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Screenshot of nehahra
Author:Nehahra Team
Title:Nehahra (878693eadf73d5fffcaf6715e1b058bb)
Filesize:53817 Kilobytes
Release date:17.08.2000
Additional Links: erc's ExcellenceEthereal HellQuake TerminusRetroquakeTEAMShambler (A)TEAMShambler (B)Ten FourUnderworldfan's
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
nehahra.exe641 KB27.08.2000
nehexe.exe428 KB08.03.2001
nehahra/readmeneh.txt14 KB11.03.2008
nehahra/pak3.pak62185 KB27.08.2000
nehahra/help.txt1 KB21.05.2001
nehahra/nehmodfix.txt1 KB04.02.2001
nehahra/pak1.pak27915 KB26.08.2000
nehahra/pak2.pak56330 KB22.08.2000
nehahra/nehahra.txt20 KB22.05.2001
nehahra/progs.dat998 KB05.06.2001
nehahra/mods/neh6.xm420 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh1.xm361 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh3m1a.xm624 KB03.02.2001
nehahra/mods/neh8.xm523 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh7.xm673 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh3.xm748 KB25.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh2.xm325 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh4.xm375 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh5.xm1754 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/atmos2.xm435 KB03.04.2000
nehahra/mods/nehend.s3m381 KB06.05.2001
nehahra/nehmusic.txt1 KB22.05.2001
nehahra/dpnehahra.txt3 KB27.08.2000
nehahra/neh.html28 KB18.08.2000
nehahra/nehexe.txt1 KB22.05.2001
nehahra/pak0.pak1 KB17.08.2000
nehahra/devkit/devkit1.txt114 KB22.07.2001
nehahra/devkit/nehahra.fgd43 KB11.08.2000
nehahra/devkit/demos.txt1 KB19.08.2000
nehahra/nehmulti.txt4 KB27.08.2000
nehahra/pak4.pak1799 KB27.08.2000
nehmovie.exe512 KB06.08.2000
readme_spirit.txt1 KB11.03.2008
glquake.exe490 KB07.08.2007
FMOD.DLL115 KB19.02.2001
DPNehahra.exe564 KB27.08.2000


17 maps by famous mappers, cutscenes, new monsters, great features. Comes with a custom engine. Extraordinary.

Note: You can turn off the new AI (side-strafing monsters) with nomonsters "1"

Note: This package was compiled by Spirit in 2008 because of the "mess of files" one needed to install, read the included readme_spirit.txt for changes. Mindcrime said it looked right but please report in if you spot anything faulty in the packaging.

Tags: epic, episode, decon, rubicon, mustplay, cutscenes

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.4/5 with 69 ratings
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ijed 19 April 2009, 0:26
The biggest and most important milestone in Quake.
Team Xlink 23 December 2009, 21:51
Thank you for the repack :D
Brandy Bogard 13 March 2010, 4:24
Does this package include Seal of Nehahra
Spirit 13 March 2010, 10:21
MegaQuaker 20 April 2010, 4:53
It is the most important Quake release ever and gets five stars even though by no means do I think it's perfect.

Really it's parts of the Forge City maps and also the boss maps that lack a bit. Most levels in between are good though, many are awesome and would stand out very well as separate releases. And it is the best looking Quake add on ever. No arguing that.
Kerryanne Warne 24 July 2010, 11:51
How do you register ? x
Dani 5 September 2010, 0:29
Awesome.. The Best quake mod..
costas 7 October 2010, 13:32
hello guys can i ask smth?
Can I play this pack with darkplaces?
What exe should I run?

Spirit 7 October 2010, 18:33
I'd recommend you download the latest release directly from ("DarkPlaces engine Windows/Linux/Mac OpenGL build").

Rightclick the exe, create shortcut and add -nehahra to the target/commandline. That should work.
costas 10 November 2010, 16:47
Spirit thanks for the tip. Nevertheless since it's the first time i'm quaking like this, could you tell me a bit more for the target/commandine. Where is it?

