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Screenshot of reliqv1
Title:Reliquary (0eedcf90416590c98065450048a3a1d1)
Filesize:9583 Kilobytes
Release date:30.06.2021
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
reliq/gfx/conback.lmp63 KB17.01.2021
reliq/gfx/qplaque.lmp5 KB20.01.2021
reliq/maps/reliq_miasma.bsp4527 KB28.06.2021
reliq/maps/reliq_miasma.lit1965 KB28.06.2021
reliq/maps/reliq_otsego.bsp4555 KB28.06.2021
reliq/maps/reliq_otsego.lit1342 KB28.06.2021
reliq/maps/src/reliq_miasma.map6082 KB28.06.2021
reliq/maps/src/reliq_otsego.map5013 KB28.06.2021
reliq/maps/src/reliqstart.map935 KB28.06.2021
reliq/maps/start.bsp982 KB28.06.2021
reliq/maps/start.lit221 KB28.06.2021
reliq/pak0.pak4681 KB28.06.2021
reliq/progs.dat520 KB15.01.2021
reliq/progs/g_shot.mdl153 KB10.01.2021
reliq/progs/m_cells1.mdl11 KB09.01.2016
reliq/progs/m_cells2.mdl11 KB09.01.2016
reliq/progs/m_nails1.mdl14 KB09.01.2016
reliq/progs/m_nails2.mdl16 KB09.01.2016
reliq/progs/m_rock1.mdl25 KB09.01.2016
reliq/progs/m_rock2.mdl28 KB09.01.2016
reliq/progs/m_shell1.mdl14 KB09.01.2016
reliq/progs/m_shell2.mdl16 KB09.01.2016
reliq/progs/v_shot.mdl71 KB27.01.2021
reliq/progs/v_shot2.mdl129 KB10.01.2021
reliq/quake.rc2 KB17.06.2019
reliq/reliqreadme.txt2 KB28.06.2021
reliq/sound/markie/dangeralarm2.wav88 KB22.01.2021
reliq/sound/markie/rumble.wav104 KB30.06.2015
reliq/sound/weapons/guncock.wav15 KB27.01.2021
reliq/sound/weapons/shotgn2.wav97 KB11.01.2021


First "alpha" version of a mod based off of Copper with some new and modified weapons, such as a pistol and triple-barrelled shotgun, and more challenging gameplay. It comes with two levels plus a start map: a medium-sized sewage facility and a large medieval castle dungeon. The map sources are included.

Note: These maps require a source port with increased limits.

Tags: medium, large, base, sewer, slime, sewage, industrial, medieval, castle, dungeon, weapons, models, sounds, copper, limits, source, hard, speedbase

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
4.5/5 with 52 ratings
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JuanchoES Registered 5 July 2021, 2:48

The final area of the castle dungeon dungeon level is stupidly difficult, i liked the sewer level but i could not find the 2 secrets

rchavp Registered 7 July 2021, 5:20

Nice maps and very good architecture and deign ideas, well done. Unfortunately the gameplay is quite unbalanced at certain points. Feels unnecessarily in your face when spawning monsters..

I Like Quake Guest 7 July 2021, 13:03

Very good, I especially liked the look and design of Otsegolation and the acid fight therein.

It's just that the difficulty is seriously increased on all skill levels, except on Easy, where it remains true to its name:

Normal = Hard;

Hard = Insane;

Nightmare = "Are You Kidding Me?".

I usually play on Hard. This time I played on Normal.

Zothique Registered 8 July 2021, 21:46

Don't be afraid of the skills thing. Normal is for everyone and Hard is fair. I didn't tried the others.

In other hand, both maps included are very cool looking with top notch design, never get bored!

New weapon system is cool if you want to change a bit your gampleay for sometime, and the maps are very good balanced for it.

Go and play it!

I Like Quake Guest 8 July 2021, 22:30

Well, Hard is the default skill I play.

