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Screenshot of fromhell
Author:Pete Burrows
Title:From Hell (4b940c9faa82be3ad546299fe01336e1)
Filesize:1189 Kilobytes
Release date:01.10.1997
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Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sexdroid.zip89 KB23.06.1997
fromhell.txt5 KB01.10.1997
pak0.pak2203 KB01.10.1997
deadstuf.zip228 KB02.06.1997

From Hell

Around medium sized map - an attempt at recreating "the squalid east end of London of the Victorian era a time of gas lamp shadows alleyways and the worlds first serial killer" (Jack the Ripper).

Tags: medium, city, realism, victorian, horror

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
3.3/5 with 23 ratings
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hkBattousai 20 June 2012, 22:07
What was those fiends, ogres, lava, etc were doing in London in that year?
Walter 13 July 2012, 3:56
(2.3/5 with 3 ratings) ??
this is actually wonderful map
especially if you take into account that it's his first quake map
the simple fact that I remembered it after some 10 years from the time I first saw it comfirms it
Fr3n Registered 8 December 2012, 4:31
disturbing concept but consistently inventive construction. awesome twitchy gameplay.
Cocerello Registered 16 January 2013, 22:17
Weird theme for a quake map, but well used, even more if it's his first public released map. The map is interesting all along it, the monsters are well used, specially the dogs, the layout is good and the brushwork is simple but effective. Ammo, health and armor are OK.
Icantthinkofanickname Registered 26 November 2013, 16:41

I expected this map to be an ambitious idea poorly executed, but it actually plays rather well, even though it seems to suffer from an identity crisis – it starts off as a spooky Victorian period piece and later suddenly turns into a standard (but competently designed) Quake level.

Of course, like in Ghost Town by Roger Staines, the monsters do not really fit the setting, but it's arguably easier to forgive demons here, given the diabolical pseudohistorical popular image of Jack the Ripper – one could imagine, for instance, that in this map the murders opened a portal to Hell. Or something.

Shooting the dead victims is an innovative (albeit macabre) gameplay mechanic – but I just cannot shake the feeling that it is in very poor taste. Besides, the use of dead grunts to stand in for the victims is jarring. After playing further through the map, one can understand why the author did not want to introduce a new character model for the victims lying in the streets, but something like a chalk outline or an abstract symbol would have worked a lot better. And really, different wording could have been used to tell the player what to do.

MikeTaylor Registered 26 November 2013, 22:32

Scores for being unique, but the execution is just not there.

dBAudio Registered 30 October 2014, 0:17

i agree with icantthinkofanickname completely.

epiplon Registered 28 October 2018, 0:14

Pretty cool map considering it's age. It was a bit confusing and I got stuck at the church.

The_Pirate 6 December 2020, 17:10

A nasty bit of British history... And quite accurate, apart from the very ending. The mood of the map is unique. This is truly victorian gaslight. The gameplay is a bit on the shabby side, but i guess that can be forgiven, given the quite horrible theme.

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