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Screenshot of elek_neh_episode4
Title:Episode 3 The Tides of War (6d8cffc8554b45fa995db9caa675e701)
Filesize:7745 Kilobytes
Release date:05.02.2001
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
nehahra/maps/Nehahra_episode4_story.txt5 KB04.02.2001
nehahra/maps/Nehahra_episode4.txt5 KB04.02.2001
nehahra/maps/NEH3M3.bsp2946 KB02.02.2001
nehahra/maps/NEH3M4.bsp1895 KB05.02.2001
nehahra/maps/NEH3M2.bsp3314 KB03.02.2001
nehahra/maps/NEH3ST.bsp720 KB05.02.2001
nehahra/maps/NEH3M1.bsp3820 KB30.01.2001
nehahra/mods/neh3m1a.xm624 KB03.02.2001
nehahra/mods/NEH6.xm420 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/NEH5.xm1754 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/NEH1.xm361 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/NEH7.xm673 KB19.09.2000
elek_neh_episode4_quaddictedrepack.txt1 KB28.04.2009

Episode 3 The Tides of War

A small episode for Nehahra. Starts in a base, then goes into a dark moody mountain theme.

[This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip here]

Tags: episode, nehahra, planetquake-map-of-the-week

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
3.9/5 with 18 ratings
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Dan 22 January 2010, 4:03
Nice? Excellent surely.

No level designer myself but these levels are exceptional for both architecture and combat, the first and second ones especially. Even now there is little else like them: highly recommended.

One question- the music only seems to work if you play through completely without dying, rather than loading a savegame. Is this deliberate or an issue that can be worked around?

Here's to hoping the author completes his unfinished maps.
MegaQuaker 9 April 2010, 22:39
The weapons don't autoaim (at least the nails). They usually do so in Quake maps. How do I turn autoaim on?
MegaQuaker 20 April 2010, 4:43
Finished playing it anyways. Good add-on but didn't rock my world. Ending to the first levels is very frustrating, too much AI. Rest plays well. Beautiful architecture in some themes not emphasized in original Nehahra. I gave it four but it's almost a five.
dBAudio Registered 1 January 2014, 22:30

i thought these were great. if only they were fit in with the original!

NightFright Registered 26 February 2014, 22:49

It's not as good as the original Nehahra, and even though it's labelled "Episode 3", it doesn't really continue the story. The atmosphere is quite different, yet the locations are still fun to explore and the enhanced AI is driving you mad just like before. Even though it doesn't offer more than 2-3 hours of gameplay, this time is not wasted.

dwere Registered 3 September 2016, 0:00

So uhh. Is this episode 4 or episode 3?

onetruepurple Registered 27 June 2018, 23:51

Worth it just for map 2 alone.

Jugador Registered 15 April 2019, 20:07

Isn't there a bug in the third map? In the place where I need to push the key stones into place, the gold stone won't budge. Am I doing something wrong?

Escalate_krsk Registered 7 October 2020, 21:42

Great levels, but.... after story-driven Nehahra, a project labeled as "expansion pack" should have something more to offer in terms of new monsters and a proper conclusion. What's going on, Quake? Like Zerstorer and OUM, there is no final confrontation with the remaining antagonist. He... wins? No resolution to cliffhanger left in Nehahra's ending. C'mon, great mods need great conclusion!

CrazyJeff Guest 25 March 2022, 20:25

Can't finish neh3m3 without noclipping. The gold key block is 100% immovable. Even with all gameplay fixes enabled.

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