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Screenshot of jan_jump_jam_2020
Author:Greenwood, Hardcore Mazu, Heresy, JCR, Pinchy, Vurkka, Shadesmaster, Smilecythe
Title:January Jump Jam (6656208ad7222d4f0f450a75e0cebb15)
Filesize:82841 Kilobytes
Release date:27.01.2020
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
jan_jump_jam_2020/READ_ME.txt3 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/docs/jjj_greenwood1.txt1 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/docs/jjj_greenwood2.txt1 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/docs/jjj_hcm.txt3 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/docs/jjj_here.txt2 KB16.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/docs/jjj_jcr.txt2 KB24.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/docs/jjj_pinchy.txt3 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/docs/jjj_smilecythe.txt2 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/docs/jjj_vrk.txt2 KB13.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/conback.lmp76 KB03.11.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/adgreensky_bk.tga1485 KB28.11.2015
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/adgreensky_dn.tga1529 KB28.11.2015
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/adgreensky_ft.tga1665 KB28.11.2015
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/adgreensky_lf.tga1540 KB20.12.2015
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/adgreensky_rt.tga1667 KB28.11.2015
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/adgreensky_up.tga1757 KB20.12.2015
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/gehenna_bk.tga659 KB25.08.2004
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/gehenna_dn.tga768 KB25.08.2004
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/gehenna_ft.tga694 KB25.08.2004
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/gehenna_lf.tga649 KB25.08.2004
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/gehenna_rt.tga682 KB25.08.2004
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/gehenna_up.tga498 KB25.08.2004
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/interstellar_bk.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/interstellar_dn.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/interstellar_ft.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/interstellar_lf.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/interstellar_rt.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/interstellar_up.tga3073 KB28.08.2005
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/moonhigh_bk.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/moonhigh_dn.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/moonhigh_ft.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/moonhigh_lf.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/moonhigh_rt.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/moonhigh_up.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/problem-child_bk.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/problem-child_dn.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/problem-child_ft.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/problem-child_lf.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/problem-child_rt.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/problem-child_up.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/sor_sea/readme.txt2 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/sor_sea/sea_bk.tga624 KB14.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/sor_sea/sea_dn.tga521 KB14.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/sor_sea/sea_ft.tga514 KB14.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/sor_sea/sea_lf.tga520 KB14.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/sor_sea/sea_rt.tga538 KB14.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/sor_sea/sea_up.tga551 KB14.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/sor_sea/sor_sea.shader1 KB16.12.2008
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/voidsmoke_bk.tga3073 KB20.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/voidsmoke_dn.tga3073 KB28.10.2015
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/voidsmoke_ft.tga3073 KB20.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/voidsmoke_lf.tga3073 KB20.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/voidsmoke_rt.tga3073 KB20.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/gfx/env/voidsmoke_up.tga3073 KB20.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/jjj_poster.jpg4597 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_greenwood1.bsp3110 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_greenwood2.bsp1524 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_hcm.bsp8776 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_hcm.lit3177 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_here.bsp13345 KB19.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_here.lit2868 KB19.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_jcr.bsp6072 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_jcr.lit3121 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_pinchy.bsp3105 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_pinchy.lit934 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_shades.bsp1149 KB17.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_shades.lit689 KB17.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_smilecythe.bsp14083 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_smilecythe.lit3559 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_vrk.bsp2978 KB14.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/jjj_vrk.lit700 KB14.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/start.bsp3825 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/maps/start.lit2421 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/music/Track187.ogg3148 KB22.03.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/music/track116.ogg965 KB01.05.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/music/track155.ogg7604 KB25.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/music/track228.mp39770 KB19.04.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/music/track29.ogg2395 KB12.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs.dat442 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/beacon.mdl43 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/c_spike.mdl2 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/cent.mdl217 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/debris.mdl26 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/dread.mdl180 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/fgib1.mdl10 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/fixture1.mdl6 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/flag.mdl76 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/flaser.mdl12 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/floyd.mdl338 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/fromitz.mdl7 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/g_axe.mdl35 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/g_shotgn.mdl25 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/h_cent.mdl12 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/h_dread.mdl12 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/h_floyd.mdl59 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/jboots.mdl48 KB09.11.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/jboots_timed.mdl48 KB09.11.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/s_flame.spr25 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/s_grate.spr25 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/s_smoke.spr22 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/s_spark.spr1 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/progs/spark.mdl10 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/breath1.wav217 KB28.04.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/chatter.wav187 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/comp.wav12 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/crickets.wav12 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/drone.wav31 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/fan1.wav53 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/flow1.wav52 KB16.07.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/flow2.wav305 KB04.08.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/heartbeat.wav70 KB28.04.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/hum02.wav37 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/intake.wav26 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/lonoise.wav33 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/motor1.wav52 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/motor2.wav51 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/rain.wav40 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ambient/runwater.wav64 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/dread/flameoff.wav9 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/dread/flameon.wav29 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/floyd/death.wav14 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/floyd/fire.wav23 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/floyd/idle.wav5 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/floyd/pain.wav5 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/floyd/sight.wav5 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/items/jboots_dry.wav15 KB02.05.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/items/jboots_got.wav21 KB16.01.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/items/jboots_got_timed.wav41 KB07.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/items/jboots_plyrjmp0.wav6 KB08.02.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/items/jboots_plyrjmp1.wav20 KB26.07.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/items/jboots_timed.wav307 KB31.10.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ladder/metal1.wav47 KB01.01.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ladder/metal2.wav47 KB01.01.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/ladder/metal3.wav47 KB01.01.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/airhiss.wav11 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/airhiss2.wav6 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/burning.wav24 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/burning2.wav11 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/comp1.wav23 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/comp2.wav21 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/flow1.wav52 KB16.07.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/flow2.wav305 KB04.08.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/laser_on.wav41 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/laseroff.wav66 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/null.wav2 KB29.12.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/song_reverse.wav402 KB26.10.2018
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/spark.wav15 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/uwater.wav39 KB29.08.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/wind.wav262 KB07.11.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/sound/misc/wood.wav473 KB07.11.2019
jan_jump_jam_2020/src/jjj_hcm.map4912 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/src/jjj_here.map11609 KB19.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/src/jjj_jcr.map3357 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/src/jjj_pinchy.map3486 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/src/jjj_shades.map250 KB17.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/src/jjj_smilecythe.map11053 KB26.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/src/jjj_testmap.map102 KB04.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/src/jjj_vrk.map1429 KB14.01.2020
jan_jump_jam_2020/src/start.map1533 KB26.01.2020

