KB15.09.2020
music/track108.ogg5954 KB21.09.2020
music/track109.ogg5048 KB22.09.2020
music/track192.ogg2203 KB23.09.2020
pak0.pak3480 KB01.10.2020
progs.dat552 KB01.10.2020
progs/b_bh25.bsp9 KB11.06.2020
progs/boss_egypt.mdl789 KB02.10.2020
progs/dead_tree.mdl263 KB08.07.2020
progs/end1.mdl30 KB20.09.2020
progs/h_zombie.mdl8 KB27.09.2020
progs/item_keys_runes.qc10 KB19.09.2020
progs/lain_gkey.mdl360 KB26.08.2020
progs/misc_amonstatue.mdl89 KB20.09.2020
progs/misc_amonstatue_void.mdl89 KB20.09.2020
progs/misc_horusbird.mdl69 KB31.08.2020
progs/misc_player.mdl550 KB20.11.2019
progs/misc_smoke.mdl32 KB01.07.2020
progs/misc_tutstatue.mdl175 KB02.01.2018
progs/misc_tutstatue_void.mdl52 KB20.09.2020
progs/mon_gargoyle.mdl380 KB20.11.2019
progs/mon_tarbaby.mdl500 KB20.11.2019
progs/morph_az.mdl294 KB20.09.2020
progs/morph_eg.mdl789 KB02.10.2020
progs/morph_gr.mdl294 KB20.09.2020
progs/s_spike.mdl3 KB01.10.2020
progs/scarab_key.mdl42 KB20.09.2020
progs/v_light.mdl22 KB01.10.2020
progs/v_nail.mdl47 KB01.10.2020
progs/v_nail2.mdl48 KB01.10.2020
progs/v_rock.mdl37 KB01.10.2020
progs/v_rock2.mdl39 KB01.10.2020
progs/v_shot.mdl43 KB01.10.2020
progs/v_shot2.mdl22 KB01.10.2020
progs/zombie.mdl283 KB25.09.2020
quake.rc2 KB22.07.2020
sound/ambience/dronerumble1.wav224 KB28.09.2020
sound/ambience/electric1.wav145 KB28.09.2020
sound/ambience/engineroom1.wav218 KB28.09.2020
sound/doors/egypttry.wav20 KB19.09.2020
sound/doors/egyptuse.wav22 KB19.09.2020
sound/guard/death.wav130 KB01.10.2020
sound/guard/pain1.wav33 KB01.10.2020
sound/guard/see1.wav54 KB01.10.2020
sound/jcrsounds/bigbreak1.wav426 KB19.08.2020
sound/jcrsounds/biggestreveal.wav132 KB03.09.2020
sound/jcrsounds/bigsplash1.wav591 KB19.08.2020
sound/jcrsounds/breath1.wav217 KB02.09.2020
sound/jcrsounds/coconut.wav224 KB04.09.2020
sound/jcrsounds/death.wav27 KB03.09.2020
sound/jcrsounds/dpain1.wav7 KB03.09.2020
sound/jcrsounds/finalscream.wav143 KB31.08.2020
sound/jcrsounds/flow1.wav52 KB17.07.2018
sound/jcrsounds/flow2.wav305 KB05.08.2018
sound/jcrsounds/gibbust1.wav23 KB29.08.2020
sound/jcrsounds/heartbeat.wav69 KB02.09.2020
sound/jcrsounds/monsterbubble.wav1562 KB31.08.2020
sound/jcrsounds/monstergrunt1.wav126 KB25.08.2020
sound/jcrsounds/monstergurgle.wav427 KB06.09.2020
sound/jcrsounds/monsterscream1.wav77 KB19.08.2020
sound/jcrsounds/oomph.wav17 KB19.08.2020
sound/jcrsounds/poop.wav22 KB29.04.2019
sound/jcrsounds/rock_impact.wav90 KB02.01.2018
sound/jcrsounds/rumble.wav104 KB13.08.2018
sound/jcrsounds/sight.wav26 KB03.09.2020
sound/jcrsounds/song.wav294 KB05.09.2020
sound/jcrsounds/ssight.wav16 KB03.09.2020
sound/jcrsounds/windoutdoor.wav206 KB02.09.2020
sound/jcrsounds/woodbreak1.wav83 KB02.01.2018
sound/lain/buzz1.wav269 KB01.10.2020
sound/lain/darkchoir.wav34 KB05.07.2017
sound/lain/fl_hum1.wav216 KB30.09.2020
sound/lain/wind2.wav56 KB30.09.2020
sound/markie/roar1.wav130 KB24.09.2020
sound/markie/roar2.wav76 KB24.09.2020
sound/markie/roar3.wav108 KB24.09.2020
sound/markie/rumble.wav104 KB01.07.2015
sound/misc/coin.wav212 KB06.09.2020
sound/misc/menu1.wav8 KB01.10.2020
sound/misc/menu2.wav14 KB01.10.2020
sound/misc/scarabkey.wav31 KB20.09.2020
sound/pbq/coin.wav212 KB06.09.2020
sound/sound/lain/buzz1.wav269 KB01.10.2020
src/d1m1.map3116 KB06.10.2020
src/d1m1_readme.txt3 KB01.10.2020
src/d1m2.map4466 KB06.10.2020
src/d1m2_readme.txt2 KB28.09.2020
src/d1m3.map8104 KB29.09.2020
src/d1m3_readme.txt2 KB01.10.2020
src/d1m4.map2255 KB05.10.2020
src/d1m5.map1381 KB07.10.2020
src/d1m5_readme.txt3 KB01.10.2020
src/d1m6.map7707 KB05.10.2020
src/d1m7.map7214 KB06.10.2020
src/d1m7_readme.txt3 KB06.10.2020
src/d1m8.map5670 KB04.10.2020
src/d1m8_readme.txt3 KB01.10.2020
src/d1m9.map15450 KB02.10.2020
src/light.log2 KB05.10.2020
src/start.map2831 KB04.10.2020
src/vis.log1 KB05.10.2020