P.S. In order to play scourse of armagon and Diss of eternity I created a quake bat file and echoed 1,2,3 for quake, hipnotic and rogue, respectively and they all worked fine. when I tried to add as 4 echo nehahra, it loads only quake 1.
costas 10 November 2010, 16:50
I updated darkplaces with darkplacesengineauto..> 10-Nov-2010 09:13 20.6M
but still nothing.

I'm probably doing something wrong sine I don't know where is the target/commandline.

Please help because I keep hearing that this Nehahra is the best quake creation ever!!!!

Otherwise I'm going to quakekill myself. I'm not quakekidding!!! Help!!!

Spirit 11 November 2010, 18:56
Let me suggest using the Quake Injector, we made it specifically to make this headache go away:
costas 11 November 2010, 23:13
Spirit you rock!!! Although...
1) I installed and run nehahra with injector.
It starts (I gave darkplaces as executable) the scenery at level selection great but once I start the game and while viewing the long-long-long.....long intro (by the way is there a key or smth to stop the intro?) anyway during that I press escape and the menu appears with old shaky letters just like quake 1 I had 14 years ago!!! No dark places menu, nothing. Any ideas?
Once again thank you for your help... We here in Greece salute ... the quake lords...
delor 2 December 2011, 2:25
..The movie was pretty enjoyable (I've seen more than once)
Still haven't played this whole :(
Luna's Loyal Subject 21 June 2012, 3:18
Is this unplayably laggy for anyone else or just me?
negke 21 June 2012, 20:51
Try Bengt Jardrup's enhanced Nehquake engine perhaps.
Subjective Guest 22 November 2012, 11:56
I tried using Quake Injector to run this and when I load the log says:
couldn't load autoexec.cfg
couldn't load nehstart.bsp

Ben using Quakespasm.exe and GLquake doesn't work on my computer.

Any tips?

Spirit Registered 27 January 2013, 13:05
On neh2m6 (random try) nehexe.exe and glquake.exe (Bengt's nehahra one) play the music. DPnehahra.exe does not. nehahra.exe crashes for me with a "GL_Upload8_Ext: too big" error.

On nehend DP does play the music. Here it does not seem to be a xm though, its volume is controlled through the general sound slider.

The maps have their tracks set with the "noise" key and a path like "mods/atmos2.xm". The engine seems to use that and then play the track with the "playmod" command. DP does not seem to use that.

I assume for reduced confusion I should remove all executables but the glquake.exe and rename that one to nehahra-glquake.exe or something. To use a recent Darkplaces the easiest way is to download it and rename the exe to nehahra.exe (I will not do that in this package).
dBAudio Registered 1 January 2014, 19:42

just finished replaying this. what an excellent mod! an amazing collection of programmers, mappers and artists wrapped up into one fabulous epic.

NightFright Registered 24 February 2014, 10:42

Still the best addon ever made for Quake, but certainly among the most challenging ones as well. The levels are amazing for the time of their release, full of atmosphere and details (e.g. watch out for Ogres doing unexpected things!). Storytelling is also strong here, even though it's maybe a bit overdone with the long intro. There are also a few new enemies and weapons - my personal favorite is the Auto Shotgun which can deal with strong opponents even better than the SNG, but at the cost of serious kickback while firing. Main issue with Nehahra is the question about which port to use these days. aguirRe's Enhanced GLQuake (included in this repacked release) works but is a bit outdated by now. I ended up using JoeQuake because I could also use colored lights (LIT files) with it while keeping effects such as water surface warp (Darkplaces doesn't have it). Basically all worked fine until I killed Nehahra - then packet overflow and crash to console. If there's something on my wishlist, then an attempt to get this working on more ports such as FitzQuake, QuakeSpasm or maybe even DirectQ. Nehahra is a classic which would certainly deserve it. As for the rating, there can only be one verdict...

