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Screenshot of jumpmod2+td_complete
Title:Jumpmod 2 + Triune Discovery (4e5b9f06c3bbb9d5e08cee194ef73257)
Filesize:120384 Kilobytes
Release date:15.11.2019
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
jumpmod/READ_ME.txt5 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/autoexec.cfg1 KB24.10.2019
jumpmod/bmodels/tree1.map533 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/bmodels/tree1.obj70 KB07.09.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/Q1+JM.fgd19 KB09.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/Rubi2+JM.def37 KB13.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/devstuff.txt2 KB13.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/map source/jcr_jbdemo1.map1873 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/map source/jcr_jbdemo2.map1169 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/map source/jcr_triune1.map2800 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/map source/jcr_triune2.map5436 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/map source/jcr_triune3.map4005 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/map source/start.map1538 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/ai.qc16 KB28.02.2010
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/amtest.qc2 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/boss.qc13 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/buttons.qc4 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/centurion.qc15 KB11.02.2011
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/client.qc41 KB13.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/combat.qc8 KB12.01.2011
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/defs.qc19 KB13.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/demon.qc10 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/dog.qc10 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/doors.qc17 KB14.02.2010
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/dread.qc11 KB11.01.2011
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/enforcer.qc11 KB21.09.2009
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/fight.qc8 KB21.05.2009
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/fish.qc8 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/flag.qc1 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/floyd.qc17 KB11.01.2011
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/hiprot.qc28 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/hknight.qc18 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/items.qc32 KB13.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/jctest.qc1 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/knight.qc10 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/misc.qc16 KB09.11.2010
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/models.qc9 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/monsters.qc7 KB26.03.2010
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/ogre.qc15 KB22.05.2009
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/oldone.qc10 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/plats.qc9 KB13.03.2010
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/player.qc18 KB21.11.2010
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/progs.src1 KB09.11.2010
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/rubicon2.qc22 KB11.02.2011
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/rubicon2_quakec_src.txt2 KB02.03.2011
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/shalrath.qc8 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/shambler.qc13 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/soldier.qc10 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/sprites.qc1 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/subs.qc7 KB25.04.2010
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/tarbaby.qc7 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/triggers.qc15 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/turret.qc8 KB23.05.2010
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/weapons.qc27 KB13.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/wizard.qc11 KB22.05.2009
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/world.qc14 KB09.11.2019
jumpmod/developer stuff/source/qc source/zombie.qc20 KB04.02.2008
jumpmod/gfx/conback.lmp76 KB03.11.2019
jumpmod/gfx/env/moonhigh_bk.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jumpmod/gfx/env/moonhigh_dn.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jumpmod/gfx/env/moonhigh_ft.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jumpmod/gfx/env/moonhigh_lf.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jumpmod/gfx/env/moonhigh_rt.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jumpmod/gfx/env/moonhigh_up.tga1025 KB01.01.2018
jumpmod/gfx/env/problem-child_bk.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jumpmod/gfx/env/problem-child_dn.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jumpmod/gfx/env/problem-child_ft.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jumpmod/gfx/env/problem-child_lf.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jumpmod/gfx/env/problem-child_rt.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jumpmod/gfx/env/problem-child_up.tga769 KB12.04.2003
jumpmod/maps/jcr_jbdemo1.bsp6131 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/maps/jcr_jbdemo1.lit6246 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/maps/jcr_jbdemo2.bsp3928 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/maps/jcr_jbdemo2.lit2081 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/maps/jcr_triune1.bsp7071 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/maps/jcr_triune1.lit3563 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/maps/jcr_triune2.bsp15898 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/maps/jcr_triune2.lit4761 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/maps/jcr_triune3.bsp8807 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/maps/jcr_triune3.lit3570 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/maps/start.bsp4019 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/maps/start.lit1563 KB14.11.2019
jumpmod/music/track03.mp33377 KB06.02.2019
jumpmod/music/track223.mp316665 KB05.11.2019
jumpmod/music/track224.mp317151 KB05.11.2019
jumpmod/music/track225.mp318640 KB21.05.2018
jumpmod/music/track226.mp317644 KB21.05.2018
jumpmod/music/track227.mp36939 KB09.11.2019
jumpmod/music/track228.mp39770 KB19.04.2019
jumpmod/progs.dat401 KB13.11.2019
jumpmod/progs/beacon.mdl43 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/c_spike.mdl2 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/cent.mdl217 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/debris.mdl26 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/dread.mdl180 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/fgib1.mdl10 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/fixture1.mdl6 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/flag.mdl76 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/flaser.mdl12 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/floyd.mdl338 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/fromitz.mdl7 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/g_axe.mdl35 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/g_shotgn.mdl25 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/h_cent.mdl12 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/h_dread.mdl12 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/h_floyd.mdl59 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/jboots.mdl48 KB09.11.2019
jumpmod/progs/jboots_timed.mdl48 KB09.11.2019
jumpmod/progs/s_flame.spr25 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/s_grate.spr25 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/s_smoke.spr22 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/s_spark.spr1 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/progs/spark.mdl10 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/chatter.wav187 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/comp.wav12 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/crickets.wav12 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/drone.wav31 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/fan1.wav53 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/hum02.wav37 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/intake.wav26 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/lonoise.wav33 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/motor1.wav52 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/motor2.wav51 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/rain.wav40 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/ambient/runwater.wav64 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/dread/flameoff.wav9 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/dread/flameon.wav29 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/floyd/death.wav14 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/floyd/fire.wav23 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/floyd/idle.wav5 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/floyd/pain.wav5 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/floyd/sight.wav5 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/items/jboots_dry.wav15 KB02.05.2019
jumpmod/sound/items/jboots_got.wav21 KB16.01.2019
jumpmod/sound/items/jboots_got_timed.wav41 KB07.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/items/jboots_plyrjmp0.wav6 KB08.02.2019
jumpmod/sound/items/jboots_plyrjmp1.wav20 KB26.07.2019
jumpmod/sound/items/jboots_timed.wav307 KB31.10.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/airhiss.wav11 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/airhiss2.wav6 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/burning.wav24 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/burning2.wav11 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/comp1.wav23 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/comp2.wav21 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/flow1.wav52 KB16.07.2018
jumpmod/sound/misc/flow2.wav305 KB04.08.2018
jumpmod/sound/misc/laser_on.wav41 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/laseroff.wav66 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/song_reverse.wav402 KB26.10.2018
jumpmod/sound/misc/spark.wav15 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/uwater.wav39 KB29.08.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/wind.wav262 KB07.11.2019
jumpmod/sound/misc/wood.wav473 KB07.11.2019