January Jump Jam

Ten maps of varying themes based on the Jump mod (included) which adds double/triple-jump abilities. The map sources are included.

Note: Some of these maps require a source port with increased limits.

Tags: source, limits, jump, skybox, exploration, multiple exits, textures, jump boots, hard, puzzles

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
4.3/5 with 30 ratings
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dwere Registered 1 February 2020, 15:55

One small step for mankind.

Lane Powell Registered 3 February 2020, 21:02

Haven't finished yet but so far it's a great pack for a great mod. Heresy's map is possibly the most stylish metal map since ion01. (By the way, the page for Jump Mod/Triune Discovery is completely borked....)

JCR Registered 6 February 2020, 19:24

I noticed the link to Jump Mod2/Triune Discovery isn't working from here. This link should work in the meantime.

Jump Mod 2/Triune Discovery

dwere Registered 7 February 2020, 20:48

Finally! A taste of FIREBLU! Just what Quake needed!

Gioyo3aa Registered 17 February 2020, 14:39

When I come back from Heresy's map, the jump boots in the selection map are no longer available (they become encased in concrete) and I can no longer access the other maps. Is this a bug or am I supposed to find a workaround?

Gioyo3aa Registered 17 February 2020, 14:43

Oh, nevermind, there's another way to Pinchy's map :)

MikeTaylor Registered 18 February 2020, 2:01

But when I use the other way (teleporter at the back of the island that drops you at the top) I still can't find a legitimate way to jump across to the highest level portals. Anyone?

