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Screenshot of rrp
Author:Hrimfaxi, ijed, mfx
Title:Rubicon Rumble Pack (2ba54c74c7294666529d6eb0c71b936e)
Filesize:83405 Kilobytes
Release date:14.09.2014
Additional Links: ModDBQuakeOneFunc_MsgboardInsideQCRRP Patch 1.03RRP 1.03 Full version
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
pak0.pak218421 KB13.09.2014
rrp_readme.txt2 KB06.09.2014

Rubicon Rumble Pack

Four very large industrial/base maps based on Rubicon 2. Includes a start map and introduces some new gameplay elements.

Note: These maps require an engine port with BSP2 support.
A patched version of the map telefragged is available here.

Tags: huge, rubicon, bsp2, base, industrial, trenchbroom, monsters, stealth, multiple exits

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.8/5 with 107 ratings
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traflamadorian Registered 14 September 2014, 22:50

I just couldn't believe my eyes playing this mod and these maps. Quake has evolved into something so much more it once was. These maps are a wonderful tribute to a great game. Made with love and detail that can't be overlooked. Fantastic gameplay and it's shocking how hard it is to get lost in these giant maps. Out of this world Work! Congrats to the Creators!!!

Breezeep Registered 14 September 2014, 23:39

Needs a preview screenshot. Anyways, the maps are Incredible with the most recent release of quakespasm.

QuakeForever Guest 15 September 2014, 6:53

I don't know whether this should be best called Rubicon 3 or Warp Spasm 2: Done Rubicon Style, but it doesn't really matter. Epic release either way, the third in as many months!

ijed Guest 15 September 2014, 13:45

Here are some external links:

ModDB: QuakeOne: Inside3D:

There are images and media on ModDB, and I want to keep adding stuff on there as well.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 15 September 2014, 14:03

Added, thanks.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 15 September 2014, 14:18

Breezeep: this has only just been added to the database. Rest assured that a screenshot and proper map description will follow at some point.

Tom Guest 16 September 2014, 21:52

Unbelievable Maps! I have no words for this. You guys are machines! Thank you for nearly 5 hours of Quake goodness!

user843322208 Guest 18 September 2014, 22:37

on 'Telefragged', the player is too short and can't pick up anything... normal?

skacky Registered 18 September 2014, 23:55


Inked Guest 19 September 2014, 0:34

The stuffcmd hacks to also make the player see red and be drunk eventually pissed me off.

So weren't included.

The telefragged idea is that you were crippled by teleporting into another enemy. Unable to hold a weapon or jump for the first 5-10 minutes, until you find a way to help yourself.

You're not alone in not liking this game type :)

user843322208 Guest 19 September 2014, 13:35

Not that bad, once you figure it out! =)

FatTony Guest 20 September 2014, 1:21

Worst screenshot ever..

denizen42 Guest 20 September 2014, 1:53


Spirit Registered 9 October 2014, 20:47

Updated the screenshot. I would prefer a normal one though. :]

Spirit Registered 10 October 2014, 13:24

Got another screenshot, much better!

nAppel Guest 10 October 2014, 13:55


Wisdom Registered 17 October 2014, 18:27

it runs with darkplaces?

Spirit Registered 18 October 2014, 1:02

is that a question or a sarcastic statement?

Micholas Guest 18 October 2014, 5:33

..Wow I couldn't expect a level-design so great ! This screenshot looks fantastic!

I'm in a strange situation: six years ago I started collecting Quake maps not willing to play them til having them all burned on dvd ! Now my work is almost finished and looking forward to start playing !

S Guest 22 October 2014, 3:07

It's kinda odd the mapset starts with the lift having a missing texture (pink through the slats). Let's see what's next :)

S Guest 22 October 2014, 3:15

Apologies. Looks like the site had the wrong version but the thread had the right version of QS. Map should be fine now :P

theshep Registered 27 October 2014, 23:42

Awesome map set! Loved all the tricks and traps involved :)

konstructor Guest 11 November 2014, 21:06

I'd like to play all these recent mappacks on my beloved P2 400 (yes it's old I know but served me honestly for many years).. do ya think it's enough ?!?

negke Registered 11 November 2014, 21:37


Spirit Registered 11 November 2014, 22:45

Unlikely. Try if Quakespasm runs at all, if not, forget about it. :\

konstructor Guest 13 November 2014, 2:45

oh no! bad news for me ! But please don't underestimate the power of Pentium2 ! I manage to play MaxPayne upon it !