Jumpmod 2 + Triune Discovery

Map pack centered around a Jump Boots item that adds a double jump ability. There are five levels set in Mayan ruins in canyons and caves, a miliary bases, and a crumbling castle. It also features a few custom monsters from Rubicon 2, new skyboxes and music tracks. The QC and map sources are included.

Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits.

Tags: mod, movement, exploration, koohoo, rubicon, maya, base, jump boots

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
4.6/5 with 27 ratings
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Spirit Registered 2 April 2020, 21:40

I love the concept of this!

Spirit Registered 2 April 2020, 21:41

I love the concept of this!

Vasya shkolnik Guest 2 April 2020, 21:53

Very nice relaxing maps, very interesting improvement for Quake's gameplay

PalmliX Registered 6 April 2020, 16:46

Absolutely wonderful little map pack full of lovely details and dripping with atmosphere which takes full advantage of the new ability (jump boots) on offer. The Mayan texture work is exquisite, really adds to the believability of the world and feels totally natural in the Quake universe, as if there was ALWAYS a Mayan chapter! Really creates a sense of place.

The design of the maps is a delightful combination of exploration, platforming and just enough combat to keep things interesting. It's a combo of mechanics, design and environment that I've been looking for a long time with custom Quake mapping and this creation really gave me my fix. The custom music is also incredibly well chosen and fits the environments perfectly.

The gameplay may not be for everyone potentially but this map pack is an instant classic in my view, it's a must play especially if you're into more puzzle/platforming/exploration style. 5 stars!

AAS Registered 9 May 2020, 11:28

Bug report: It is not possible to rate this map.

qazzaq Registered 30 June 2020, 12:07

I rate this for 5 five stars. Give me more!

Gioyo3aa Registered 30 June 2020, 12:24

Same rating from me, hopefully Quaddicted's upgrade will allow me to rate this "officially" :) This new power-up fits beautifully into Quake's universe and opens new possibilities which were perfectly explored in the JJJ pack.

Greenwood Registered 5 September 2020, 9:55

It's a downright shame that you cannot rate this mod/map pack.

...anyway, I highly recommend this. It's well thought out, nicely designed, and a lot of fun!

marctimothymoses Registered 22 September 2020, 0:17

I should try this mod.

JuanchoES Registered 12 October 2020, 2:21

Wow... I have no words, this is the most original and fun mod i ever played in quake :D

Thank you so much JCR, gracias.

Spirit Registered 10 March 2021, 21:49

Rating this is now possible, sorry for not finding the bug earlier.

triple_agent Registered 17 July 2021, 13:28

'Montezuma' meets 'Quake'!

In terms of visual aesthetics, the modpack, is amazing, as well as impressively coherent - telling clear narrative through environmental design - despite crossweaving together themes of different demeanor. I applaud conscious use of assets.

The jumppack technology, is outstanding. It adds a ton of valuable gameplay mechanics. Best thing that happened to 'Quake' - mod-wise - since the shadow-axe and the triple-barrel-shotgun of 'Arcane Dimensions'.

The platforming elements in the campaign, are supreme - it is understandable that was the point of focus for the creator. The combat throughout the scenario, takes a backseat mostly, even though do not underestimate the final boss fight - it is a treat that will give you blue balls; totally worth it.

The music, is very interesting and noteworthily an original attempt of the developer himself; albeit I was hesitant about making my mind whether the soundtrack did the gameplay ambiance much service.

Altogether, I recognize the modpack takes priority in exploration of the introduced jumppack mechanics, for which it deserves a major accolade.

Alex Ros Registered 26 December 2021, 11:27

Truly awesome immersive episode. Very moody & stylish. Kinda mix of Indiana Jones with SiFi hostile atmosphere. Recommend to all Quake lovers, who want to experience something unusual, more peaceful. 5 out of 5

NoNameUser Registered 25 August 2022, 0:34

This is from 2019? How the hell I'm finding out about it just now?

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