I've played hundreds of maps, maybe thousands, and I've gotten a gauge for how hard the average Hard is, and this Hard is way above average, at least on Otsegolation. I start that beautiful level and before having dealt with the two Ogres I run out of ammo, and that's just the beginning of it, further a Shambler awaits, and in the acid, repeatedly spawning Vores... And on Nightmare, where you have 50 hp max, forget it.

I played your awesome map on Hard and didn't die once. That's an average Hard, this Hard is Insane.

4LT Registered 8 July 2021, 22:46

You do realize the difficulties are renamed from the start map don't you? Skill 0 is normal, skill 1 is hard, skill 2 is v. hard

I Like Quake Guest 8 July 2021, 22:54

No, I didn't, I really didn't. Thank you for pointing it out. Now it all makes sense.

h4724 Registered 8 July 2021, 23:05

He did rename the skill levels to reflect the difficulty of the maps, and I think that was appropriate.

Skill 0 - Easy => Normal

Skill 1 - Normal => Hard

Skill 2 - Hard => Very Hard

Skill 3 - Nightmare = Nightmare

So unless you're saying skill 1 is still too hard and that he should've shifted it up yet another level, I don't see any problem. Otsegolation was much harder on skill 2 before the weapon balance changes, btw.

h4724 Registered 8 July 2021, 23:08

I should've refreshed before posting, clearly.

Anyway, this is great and I can't wait to see more.

ibloodheuer Registered 10 July 2021, 8:14

awesome map, but kinda felt short on decorations, i'm trying to start to map for q1 or q2, but only used to the "radiants"... (Net/GtkRadiant)...

Any advice?

stoo Registered 12 July 2021, 2:30

Pretty great so far. Love the small gameplay changes from Copper. Smacking stuff with the axe and watching the knock-back is always entertaining.

The maps are beautiful with gorgeous lighting and nice geometry. Not too much clutter.

I managed to scrape through both of these on Skill 2 eventually, with many quickloads.

Couple of criticisms:

The triple shotgun secret on Otsegolation isn't actually very useful given the scarcity of ammo. I think I only used it on the one shambler in the corridor (and even then nails are better when he's at range).

Whether or not you make it through the sewer section is partly dependent on how much health you had when you went in, and the rest is sheer luck.

The final fight in Majestic Miasma is extremely difficult on Skill 2, unless there's a quad or something I didn't find. I'm not even going to try it on Skill 3. The only way I got through it eventually was telefragging one shambler then sprinting around the outer edge a few times picking up vore balls to steer into enemies and trying to get as much in-fighting going as possible, then dropping down and chipping away at the shamblers from below. Once the shamblers are down it's not so bad as long as you keep moving, but that battle was where most of my quickloading was done. It's maybe a bit over the top.

Alex Ros Registered 12 July 2021, 16:21


The_Pirate Registered 13 July 2021, 21:41

Very nice!

koskos Guest 26 July 2021, 10:56

Great one. I like the new weapons and balance.

The Silent Registered 16 October 2021, 20:01

Great great design. Stupidly hard gameplay. Poor design choice.

MikeTaylor Registered 30 November 2021, 12:06

Rule number one in Quake: it's got to be fun. I respected the heck out of the craftsmanship in this, but I got maybe a third of the way through the first map before admitting to myself that it was work instead of play. I'd already dropped back down from skill 2 to 1, and even then I was struggling for ammo. Then when I got dropped int a slime pit and required to kill a whole sequence of vores before I could progress -- as my health eroded from the slime and snipers -- I looked at my life and asked whether this is really what I wanted to be doing. Reader, it was not. I'm moving on.

I Like Quake Guest 30 November 2021, 12:48

Guys, please stop giving 1 star ratings to maps that aren't broken. It would be helpful if we all followed the editors' guidelines:

⭐ = broken, unplayable; ⭐⭐ = bad, but functional; ⭐⭐⭐ = average; ⭐⭐⭐⭐ = good; ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ = great.

qazzaq Registered 30 November 2021, 14:26

Oh, this is not the first time someone has rated a five-star maps like this. Just look at how this rated

Spirit Registered 30 November 2021, 14:35

It is perfectly fine to rate maps by one's own taste and feeling. That's an important feature of personal ratings.

