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Screenshot of gth
Title:The Gateway to Hell (ab528fdd5b4ff327b690ff8bc7c7a739)
Filesize:8902 Kilobytes
Release date:10.11.2010
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
gfx/env/hellsky2bk.tga770 KB03.12.2006
gfx/env/hellsky2dn.tga770 KB03.12.2006
gfx/env/hellsky2ft.tga770 KB03.12.2006
gfx/env/hellsky2lf.tga770 KB03.12.2006
gfx/env/hellsky2rt.tga770 KB03.12.2006
gfx/env/hellsky2up.tga770 KB14.10.2010
maps/gatetohell.bsp5997 KB10.11.2010
maps/gatetohell.lit2327 KB10.11.2010
maps/gatetohell.txt6 KB10.11.2010
sound/ambience/jpl/darkdropplet.wav375 KB04.11.2010
sound/ambience/jpl/evil_breath_loop1.wav1224 KB15.03.2009
sound/ambience/jpl/lava_rubble_loop.wav188 KB06.12.2008
sound/ambience/jpl/monster_sound.wav376 KB14.03.2009
sound/ambience/jpl/satanic2_loop.wav774 KB22.03.2009
sound/ambience/jpl/satanic5_loop.wav995 KB22.03.2009
sound/ambience/jpl/satanic7_loop.wav776 KB22.03.2009
sound/ambience/jpl/stone_fall3.wav85 KB06.12.2008
sound/ambience/jpl/telesound_loop.wav222 KB06.12.2008
sound/ambience/jpl/waste.wav1037 KB14.03.2009

The Gateway to Hell

Small to medium-sized medieval / hell map, the sequel to Castle of the Dark Ages. Uses DKT and Doom3 textures, and comes with a few additional ambient sounds as well as a hell skybox.

Note: This map requires Quoth and an engine port with increased limits.

Tags: hell, medium, dkt, quoth, limits, skybox, sounds, doom3, ambiance, brimstone

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
4.3/5 with 42 ratings
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Qmaster 21 December 2010, 16:33
Fun medium sized level. Awesome ambience! The sound effects really add to the feel and the sound of rumbling lava flows combined with the skybox are great. It's too bad that the skybox doesn't have rolling billowing smoke and fire to go with it, as well as some glowing lava rivers, but it's nice as it is.

4/5 though because one of the secret areas was empty. :(
Lord 30 December 2010, 3:49
Wouldn't load the .bsp

I did it from Quake Injector, so I'll try again.
Spirit 30 December 2010, 19:33
Sorry about that. It should work now.
Daz 2 December 2011, 3:43
Video playthrough at enjoy :)
hkBattousai 22 June 2012, 11:20
This map deserves 5 stars, but it has only 3.7 stars. This map is better than most of those 5 star maps.
I am only playing the four star maps just because to find a good one among them.
Icantthinkofanickname Registered 11 December 2013, 0:04

A very well-crafted map; far less linear and more interconnected than it seems at first. Good choice of monsters, mostly well used. Very reminiscent of 5rivers, but has the decided advantage of not trying to emulate Doom 3. Tough enemies and tricky terrain make for very challenging combat, but it did not feel unfairly hard.

It works well as a sequel to cda (which I would strongly recommend playing before playing this map), and deliberately echoes the earlier map. This deja vu effect was not always that interesting, though: the final battle in particular was, for all its spectacular violence, rather anti-climactic.

MikeTaylor Registered 12 December 2013, 18:16

Although the atmosphere is this map is superbly engineered, and the skybox works very well, I had to mark it down to 3/5 because the final combat was just so insanely hard that it wasn't any fun -- and that was on medium. Where does it get fun fighting three gugs and four gaunts in an arena with no cover? Unless I missed an important secret like a pentagram, it's just not possible. I'm not ashamed to admit I turned on God Model just to make it end.

MikeTaylor Registered 3 December 2014, 16:07

Finishing my trawl through JPL's maps, I return to Gateway to Hell, which I see from the comments I actually played a year ago. I scored it 3/5 back then, but I've revised it up one star this time, as I found it a more enjoyable exploration. The final combat is hard, but not impossible -- I didn't cheat this time. (Mind you, if I'd been on hard skill, I probably would have done!)

Lane Powell Registered 31 May 2016, 22:26

Great atmosphere due to the excellent lighting, texture choice, brushwork detail, fantastic custom sounds, etc. The dead Quakeguys placed near weapon pickups add a neat bit of implied storytelling. Monsters are well-placed with some exceptions, but the combat is not very memorable in general (hence 4/5). I played on Normal though.

The final battle is tough but not excessively so once you figure out the "right" way to do it. SPOILERS After you grab the quad and enter the arena, you can take out the droles pretty quickly if you have a lot of rockets left, and if you're fast you should be able to eliminate all but one of the gugs before the quad runs out. After the gugs are all down, killing the final wave of gaunts shouldn't be terribly difficult.

brunomiwa Registered 17 February 2018, 15:49

5 stars for sure.

Good enviroment, architecture and design. The megahealth that says "well protected" teased me to the limit. Couldn't find a way to open it. And the map sure seens like a hell gate.

I don't know what people are complaining about the final fight. You get a 'cell cannon', a quad damage and a megahealth. And moments ago you get a red armor. I came here to say that the quad made things a little bit too easy.

Although in most times I don't like the repopulation aspect of a map, I really enjoyed the bridge that everytime you pass is a different set of monsters.

Found only one secret, but I was with a headcache and didn't search for them properly.

Overall the walls, the hanged corpses above the blood pools, the aspect of a destroyed place leading to a gate of hell was very moody.

AnthonyS Registered 6 May 2018, 3:38

Very well done! Wished it was a bit longer.

Jugador Registered 5 October 2019, 19:17

Heh, I got the gold key with a not-so-hard trick jump and rendered the silver key superfluous as a result. Still picked it and used it just to finish the map properly. That was fun.

Jugador Registered 5 October 2019, 19:19

(I wasn't even trying to be clever, but rather it seemed the natural way forward to me at the time.)

triple_agent Registered 24 August 2021, 9:11

I liked this stage very much. Reminded me heavily of 'Doom 3' - parts of 'Doom 3', that is - in a favorable manner. Great ambiance, great soundscape. Hard map, but doable. Everything well put together, wise selection of assets. Nicely done!

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