Yhe1 Guest 14 June 2014, 9:14

Directq does support this

Yhe1 Guest 14 June 2014, 9:15

Directq 1.88 v1

spy Guest 14 June 2014, 12:40

I don't understand all that hype with this pak. Maybe its been awesome for its time of release. But Travail much superior. Looking at maps there's much better maps from previous work of the authors. The weapon models were pretty great though. But the monster models ugh, particularly that Brian 'Head' Welch model. The ending were pretty weak too. Quaddamage for the first boss. wtf? And the fighting Max just an ugly dm playing.


Baker Guest 1 August 2014, 9:59

endcred.dem seems to be missing

dBAudio Registered 1 August 2014, 11:58

i use the reQuiem engine most, and it seems to handle this mod.

Rikart Guest 10 August 2014, 21:58

OK, so I get to Industrial Silence, and the wall textures turn to a whiteout effect. This goes away if I go into the Options and revert to standard settings, and then all is well until I get killed (whether or not I modify the settings). Any tips? Thanks!

boulbus Guest 10 August 2014, 23:23

dont use dark places :P

Slenderman Registered 15 August 2014, 20:51

what episodes are in nehahra?

Wisdom Registered 25 September 2014, 1:03

help? I have tried playing nehahra and using Darkplaces quake in touch. worked but when I open any map appears on the top screen "unknown command 'gl_fogdensity'" and others

Lane Powell Guest 18 January 2015, 2:39

Any way to skip the intro cutscene? It's too long and I'm not interested.

1path0gen1 Guest 23 January 2015, 13:24

@Lane Powell Add

cutscene "0.000000"

in autoexec.cfg. Or launch with "+map neh1m1" in command line, obviously.

Mecheye Registered 19 February 2015, 2:53

I really wasn't fond of this one. Mostly because of the new AI, but Ill get into that later. I'll break down a few of the differences and major points in this First Impression.

First off, it's REALLY nice looking, and the new enemies are very interesting and unique, but... I was having quite a few problems with the gameplay. Not all of them are negative changes, and the bullet points below should not be read as bad marks. However they all add up to a narrative which I think sums up my experiences well enough. (Note: I stopped playing after I escaped forge city on Normal mode. So this isn't a Review, but a First Impression. The game may very well change after the first couple levels and/or a few console or game commands might make it a lot different for some players.)

1) Ill start my bullets here. The Controls. I played using GlQuake since it was the only version that would work for me. I was unable to scroll backwards through my weapons, only forwards (Plus I had to use a console command to enable mouse look) since it was an old version of quake I think. This wasn't a problem when I played Beyond Belief (More of an annoyance than anything) and it wasn't really a problem now, but it is still a bit of a glaring difference that will mess up some players, especially later in the game with more weaponry. But the game didn't really have any glaring

2) Weaponry issues. I only got to use the shotgun, double shotgun and nailgun since i stopped at...level 4 I think it was? Only difference here was that the shotgun's spread seems to have been increased. This isn't a problem by itself, but it IS a bit of a problem when you take into account

3) The side stepping. Yes I can turn it off, but it was implemented for a reason so I felt obligated to keep it on for the "full experience" Its a neat mechanic, but there are several issues with HOW it was done. Namely the fact that

3a) It happened way to often. I felt like I was playing in an online deathmatch in CoD (Diving, jumping around, camping, spray and pray). However, the only difference is that I didn't have a automatic rifle but a pump action shotgun. The things I were shooting at were literally flying around the screen to the point where I had to hold down the trigger and spend 15 shells killing an enforcer because:

3b) Their health was increased. OR it may be the potentially increased spread of the shotty making less pellets hit. I wasn't really sure. More health isn't an issue because there is a TON of ammo lying around, and neither is the increased spread for the same reason. However, what was really noticeable was that

3c) The enemy chance to attack was significantly increased. Normal mode felt like Nightmare to me with the attack frequency. No joke. The enemies spam their weapons. This was all listed under "3" for a reason. That being that added up, it was an absolute mess to get anywhere relatively in-tact.