Markie Registered 30 November 2021, 14:52

Hey MikeTaylor, thanks for the review! If you're still finding this challenging, feel free to try a lower difficulty! :)

Also if you played the start map, you'd notice that Skill 2 is marked as Very Hard while Skill 1 is Hard. I can only do so much to warn the player that their balls are about to be crushed.

MikeTaylor Registered 30 November 2021, 15:02

Thanks, Markie. I did play the start map, and read the text file, and I understood about the difficulty remapping. That's why I was Ok with dropping down from 2 (usually Hard) to 1 (Hard for this map). But when it was still nightmarish -- difficult in a not-fun-for-me way -- I just shrugged and passed. Let me say again how much I admire and respect the craftsmanship in this map. But when skill 1 is harder-than-nightmare, in a traps-based rather than combat-based way, I have to accept it's not for me.

Spirit, thanks for clarifying that ratings are intended to be subjective. I Like Quake's comment worried me, because it's certainly not the case that Reliquary is "broken, unplayable".

Uram Oron Guest 30 November 2021, 15:14

Tbh I think it's kinda disrespectful of something this well-built and set up to give it a 1 rating. That's for the worst maps of all time, things that don't run on your system, ect. No need to pull maps of this caliber down to that simply because you can't bear to play on Skill 0.

Spirit Registered 30 November 2021, 16:49

I totally get both sides but to me the individual player is the target user.

Any meaning interpreted into the aggregate ratings is a meaning that will clash with the individual meanings. Do you do rate a release that you did not enjoy one bit or not with its affect on the public aggregate vs. marking it in your own lost of ratings...

This is a super interesting discussion I think, someone wanna take it to the forums (with quotes from here to get started)? Maybe we can find ways to satisfy everyone.

qazzaq Registered 30 November 2021, 18:00

It is great that we have the ability to rate releases. Reviews help to authors correct possible shortcomings and errors and avoid them in the future. We evaluate the overall impression of the game the level design and even the degree of emotion received after passing (or not) a level with just one general assessment. And in my opinion it would be correct to ask to fix a mistake or ask for advice on passing for that there is an opportunity here to comment instead of simply depriving it of the rating. Moreover, it does not affect ANYTHING. We are all here for the same reason. Peace to all!

[Kona] Registered 22 December 2021, 8:27

Well I played on normal, not realising afterwards this may have ended up being skill 0, and it just felt like normal to me. So in that respect it was correct. Maybe next time don't mess with the difficulties and people will just play what they're normally accustomsed to.

Wasn't too hard on normal, only the bit in the lava was a bit challenging but not too bad, then larger level was mostly just normal I didn't have too much go wrong and there was plenty of ammo for that awesome triple shotgun. I wouldn't mind using that again. oh just the start with the axe but on the second try it was fine.

The detail is fantastic though man, I loved admiring the design that went into the levels. They're not huge but so nice to look at. I want more.

MapReportingBot Guest 31 December 2021, 12:06

Played on skill 2.

Otsegolation (AKA toxic sludge exposure therapy): took 1 week to complete (without quicksaves).

Majestic Miasma (AKA ShamblerCon): took 1 month to complete without quicksaves.

The bigger level is quite devious, since it looks a bit easier than Otsegolation just up until the point when final confrontation begins.

Also, it is probably not possible to complete this maps on "very hard" skill level without getting any of the secrets.

Or may be it's just me with my paws instead of ordinary human hands. .

AverageMomEnjoyer Registered 18 July 2022, 11:39

PROS: -nicely designed map -nice inclusion of the triple barreled shotgun, really nice -with the copper that it is based off the weapons feel nice

CONS: -the pistol looks like a shitty Romanian gun that is an AK derivative -too many shamblers

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