Dwell - Episode 1 (Version 1.2)

First episode of a four-episode project: nine medium to large Egyptian-themed levels including a start map. They are based on the Copper mod (included) and feature new monsters, weapons, sounds, skyboxes and custom music tracks. The map sources are included.

Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support.

Tags: egypt, copper, textures, hard, void, secrets, exploration, episode, campain, models, blood, coop, flesh, music, skybox

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating: 4.7/5 with 32 ratings
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Lane Powell Registered, rated this a 5 12 October 2020, 2:08

An excellent episode. First of all, it's great to have a third episode for the Copper mod, a mod for which my appreciation is deepening the more I play it. This is probably the best of the three to my taste (though all of them are great). It's definitely more consistent between maps in terms of style compared to Realm of the Lost (which would have near-AD levels of detail in one map followed by something closer to id) and also has a clear narrative with its Egyptian ruin theme that gradually becomes more fleshy and otherworldly, with the last couple of maps being messy hellish void levels. It also gets pretty hard toward the end but I'm not complaining. Great stuff, and the promise of three more episodes to follow is exciting.

Ryewee Guest 16 October 2020, 16:01

"nine medium to large Egyptian-themed levels including a start map" There appears to be no start map. -game dwell does nothing. I can access each map individually d1m1 etc but not base map.

fairweather Registered, rated this a 5 16 October 2020, 17:31

Hi Ryewee, you've not installed the game correctly. It needs to be a seperate folder from your ID1 directory, but you've installed it on top it seems. Install it next to the directory, and type "game dwell", hit "tab" to autocomplete to the patch version and then hit Enter.

Ryewee Guest 17 October 2020, 17:12

Hi fairweather, thanx! I probably did install it incorrectly. So I reinstalled it where you suggested but it didn't solve the problem straight away. It seems that it did not work when it was named "dwell" but renaming it to "dwellv1p2" fixed the problem.

Mugwump Registered 20 October 2020, 0:35

Oh hey, my palm tree from sm194 is in there, pictured in all its glory for eternity (or at least until Quake is forgotten)! ;p How coincidental that this comes out now, just when I've started making my first egyptian map barely a few weeks ago.

Chaser Registered, rated this a 5 23 October 2020, 18:33

easy 5/5 for me. Even though it's a bit hard on the gameplay edges, I cant give it any other score than max for all the stuff that's made right in this episode.

Map design, graphics, colors, overall tone, and that OST - it had fun exploring from start to finish.

Real Guest 24 October 2020, 14:05

Excellent set of maps, I've only played a few so far but have been blown away. Love the music too, thanks for creating this.

OleBumma Registered, rated this a 5 25 October 2020, 2:00

I've been very satisfied with this episode. Very playful, not a frustrating game at all, kinda testing at times, amazing design. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to see episode 2 being released! It's a project worth to keep working on.

Gila Registered, rated this a 5 6 November 2020, 13:17

Great pack! Amazing work all around, thanks to all who created this. I agree with funcmsgboard post by StroggSothoth that episode has "a sort of Dissolution of Eternity meets Zerstorer" feel to it, mixing egyptian themes with 'evil' and organic/meat stuff.

This release actually feels like a cohesive episode, since the themes mostly flow from one another level to level, though maps might seem to have different amount of 'eyecandy' or detail - for example d1m6 might seem 'overdetailed' compared to, say, d1m2. The included ambient music is also very good and adds to the atmosphere.

At first I started this on Hard and it was a bit much, so I dropped to Normal and it felt very comfy. Waiting for the following episodes, wondering what new themes (or variants) will they bring!

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 5 14 November 2020, 18:42

There's ever such a lot to love about this, so that it would be ridiculous not to give it the full five stars. But I do lament that it ended with such a ridiculous arena fight. I had a couple of goes at doing it legitimately, but in the end just gave up and god-moded to get through it. I don't regret it: even with that done, I nearly ran out of the necessary ammo to kill the Big Bad. Such a disappointing way to end what had up to that been the best level of the pack — which is really saying something.

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