In fact, the first level I almost couldn't beat for all the above reasons as well as the

4) Medpacks being so spaztasticly placed. The first level had them placed so sparingly that half the time I was running around with 5 HP because a grunt managed to circle strafe me to death. I couldn't even get one one of the sorely needed medpacks because I presumably had to shove a barrel around and jump on it and I ended up blowing up said barrel to kill the hyped-up grunt nearby.

The second level was the exact opposite! There were MILLIONS of medpacks and only 30 or so enemies!

The third level had next to none in the first half, with millions in the second half (with an even distribution of enemies no less) At one point in the third level, I had to climb a set of stairs. At the top were 3 of the new super-nailgun enemies and a super hyped up enforcer. This was in itself a ridiculous situation because no amount of dodging would keep me from getting hit and they wouldn't follow me to another area, but it was aggravated by my ability to keep getting

5) Caught on the level geometry and dying painfully. Sure it looks nice and completely awesome (for Quake no less) but everything had weird hitboxes that I kept catching my elbow on trying to dodge out of the way of things.

Overall, I didn't have fun with this pack so far. It looks gorgeous, the new enemies are interesting, and the story is great so far too! But I don't think Ill be finish it with the new AI, nor recommend casual players to use the new AI. Its better off without it.


Spirit Registered 19 February 2015, 20:00

Nehahra without nomonsters 1 is absolutely terrible in my opinion. No one should have to endure that...

You can try the requiem engine if you have trouble, it will let you cycle weapons etc. (use the second link)

NightFright Guest 27 April 2015, 14:24

Latest Fitzquake Mk V also runs Nehahra now.

BTW, does anybody have these two patches once released for Nehahra: /

Dark Satan Guest 12 August 2015, 23:25

Pak2.pak didnt seem to be extracting to the folder I wanted it to go in.

RamboX Guest 13 August 2015, 4:15


Rimster Registered 2 April 2016, 19:41

While I absolutely hated the spastic strafing by monsters, I felt I should play it that way to get an original experience from it. Overall though I thought this was pretty neat, I loved the details it added with the ogre chefs and the wraiths collecting souls from dead creatures. Say hat you will about the Max fight I found it to be the most interesting fps boss that I can currently recall. I would definitely suggest a play through even now.

Skully Guest 26 August 2016, 8:44

The maps themselves were pretty good, even if the new AI can be annoying at times. What I really didn't like was the intro cutscene, mainly the voice acting. Hearing that obnoxious 1950s gangster voice for almost every single character was too much for me. It was so bad I had to mute the sound half way into it. Not like the dialogue really mattered anyway, I couldn't understand what anyone was saying half the time. Who on earth did you get to voice act those characters? He was awful!

bfg666 Registered 3 September 2016, 1:12

"What I really didn't like was the intro cutscene, mainly the voice acting."

I couldn't agree more! That and the hideous player model. If I remember correctly, the voice "actor" is no actor at all but one of the authors, possibly the project leader. It should be noted in the end credits.

Qmaster Registered 1 October 2016, 17:59

Wow. This is actually quite terrible. Took me years to finish it as I just couldn't stomach the horrendous voice acting, terrible cutscenes, and horrible sound effects. Finally finished it today.

Enemies: Jagger - Ugly, sound effects taken from Fiend and Abuse mutants which are simply not Quakey. Vomitus - Not horrible but skin is no good. Marines - I don't need help. Field Enforcer - Hideous...would only really work in the Noir jam. Ogre Mutant - Also hideous, hate his sound effects. Tsemoch - Annoying, stupid hard, not Quakey Gaunt - Too many different attacks, difficult to learn, Can't dodge his red lightning - this should be something limited to Shambler imo. Archgaunt - The gravity reversing is not a bad idea though it is rather jarring. His freezing death is a nice concept but why? Doesn't make sense in context at all. These are even more annoying than Tsemochs. Barons - Sound effects aren't the best, jumpy, somewhat annoying. Meh. Wraith - Actually kinda cool.

