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Screenshot of hwjam4
Author:Artistical, Chris Holden, Fairweather, Greenwood, Grue, Omni, Pinchy, PQP, Riktoi
Title:Halloween Jam 4 (dbfa1cae1d3e435155615b3156ee2467)
Filesize:171486 Kilobytes
Release date:31.10.2021
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardSkybox for Riktoi's map
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
docs/hwjam4_artistical.txt3 KB28.10.2021
docs/hwjam4_chrisholden.txt2 KB31.10.2021
docs/hwjam4_greenwood.txt2 KB28.10.2021
docs/hwjam4_grue.txt3 KB29.10.2021
docs/hwjam4_pinchy.txt3 KB31.10.2021
docs/hwjam4_pqp.txt3 KB28.10.2021
docs/riktoi_readme.txt1 KB31.10.2021
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/hw_nightsky.shader1 KB31.10.2021
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/license.txt1 KB31.10.2021
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_bk.tga255 KB31.10.2021
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_dn.tga49 KB31.10.2021
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_ft.tga320 KB31.10.2021
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_lf.tga255 KB31.10.2021
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_rt.tga337 KB31.10.2021
gfx/env/hw_nightsky/nightsky_up.tga339 KB31.10.2021
gfx/env/jajsundown1_bk.tga769 KB09.11.2003
gfx/env/jajsundown1_dn.tga769 KB09.11.2003
gfx/env/jajsundown1_ft.tga769 KB09.11.2003
gfx/env/jajsundown1_lf.tga769 KB09.11.2003
gfx/env/jajsundown1_rt.tga769 KB09.11.2003
gfx/env/jajsundown1_up.tga769 KB09.11.2003
gfx/env/ojfunk_bk.tga769 KB02.02.2021
gfx/env/ojfunk_dn.tga769 KB02.02.2021
gfx/env/ojfunk_ft.tga769 KB02.02.2021
gfx/env/ojfunk_lf.tga769 KB02.02.2021
gfx/env/ojfunk_rt.tga769 KB02.02.2021
gfx/env/ojfunk_up.tga769 KB02.02.2021
grue/h2p_skeleton.mdl148 KB31.10.2021
grue/misc_bonepile.mdl109 KB31.10.2021
grue/misc_skull.mdl59 KB31.10.2021
grue/pump.mdl358 KB31.10.2021
grue/pumpkin.mdl15 KB31.10.2021
hwj4_readme.txt2 KB31.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_artistical.bsp1492 KB28.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_artistical.lit1174 KB28.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_chrisholden.bsp12478 KB31.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_chrisholden.lit786 KB31.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_greenwood.bsp11608 KB28.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_greenwood.lit4156 KB28.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_grue.bsp6825 KB31.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_grue.lit4432 KB31.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_omni.bsp8517 KB28.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_omni.lit901 KB28.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_pinchy.bsp7835 KB31.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_pinchy.lit3964 KB31.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_pqp.bsp15205 KB28.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_pqp.lit1661 KB28.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_riktoi.bsp51321 KB31.10.2021
maps/hwjam4_riktoi.lit5174 KB31.10.2021
maps/start.bsp600 KB01.11.2021
maps/start.lit224 KB01.11.2021
music/track151.mp35061 KB31.10.2021
music/track68.ogg4544 KB18.07.2021
music/track98.ogg5665 KB31.10.2021
pak0.pak238145 KB31.10.2021
pak1.pak5341 KB31.10.2021
pak2.pak13543 KB31.10.2021
progs/grue/h2p_skeleton.mdl148 KB31.10.2021
progs/grue/misc_bonepile.mdl109 KB31.10.2021
progs/grue/misc_skull.mdl59 KB31.10.2021
progs/grue/pump.mdl358 KB31.10.2021
progs/grue/pumpkin.mdl15 KB31.10.2021
progs/h2p_skeleton.mdl148 KB31.10.2021
progs/hwjam/h2p_skeleton.mdl148 KB31.10.2021
progs/hwjam/pumpkin.mdl64 KB31.10.2021
progs/hwjam/pumpkin_extra.txt1 KB31.10.2021
progs/misc_bonepile.mdl109 KB31.10.2021
progs/misc_skull.mdl59 KB31.10.2021
progs/misc_tree.mdl118 KB31.10.2021
progs/pump.mdl358 KB31.10.2021
progs/pumpkin.mdl15 KB31.10.2021
quake.rc9 KB31.10.2021
sound/doorslide.wav20 KB31.10.2021
src/hwjam4_chrisholden.map8779 KB31.10.2021
src/hwjam4_grue.map4294 KB29.10.2021
src/hwjam4_omni.map1436 KB28.10.2021
src/hwjam4_pinchy.map4666 KB31.10.2021
src/hwjam4_pqp.map3310 KB28.10.2021
src/hwjam4_riktoi.map13204 KB31.10.2021

Halloween Jam 4

Fourth Halloween Jam, a community project featuring eight levels + a start map in varying sizes and themes. Some of the maps use custom textures, e.g. Makkon and Alice. The pack runs on Arcane Dimensions 1.8 (included) and comes with various custom content like models, sounds, skyboxes, and music tracks. The map sources are included.

Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits and some of them BSP2 support.
The missing skybox for Riktoi's map can be downloaded here.

Tags: small, mediium, large, makkon, alice, wizard, medieval, metal, textures, church, crypt, mansion, house, swamp, start, ad, arcanedimensions, sounds, models, skybox, music, limits, bsp2, source

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating: 3.3/5 with 16 ratings
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h3xx Registered, rated this a 3 15 November 2021, 6:08

hwjam4_grue - Couldn't get this one to finish. I jumped down onto the risers down in the lava, fought the spawn-ins, then nothing happened. The book disappeared. Didn't matter where I stood, I was stuck. Even noclipping out of the pit and walking around, the door to the exit was sealed. Using Quakespasm git.

Jehannum Registered, rated this a 4 15 November 2021, 20:11

Happy Halloween indeed, and another fantastic Jam to celebrate!

Thanks to the authors for sharing their talents and imagination with us. I had a great time playing these maps and I must say that AD lends itself very well to creepy, Halloween-themed Quake maps.

My favorites of the bunch in no particular order were 'School of Nothing', 'Entombed', 'Cathedral of Calamity', and 'Crypt of the Outsider'.

The_Pirate Registered, rated this a 4 19 November 2021, 10:28

I absolutely love these projects! Well done, everyone. Very well done! Thank you for your hard work - again! :)

Apiai Guest 20 November 2021, 12:44

Very nice missions, thanks to all authors !

hwjam4_grue : don't go on the lava platforms, go directly to the book, you have to jump on the big fire 'arch' (it's hard but possible, always aim the center of the arch to maintain balance) to get the extra-life item, then jump down to the book.

rchavp Registered, rated this a 3 26 November 2021, 20:59

As always impressive work and nicely done.

Just one observation for this jam, I found many maps seem to be unfinished or done in a hurry, as there are many gameplay glitches and inconsistencies with which places you can go and how to get back from them without dying or cheating.

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