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Screenshot of pyro2
Author:Dean Scott
Title:Pyro2 - A Smash of Three (32fa14a57d7a94ab61c2135723a44ea4)
Filesize:739 Kilobytes
Release date:27.01.1997
Additional Links: SPQ Level Heaven
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Walkthrough demos:

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
PYRO2.BSP1647 KB27.01.1997
PYRO2.TXT3 KB27.01.1997

Pyro2 - A Smash of Three

Small, linear dungeon made of several distinct parts: a runic area, a blue marble area, a lava cave, and a brick area.

Tags: small, metal, wizard, mixtex, dm

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2.6/5 with 19 ratings
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Spirit Registered 17 August 2014, 15:31

Not as terrible as I expected. Kinda imaginative.

ArrrCee Registered 14 November 2015, 18:20

Pyro2 on The Quake Grave

Pyro1 showed the potential that Dean had to go on and make some cool maps. Already with his second map, he has created a better, more exciting map!

When you compare the two, the big change and obvious improvement is the overall design and architecture. The 2 maps almost don't even look like they're by the same person. There are decorated hallways, big rooms, smaller bridged rooms. Lots of variety. I guess that's where the map is a bit odd to me. With the use of different sets of textures, it almost feels like 3-4 maps in one. There is no cohesive theme. Maybe that was the point, Since the subtitle is A Smash of Three?

This doesn't bother me though but what does bother me is enemy placement. Ogres placed where they can't reach you with their grenades. Long stretches of level with no enemies populating it. By the end there is an overabundance of ammo with no reason to use it because there are no enemies. It's just odd, as a bigger feeling map like this should have more enemies to take out.

Overall though, the map is good and it's an improvement over Pyro1!

Cocerello Registered 21 October 2017, 22:23

Played on skill 2.

Not that much interesting in the way of encounters, with a low density of enemies and encounters on a big scale, but it has some nice brushwork and ideas. Also, while it says 0/0 secrets, it has several well done secret areas.

Esrael Registered 2 July 2018, 17:24

I think it was a pretty fun and good-looking map with some cool unmarked secrets. One of the secrets doesn't make much sense in single player mode, though, since the map's pretty much over by that point. I wonder if the author left the secrets unmarked so they wouldn't trigger during deathmatch or something.

It'd be nice if I could rate this 2.5 but since I can't, I'll gladly round it to 3/5.

pmk Guest 7 December 2018, 4:06

This map is an improved released over the author's first with better architecture and lighting displayed throughout the map. I like that the map had a variety of different visual themes within the map which made it unique for its time. However I agree with ArrCee that the level designer needs to improve on enemy placement within the map as different enemies should have been placed for certain situations as using hellknights instead of orges to attack the player as they are moving throughout the level. Also the map needed as much larger ending climatic battle at the end of the map such as the player having to fight a Shambler at the end of the level instead of a pack of dogs. Overall i would give the map a three out of five rating and say it is worth a quick play through.

wuaskie Registered 18 January 2022, 4:21

In his readme, Dean Scott claims that this was a mash of 3 different levels - explains title - and the map makes more sense given this context. Especially with the key to the last door being right next to it, with nothing but the end portal behind it. It does feel like an early map and I'm thankful to be able to play maps from this period. As it stands today, I view old levels like monuments not quite worth critiquing, but instead better used as a tool for learning. What about? Well, the thoughts of the past. The way things were done before there existed a huge number of references, in the early days of truly 3d shooters.

There's a wonderful blast from the past included within the readme, in the legal rights section:

"... The only exception to this is if you work for or are associated with Actura Software, then you may not use this map whatsoever. May everyone associated with Actura Software burn in hell!"

Link below explains the reference.

Well, the readme is more interesting than the map, but it did have some nice architectural elements. I liked the tunnel with the lava bridge over it. I thought the func_push that saves you from the lava in the Vore room was a kindly touch. I really like that he has his own "PYRO" texture on a box, that's a cute touch. I don't think this was the best effort Dean Scott was capable of.

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