Monster strafing - Just no. This isn't deathmatch. This isn't fun Quake singleplayer. Not right. I know it can be somewhat disabled but still. Death knight changes - Yuck, plunging while lit up is wierd. Vore changes - somewhat fits the cannon of Azure Agony's vore jumping section but the logic is odd and the vore is already hard to avoid the projectile...seems unnecessarily more difficult.

Level quality - some levels are quite well made though layouts and quality overall is rather mediocre.

Cutscenes and Seal movie were awful. I muted it after a minute. And soooooo loooooooong!! Come on!

Overall not impressed. This could have been better.

Longhorn Registered 21 May 2017, 14:04

Hi there. Can someone give me a tip how to play this mod. I mean what port should I use? Thank you in advance.

Somebody Guest 25 May 2017, 8:04

Hey so, if anybody's here, does nomonsters "1" disable the enemies strafing or does it just make them do it less or something? I've typed it in a lot in different ways and they're still strafing.

Hipnotic Rogue Registered 20 July 2017, 12:29

I love this! A true labour of love. At the very least, it's worth playing just for its historical significance.

Greed Registered 26 October 2017, 0:39

How to play this monumental map pack on Windows 10:

  • Mark V: download, extract only the "nehahra" folder into your /Quake directory. Download Mark V, put it into your /Quake folder, and then the fmod.dll from the same page and put it into /nehahra folder. Run Mark V with -nehahra command line argument. Mark V is a modern FitzQuake based engine like Quakespasm and should be pretty straightforward past this point.

  • The original NehQuake engine: download the bug fixed version from here, you only need glquake.exe, I'd also suggest renaming the said glquake.exe to nehquake.exe since it only runs nehahra. Extract the "nehahra" folder and fmod.dll that comes with it from into your /Quake folder, but still ignore the other .exes that come inside This time around the fmod.dll goes into your /Quake folder and not /nehahra. Then just run nehquake.exe. The widescreen resolution support is a bit tricky this time around since you'll have to calculate the HUD size and FOV yourself, e.g. for 1080p 16:9 run the exe with the following command line arguments: nehquake.exe -width 1920 -height 1080 -bpp 32 -conwidth 640 -conheight 360 +fov 106. For 16:10 aspect ratios con size and FOV should be 640x400 and 100, as in -width 1680 -height 1050 -bpp 32 -conwidth 640 -conheight 400 +fov 100.

Azradun Registered 6 April 2018, 3:46

Currently in the half of the playthrough. Giving a review since I'm not sure I'd want to finish.

I'd say - this is easily the worst gameplay experience I've had since I've joined this site. While I appreciate the amount of work it went into the mod, and that it was done so many years ago, the gameplay is almost hilariously bad and unbalanced.

Even with nomonsters 1, some of the strafing AI remains. While it's not as ludicrously hard, the health, attack speed and movement are boosted. And when an ordinarily looking Grunt can wield a rocket launcher, suddenly half of the encounters in the first missions become almost boss fights. In fact, when fighting a "boss fight" at the half end, I was amazed how easy it felt compared to battling Grunts and Enforcers.

This is hallmark of bad game design - the "conservation of ninjutsu" trope exists for a reason. A boss fight is meant to be unique and harder. When everyone is as tough and jumpy as the player, game becomes monotonous chore. I didn't have much fun playing this, rather tedium. What works in deathmatch with bots doesn't work in single player. In DM respawn of resources makes all the difference.

Other stuff: breakable boxes. A same box can be breakable one moment, unbrekable the next. You will use a lot of ammo needlessly. Grunts - cool, they have different weapons. But color coding is for a reason - it is a game after all. Marines - another badly designed thing. With all the launcher-toting Grunts around, I'm blasting anything even resembling a Grunt and ask questions later.

