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Screenshot of prey2
Title:Prey2 (30aa8fd97df183b8d131cd66e9ffc6df)
Filesize:638 Kilobytes
Release date:05.06.1997
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
prey2.txt4 KB04.06.1997
prey2.bsp1418 KB05.06.1997


Small detailed Base map with a lava cavern bit.

Tags: base, small, realism, coop, dm

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4/5 with 33 ratings
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Spirit 9 July 2008, 13:23
Not bad considering it's age, but I would have rather rated it "nice".
JellyGal Registered 11 August 2014, 7:16

This is a short level, but it's a lot of fun to play. It's a bit on the easy side. However, it does have some nice traps. It varies in environments enough to keep it interesting and most of the visuals were fine (there was a single glitchy texture I found though). The distribution of ammo/health is fine as well. Overall, I would say it's a level worth playing.

Karl_Delacroix Registered 2 October 2014, 0:03

Really cool design, a bit on the easy side but really enjoyable.

ArrrCee Registered 13 March 2015, 13:30

Prey2 on The Quake Grave

I thought this wasa very well map, you can tell that some TLC really went into this one with the way it's paced and with some of the events that unfold. I would agree with the comments above that say it's a bit on the easy side (definitely feels like a starting map to an episode) and when I say it's easy, you know it's easy ;). However, I think it's worth a download just to see some of the cool ideas that marty put into his map.

MikeTaylor Registered 15 March 2015, 17:05

This is really nicely constructed, and feels like a real base. Yes, it's short; and yes, the gameplay is arguably a bit mundane: monster selection is strictly limited to grunts, enforcers and dogs, and their positioning is not especially enterprising. But its still the very solid chunk of old-school Quake action. 4/5.

ubiquitous Registered 22 September 2016, 15:14

I remember playing this back in the mid-late 90s and being blown away. It was the first time that I had seen a user-made level approach indeed, exceed the quality of the vanilla Quake maps.

Replaying it in light of some of the achievements by more recent community artists, I have to say: I'm still impressed! Good use of brushwork and geometry. Captures the look at atmosphere of Quake's base theme while still having original elements (I like the hexagonal door frames with lights).

Like many base levels, it suffers a little from a lack of enemy variety and challenge. But overall, a map that impressed me in 1997 and still impresses me today.

AnthonyS Guest 20 October 2017, 1:31

Average map. Quick game play. Pretty easy.

3/5 stars

AnthonyS Registered 20 October 2017, 1:37

Average map. Quick game play. Pretty easy.

3/5 stars

pmk Guest 3 March 2019, 4:06

A quick to complete but well constructed base map with interesting design and brushwork. Not very challenging however to complete this map and i agree with ArrCee critique that there should have been a fiend or some type of higher level enemy within the cage in the level. Overall would recommend playing this map and would give it a four out of five rating.

triple_agent Registered 2 March 2022, 4:20

Excellent map for the year 1997, got the ambiance.

For the map readme, wonder whether the guy got hired as he expected and if so, whether they gave him some better hardware?

JMP Registered 30 January 2023, 15:11

The opening room, shown in the screenshot, is impressively detailed and has a real sense of place. The rest of the map is less attention-getting but still very good, being reminiscent of the id base maps in both style and quality.

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