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Screenshot of nehahra
Author:Nehahra Team
Title:Nehahra (878693eadf73d5fffcaf6715e1b058bb)
Filesize:53817 Kilobytes
Release date:17.08.2000
Additional Links: erc's ExcellenceEthereal HellQuake TerminusRetroquakeTEAMShambler (A)TEAMShambler (B)Ten FourUnderworldfan's
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✘ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
nehahra.exe641 KB27.08.2000
nehexe.exe428 KB08.03.2001
nehahra/readmeneh.txt14 KB11.03.2008
nehahra/pak3.pak62185 KB27.08.2000
nehahra/help.txt1 KB21.05.2001
nehahra/nehmodfix.txt1 KB04.02.2001
nehahra/pak1.pak27915 KB26.08.2000
nehahra/pak2.pak56330 KB22.08.2000
nehahra/nehahra.txt20 KB22.05.2001
nehahra/progs.dat998 KB05.06.2001
nehahra/mods/neh6.xm420 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh1.xm361 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh3m1a.xm624 KB03.02.2001
nehahra/mods/neh8.xm523 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh7.xm673 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh3.xm748 KB25.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh2.xm325 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh4.xm375 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/neh5.xm1754 KB19.09.2000
nehahra/mods/atmos2.xm435 KB03.04.2000
nehahra/mods/nehend.s3m381 KB06.05.2001
nehahra/nehmusic.txt1 KB22.05.2001
nehahra/dpnehahra.txt3 KB27.08.2000
nehahra/neh.html28 KB18.08.2000
nehahra/nehexe.txt1 KB22.05.2001
nehahra/pak0.pak1 KB17.08.2000
nehahra/devkit/devkit1.txt114 KB22.07.2001
nehahra/devkit/nehahra.fgd43 KB11.08.2000
nehahra/devkit/demos.txt1 KB19.08.2000
nehahra/nehmulti.txt4 KB27.08.2000
nehahra/pak4.pak1799 KB27.08.2000
nehmovie.exe512 KB06.08.2000
readme_spirit.txt1 KB11.03.2008
glquake.exe490 KB07.08.2007
FMOD.DLL115 KB19.02.2001
DPNehahra.exe564 KB27.08.2000


17 maps by famous mappers, cutscenes, new monsters, great features. Comes with a custom engine. Extraordinary.

Note: You can turn off the new AI (side-strafing monsters) with nomonsters "1"

Note: This package was compiled by Spirit in 2008 because of the "mess of files" one needed to install, read the included readme_spirit.txt for changes. Mindcrime said it looked right but please report in if you spot anything faulty in the packaging.

Tags: epic, episode, decon, rubicon, mustplay, cutscenes

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.4/5 with 69 ratings
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