Yes, there are some genuinely nice things, like new Ogre animations or the resurrect powerup, but most of the things feel really subpar - new enemies, level design (wall textures like literally my Grandpa's cellar). I've been hearing about Nehahra for years, and to be frank, playing it for the first time is huge disappointment. I've been playing through almost every episodic map collection in this archive and for the first time I genuinely disliked one.

Well, it is not for me it seems.

Likuid Guest 4 June 2018, 2:31

Pleas Help ? Is it allowed to use Nehahra.exe(progs.dat) engine in a commercial supposed game I'm creating ??

Max Guest 4 June 2018, 9:52

No, it's not.

Likuid Guest 5 June 2018, 3:23

thank but why not ? since Id Quake engine allows that !

MikeTaylor Registered 5 June 2018, 23:11

Why not? Because the creators didn't elect to allow it. Which is 100% their prerogative.

likkid Guest 7 June 2018, 1:36

Sorry but I guess you're wrong.. QuakeC (Progs.dat) is gpl and always be (it's an IDsoftware choice) even if someone else(NehahraTeam) has modified it. Only the assets are property of NehahraTeam

MikeTaylor Registered 7 June 2018, 13:58

Ah, that does sound correct.

onetruepurple Registered 23 June 2018, 13:04

Everything about this pack aged like fine milk. Vondur's and czg's maps remain great though.

Jugador Registered 1 March 2019, 12:40

I agree with most of the criticism here, but my main complaint is different: no matter how I configure mouse sensitivity, it always feels weird, and I don't know why. Same thing with running and strafing speed. Something is just not right, and I'm not sure I'll get used to it. So far it's been quite a frustrating experience. I can't aim quickly as I do in normal Quake. Has anyone experienced something similar?

Jugador Registered 10 March 2019, 11:54

Just for the record, I finally made it work right by following Spirit's advice of using the latest DarkPlaces with the -nehahra command. Too bad the readme doesn't mention this crucial tip.

I think my problem with the neh-glquake executable was the same as Luna's Loyal Subject above, which I quote:

Luna's Loyal Subject 21 June 2012, 3:18 "Is this unplayably laggy for anyone else or just me?"

What if... Guest 18 July 2019, 17:28

You know, it would be awesome if these original maps were released and a current mapper could tweak them into a repurposed, regular Quake episode.

No long intro movie, no muffled voiceovers, no cut scenes, no gameplay changes ... just a sequence of Quake maps. This way people would have zero issues playing the main content. Yeah, I know ... this was a labor of love driven by one person with talented mappers contributing to his vision. It is technically impressive and very creative ... but honestly, I think most of us just wanna play the maps with some good monster placement.

bhlaab Registered 22 July 2019, 6:55

I'm sure this was all really cool 20 years ago. I guess this belongs in a museum, not on my hard drive.

Rufadee Guest 1 June 2020, 22:10

There is such a goldmine of brilliant maps here but even after all these years, none match the overall quality of Nehahra. Also how has that auto shotgun not made it into the other mods??? How? It is the best weapon. Period. Imagine that, quad damage and a horde of zombies! The way its recoil makes it harder to use is something that increases complexity of gameplay but in a way that you can play tactically to overcome, not the tedious shit that some of the worse maps have.

Gioyo3aa Registered 16 June 2020, 10:50

In case it's useful to someone else: I found out yesterday that Quakespasm Spiked was able to run this (nothing else has worked for me under Debian at the moment, including "regular Quakespasm" and Darkplaces), so I will finally discover what everyone is raving about. Thanks for the tip about preventing monsters from acting funky.

dwere Registered 16 June 2020, 13:30

The screenshot is deceptive in that it makes you believe you're downloading something artful and atmospheric. Comments and ratings don't help.

Instead, you're getting an impressive technical exercise of making a story-driven Quake campaign from someone who shouldn't really tell any stories. Definitely not if it involves picking up the microphone. If you get past the soul-violating voice acting the rest might not feel so bad in comparison, because at least there's something for you to play, unlike the (in)famous machinima it's related to. Of which I only saw a glimpse, but it was enough to witness an ogre crying out in sorrow after a senseless nailgun murder of his son. Just take that in for a moment.