MikeTaylor Registered 19 February 2020, 15:38

That aside (I just used fly to get to the entrances to the other maps), this is a great collection. The quality varies, for sure, but HCM's Engineering Mania in particular is just outstanding, a ton of fun with plenty of exploration and lots of revisitability, as you return to earlier areas equipped with the jumpboots, then with the triple-jump. Puzzles, combats, secrets — it really has everything, and would be a five-star map as a standalone.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 26 February 2020, 22:38

Boomers Sunday Walk is map for bunny-hop professionals only?

Vasya shkolnik Guest 7 March 2020, 23:44

JJJ_Smylecicthe, design of clocktower part is very bad, I need to break my brain while precise jumping, and watch to changes in bar configuration at the same time. May be I am so old, by I can do only one thing - I can watch for bars (puzzle part of brain), of I can make 1-pixel precise movings for jump (reflex part of brain), but I cant do two these things at the same time. I try to see, what changed after pushing the button, but after 0.5 second platform move back into the wall and I fall down, and I need to start stressful precise jumps one more and one more time. Gameplay is very stressfull and ugly. When I want to have a stress, I go to work.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 8 March 2020, 11:36

JJJ_Smylecithe, and the next question - how return after getting secret rocket launcher?

Smilecythe Registered 11 March 2020, 9:47

Rocket jump! :)

Vasya shkolnik Guest 11 March 2020, 19:46

JJJ_Smylecithe, if I got rocket launcher with 5 hp, and made quicksave, I need to start level from the beginning?

Smilecythe Registered 12 March 2020, 20:20


Johnny Law Registered 31 March 2020, 18:56

This is one of my favorite releases in quite a while. Some great aesthetic choices, and enough of a tweak to Quake exploration & combat to freshen it up without making it something completely different. The jump boots and the teleport gun were the two things I remember piquing my interest the most from the mod jam, and I'm happy to see this get some takeup.

I do like the "go through an area once, then come back through later with the boots for a different experience" thing a lot, but I'm glad not all the maps leaned on that approach. Some real creativity and thoughtful design going on here.

That said, I didn't finish the pack.

I tapped out of Mazu's map after a while -- personal taste, I'm a little wary by default of a map with multiple hundreds of kills, and especially a base map. I did love the initial minutes, the atmosphere and the way it gradually revealed itself, so maybe I'll come back to it regardless! Sometimes I do end up being a fan of a giant map in the end.

For Smilecythe's map, the timing on the clocktower jumppad puzzle ended up being not fun for me. In fact I would call it impossible to do with any reliability, but I've talked with him & he says that's the intended timing and it's possible to do, so I dunno! The physics for that particular puzzle seem to be easier in FTE (even with sv_nqplayerphysics forced to 1) so maybe that will be my way back in, eventually.

Still a great pack!

Marian Guest 18 June 2020, 11:04

An absolutely awesome mappack! The double jumping combined with bunny hopping is a dream come true for players like me, who love the movement mechanics and air control of Quake 1. It was a hell of a fun all the way through. Thank you very much guys!!!

Red is dead A breathtaking level design. After all those years since Quake came up, I'm always pleased and amazed by the visuals, some mappers are able to deliver. Congratulations!

Engineering Mania Easily one of the best tech/base maps out there. I love revisiting areas with double jump boots and then once again with triple jump boots. It was great! Laser traps are kinda annoying after some time, it should be always possible to disable them later on. BTW: I found 35/38 secrets :-) Finding all the computer components was fun and rewarding.

