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Screenshot of haunting
Author:Shaun [Kona] Ross
Title:Autumn Haunting (204a6312c76c1e84e100bcb03146bffd)
Filesize:6585 Kilobytes
Release date:28.12.2003
Additional Links: erc's QualityRetroquakeTen FourUnderworldfan's
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
haunting/haunting.txt6 KB28.12.2003
haunting/pak0.pak12934 KB09.07.2003

Autumn Haunting

Your battle after Carved In Flesh continues in this sequel. A contrasting dark medieval castle full of unfamiliar foe."
A medium sized mountain castle/church and a small boss battle arena using DKTe3 textures with around ten new or modified monsters and three new weapons.

Tags: medieval, castle, unreal

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
3.4/5 with 16 ratings
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Quaker 6 March 2010, 4:33
Good custom monsters, challenging, good gameplay, beautiful to look at. Not that long (medium map + smallish end map) but everything you'd expect from Kona. A fitting end to one of the most legendary Quake mapping careers of all time.
negke 29 September 2010, 11:11
The description is gone and I can't edit it. Spurty to the rescue!
Spirit 29 September 2010, 15:56
Fixed, sorry about that.
Icantthinkofanickname Registered 14 December 2013, 18:47

This plays like a condensed, refined version of Carved in Flesh. Visually, the maps are exquisite. Unfortunately the gameplay is, if anything, even more simplistic and linear than in Carved in Flesh. It feels like you are simply moving through a series of smallish DM-esque arenas.

MikeTaylor Registered 29 September 2016, 17:34

It's a while since I played Carved in Flesh, so I can't directly echo Icant's comment; but having come to this direct from the same author's Ultramarine, it most certainly feels like a retreat of that level.

I don't understand why the last few rooms were in a second map rather than being part of the single map.

Having played a few levels now with Kona's modified monsters, I have very different feelings about them. The ice-skating double-tough nail ogres are no fun at all; but the tiny fiendlings and giant fiend-queens are great. The various super-tough deathknight variants, I can live with or without.

Because I played Ultramarine first and Autumn Haunting second, that map got four stars and this one only three; had I stumbled upon them the other way around, the scoring might well also have been reversed.

whirlstr Registered 26 November 2018, 7:08

Feels more like a show-off of custom monsters than an actual level. The large majority of gameplay takes place in either small corridors or lock-in arenas. The main thing that makes gameplay at all interesting is the barrage of new monsters. The problem is most of them are annoying or just tedious to fight. The creator seems to think every new enemy needs to be more powerful and bulletspongey than the last. And despite that it's not even especially difficult, more like tedious.

Olivero Guest 13 November 2019, 9:31

After playing and commenting on the prequel Map Carved in Flesh I feel the need to comment here as well. While playing through the map I needed to stop from time to time and simply awe at the architecture, lighting etc. Mapping-skills at their best, nothing less than a 5 is possible. Gameplaywise everyone to his own I guess. While others prefer more vertical designs I like open spaces when followed by narrow corridors and big halls afterwards. This map simply delivers. Final bow to [Kona].

Escalate_krsk Registered 26 October 2020, 8:19

Well.... these are good maps, but... it's basically two additional levels to Carved in Flesh. All the monsters and weapons are the same, final enemy and mini-bosses are the same, so.... Calling it a sequel is too much. Just small level-pack. Plays fine, but gives nothing new player who already just finished the very good Carved in Flesh. 3/5, but only for lack of new features/enemies/weapons. Otherwise, it's of the same high quality and new content as Carved in Flesh.

Crob4r 18 December 2020, 0:00

Great aesthetics, architecture is awesome! Challenging pack, some of the monsters I really didn't expect! Definitely gonna try out Carved in Flesh.

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