Sure, the story in Quake was even more of a napkin affair than Doom, but that doesn't mean ANYTHING would make it better.

Gioyo3aa Registered 17 June 2020, 10:37

Well, I'll probably end up agreeing with you. I got somewhat bored during the second half of the first map, so I sifted through the rest of the episode and found the other maps to all have the same unappealing, monotone look. I really didn't feel like exploring any of them, and the reason I put up with the first map for so long was because I expected the usual Quake episode structure (i.e. the obligatory base map as first map, but then more interesting ones --- yes, I'll admit I'm not a fan of base maps).

The first map of the second episode looked more promising, and the ogre with the frying pan was a funny touch. So I'll probably give episode 2 a run, but from what I've seen so far onetruepurple's assessment seems spot on; the high ratings and praises might have more to do with nostalgia than actual quality. My impression would certainly have been different had I played this when it was released, but having come back to Quake in 2018 and played most of the 4+ maps on Quaddicted makes it difficult to appreciate this release in the same way. What seemed modern, refreshing, funny, innovative or experimental with respect to vanilla Quake twenty years ago has not aged well for the most part.

While we're at it: are any of the Nehahra-based episodes on Quaddicted any good, or should I prepare to be disappointed too if I did not enjoy the original?

Ninja Registered 20 August 2020, 17:15

I read the txt's done what it said, it wont load for love or money, using quakespasm,it keeps saying

sprites/explode1.spr32 (32 should be 1).

when i start nehahra.exe it wont load saying

w_loadwadfile:couldnt load gfx.wad

AananderMianaai Guest 20 August 2020, 19:56

Nehahra does not and has not ever been supported by Quakespasm.

This is an old mod meant for older Darkplaces builds.

Johnny Law Registered 20 August 2020, 20:09

Mark V should support Nehahra if you want to try that. See the comment by "Greed" above.

Daniel Guest 20 August 2020, 22:39

it works with quakespasm spiked

Ninja Registered 21 August 2020, 0:53

Ok used mark_v engine, game loaded ok, but no options, mouse speed -brightness and so forth, played on nightmare, after 4 levels,deleted it, enemy are on drugs, moving and jumping around so fast, you cant keep track of them, i know its old, but jes come on.

travail,soe,insomnia are so much better.They put nehahra to shame, no bugs, no special commands to get it running, nobodys special engine to make it run,and there enemys are just that, not some jumped up drug thugs that you cant even trace propley with your weapon.Thanks for your replys guys, but nehahra to me is not all what others say it is.

dwere Registered 22 August 2020, 6:22

While I generally agree, I feel like you should do something about that desire to play everything at max difficulty. There's no shame in admitting that something is too hard for you.

IIRC, there is a command to make the enemy AI in Nehahra easier, but it doesn't make the game a whole lot better.

Escalate_krsk Registered 7 October 2020, 21:39

5/5. Classic. Legend. No need to tell anything about it... The only thing I regret is that it's a sequel to a machinima film, which aged not very well. It is also set in its own universe, which is an adaptation of Quake storyline and all, yes... but still, it's course is separate from official Quake and its expansions. Lot of attention to storyline and worldbuilding, though. It also plays great. So far only Travail felt that good in terms of gameplay...

fairweather Registered 9 October 2020, 1:22

Aged like milk in the sun.

Anoobis Registered 9 October 2020, 5:42

Are the cutscenes skippable?

rchavp Registered 28 May 2021, 5:12

I imagined that at the time it was the most awesome Quake mod ever.