Mana Vemputin Simply one of the most clever designs in quake mapping. Frankly, I was a little lost in the beginning, because I thought that manipulating the stair tower with silver keys has to be done in some particular order. I thought it was a part of a puzzle. I gave up after a while, didn't know what to do. It should have been stated in the beginning, that it doesn't matter, in which order you use the keys. It's just overwhelming for the first time, when you see those silver and goldkey buttons scattered all over the place. Then I saw a video on YT (an interview with the map author during some gameplay) so I gave it another shot. The map left me beg for more, incredible! Although it was a little unfair (on Nightmare difficulty) midway through, when the map was repopulated with enemies. I had problems maneuvering between the hordes of enemies due to the lack of space in the central part of the map. I knew I should have saved the quad damage for this part of the game :-) The Clocktower part was confusing at first, but when I understood what to do, it was fun. But I think I know why people didn't like it. There are 2 technical issues with it (at least for me). The first issue is with the moving bars, they don't push you precisely to the position above the next fan. Sometimes it worked well, but after some reloading it went loose. Bars didn't push me enough, so I had to maneuvre through the air as I was falling down, to precisely land on the vent. And this was way too difficult, even for an old Quake veteran as I am. So I repeat, when I started a new game it worked well, but when I reloaded a saved game, the pushing bars didn't work as intended (I guess) as if they were desynced. It probably has something to do with physics on high framerate, or server tics or I don't know. I believe this can be easily fixed by making the fans bigger. And the second issue is that the fans are closing very fast. They often hit me as they were closing. Make them bigger, otherwise one have to be very precise in the movement, to hit them correctly. Also the floor in this room has various heights (steps), which adds to the frustration from moving around.

For the guy who asked about the Rocket launcher: You can get out of there easily if you have acquired triple jump boots. But at that point of the game, you don't need this rocket launcher, it's obsolete, because the other one is next to the triple jump boots. So this secret makes no sense, unless it is meant to be a super secret for those willing to do rocketjumps (which I think they shouldn't in a singleplayer game). You're just fine to get the secret RL using the double jump boots, but you can't get out of there legitimately. I wonder, how it was meant to be done... I propose, right after you land on that tiny platform with this secret RL, there should be a way (e.g. a shootable button) to make the platform move closer to the starting point, so you can doublejump back, without the need of using rocket jumping / triple jump boots.

That's it! Once again, thank you very much for such a great map pack, it was a blast to play!!!

Jugador Registered 31 July 2021, 16:34

Okay, the clock tower in Smilecythe's map is completely, hopelessly, ridiculously broken. The pushing platforms barely push me, so I had to always walk to the next ventilator instead. This is doable for all ventilators except the last one, which closes far too quickly.

qazzaq Registered 31 July 2021, 20:36

Apparently you haven't played yet smej2end by Smilecythe ;) Rather don't event try.

qazzaq Registered 31 July 2021, 20:40

Look at Func_Msgboard for walkthrough demos. And yes, me myself can't complete this two brilliant maps too.

Jugador Registered 31 July 2021, 21:43

... except it all goes like clockwork when I use the shotgun instead of the nailgun, lol. I wonder if that was also the problem the other commenters had with it.

Jugador Registered 31 July 2021, 21:46

qazzaq, I hadn't seen your comments. As I said, it's actually doable, and it's not even that difficult once you get the hang of it. It's not really the kind of thing I look for in Quake, but I'm having fun with the map so far.

Jugador Registered 31 July 2021, 21:46

qazzaq, I hadn't seen your comments. As I said, it's actually doable, and it's not even that difficult once you get the hang of it. It's not really the kind of thing I look for in Quake, but I'm having fun with the map so far.

Jugador Registered 1 August 2021, 11:28

(Oops, the system posted my comment twice. I would remove one of them if I could.)

Alex Ros Registered 9 October 2021, 7:44

Hey! This one is surely one of the best jams ever! All maps are great but I would say that pink-brick map by Greenwood here is my fav Greenwood map so far. Don't know why actually, just loved it and a lot. Also I would like to mention Heresy's map. Gameplay wise it's rough sometimes, repetitive with all those jums which are not fun, but visually MAAAN it's stunning. Anyway all maps are great! RECOMMENDED

ComfyByTheFire Registered 31 May 2022, 2:25

This jam was amazing! Heresy's map was one of the most beautiful I've seen, and Mazu's was super unique, I already did the Alkaline version but it was a treat to play again, exploring stuff was so fun even though I only found half the secrets. I also rather enjoyed Smilescythe's map even though I'm usually averse to puzzles. I did have to noclip in the big tower with the pillars, but was able to get through everything else, and loved the challenge of it, especially that room with the walls that slide back and forth when you shoot the skulls.

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