Though we have better game-play implementations and more advanced engine quirks, this is still a fantastic episode worthy of a 5/5.

overlord Guest 25 August 2021, 18:08

I'm not even that good a Quake player and I have no issues with this mod. I wish there was more interesting ai like this in shooters, it's so rare compared to games that just throw a thousand enemies at you and call it a day. People complaining need to understand that you're allowed to play on difficulties lower than hard and that you're also allowed to save and load your game.

madbringer Registered 9 December 2021, 23:31

What can be said about this mod and level-set that has not been already told? It's a true milestone. It's a legend. It's also deeply flawed.

Let's start with the cons. It's one of the few plot-heavy mods and it goes all in on that, trying to refine the bare-bones Quake storyline into something more substantial. That is easily the weakest part of the mod. Nobody plays Quake for the story, and the attempt at cinematography in cutscenes and the supplementary The Seal of Nehahra movie, while commendable for the vision and clearly being a work of love, come out amateurish and grating. What amounts to over 5 hours of Machinima could have been told through text without the barely legible accents, terrible sound quality and, if you haven't seen TSoN, utter confusion at what's going on.

Second bad, custom models and model skins. They are not good. They don't hold up to id 1996 standards and stand out in a bad way. It does not detract from the mod as a whole, but it could have been done better.

Third, and this is where I'm switching from bad territory to good via a middle ground, the difficulty. It spikes early and hard, even on normal, by introducing the infamous AI scripts. I personally did not find the schizophrenic jump-around enemies all that difficult to play against but, from reading earlier reviews, more casual players certainly did, and I can understand why, the way some Nehahra levels are sparse on health and early levels are chock full of spastic hitscanners. Ultimately, I enjoyed the additional challenge, changing the familiar enemies into something more unpredictable and dangerous.

Now onto the pros; literally everything else. The maps are gorgeous, there's no two ways about it. The craftsmanship and detail is obvious every step of the way from the hub map to the ending. New textures and new sounds blend in nicely.

Second pro, yes, it is hard, especially with the AI scripts, but it's not unfair. It provides a challenge unlike anything seen in Quake before Nehahra went live, but if you're up for it, you can make it. It plays smooth, if hard to get.

Third pro, the overall presentation. As much as the cutscenes, the plot and the movie can be cringy, they clearly were all a labour of love and that light shines as bright as the sun. This is an homage from a bunch of guys with no budget and no experience making a commercial product on this scale.

Is it perfect? Fuck no. If it was released today would it get accolades? Probably not. But it's Nehahra. The big boy daddy of FPS modding, on par with TNM for Deus Ex. Quake would not be what it is today without it. That's why it gets 5 stars from me.

Jehannum Registered 12 December 2021, 20:24

I just finished playing Nehahra through again. It's been a while, but I like to play it every few years not only to enjoy the work of some of my favorite Quakesmiths, but also to see how it's aged these 20 something years gone by.

Very well I must say. It's still very good by today's standards but imagine the awesomeness the Quake community was treated to when this was released. The amount of work that went into Nehahra is staggering to me. The skill and talent, as well as the teamwork nothing short of amazing.

My hat is still off to the Nehahra Team. Many thanks.

Sidiouth Registered 8 January 2022, 17:46

Jehannum, how were you able to play it? I'm having trouble getting the cutscenes to play in Mark V.

Sidiouth Registered 8 January 2022, 18:38

Nvm, figured it out finally

Spirit Registered 8 January 2022, 18:59

Would be nice if you shared your solution then, you might save someone else from searching helplessly ;)

Sidiouth Registered 9 January 2022, 23:43

You're right, my b!

All you need to do to launch with Mark V is what Greed posted above:

Mark V: download, extract only the "nehahra" folder into your /Quake directory. Download Mark V, put it into your /Quake folder, and then the fmod.dll from the same page and put it into /nehahra folder. Run Mark V with -nehahra command line argument. Mark V is a modern FitzQuake based engine like Quakespasm and should be pretty straightforward past this point."

This package doesn't include the Tides of War expansion, but its easy to add.

homopoluza Registered 25 June 2023, 15:38

unfortunately, doesn't work with steam version

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