MikeTaylor Registered 13 November 2014, 13:51

I am using QuakeSpasm 0.9 (great work, guys!) When running RRP, walking up close to objects shows hard-edged pixels, whereas the same Quake binary running in other game-dirs gives me the usual blurring when coming too close for the textures. I assume the hard-edged big pixels are due to something in the PAK file, but I don't like it. Is there a simple setting I can use to make it work the way it usually does?

ijed Guest 13 November 2014, 15:47

If you go into the pakfile and delete the quake.rc then it'll maintain your default Quake settings.

I should really have left that file outside the pak.

MikeTaylor Registered 13 November 2014, 16:42

Awesome, thanks. But ... how do I get into a PAK file? I am using MacOS X right now, and it can't unpack the PAK using unzip, bunzip, gunzip, tar, ar or cpio. help!

Pixelator Guest 13 November 2014, 16:43

Mike, gl_texturemode set to 3 will look pixilly. set it to 5, and enjoy the blur..

Spirit Registered 13 November 2014, 17:01

Mike, try or quakeforge's tools. PAK is a proprietary format by id. Alternatively I think you could just add an autoexec.cfg to rrp/ and put "gltexturemode X" inside, where X is the mode you want.

Spirit Registered 13 November 2014, 17:01

Oh damn you website for not having a preview or edit function =)

MikeTaylor Registered 13 November 2014, 17:13

gl_texturemode 5 does the trick! Thanks!

MikeTaylor Registered 14 November 2014, 12:25

I finished Hrimfaxi's level, A Locust in August, with 338/343 kills (on hard) and 9/19 secrets (though I found more than that, but didn't pick them up because of not warning to waste health/armour when I was already healthy/armoured).

Where do you even start in talking about a map so monumental, so endlessly creative, so beautiful? One would think that 18 years after E1M1, base maps would be all played out. This sensational level disproves that single-handed. Lots of really challenging combats, lots of delightful moving scenery, and so much to enjoy. So very well worthy of 5*, and I think that as the quality of Quake mapping has jumped a whole nother level in the last year or two the time may now have come to extend the scoring range up to 6*. It seems ridiculous to be scoring maps of this quality at the same level as old 5* maps that contain a tenth as much goodness.

MikeTaylor Registered 14 November 2014, 13:12

Just got started on Telefragged. Fascinating! What a great way to provide a new Quake experience, and a new reason to revisit previously visited areas. It's so frustrating to see all those lovely weapons and all that lovely armour and health, and be unable to pick any of them up. And so weird to keep being killed by a !@£$% rotfish! (Having already lost nine health points to the caged destroyer.)

MikeTaylor Registered 16 November 2014, 15:07

If I say that I just completed ijed's Telefragged with 830 of 938 kills (on hard) I am only beginning to hint at the magnitude and magnificence of this level. The whole of the original Episode 1 (The Doomed Dimension) has only 316 monsters on hard, including Ziggurat Vertigo, which means that assessed on kills alone, Telefragged is nearly three times the size of the episode (or, to put it another way, three quarters the size of all of Quake).

But it's not just the size, it's the scale. It's the scope. It's the incredible scenery, the astonishing inventiveness, the growing sense that you're in a real place where real things are happening. It's the massive destruction of the scenery as the game progresses. It's all these things and so much more.

Even in light of this being the golden age of Quake -- czg's Honey, the three (so far) map-jam packs, and so on -- Telefragged stands alone. It is, and I say this without hyperbole, the best Quake level I've ever played. Awarding it a mere five stars feels like a mortal insult.

.-. Guest 16 November 2014, 15:42


MikeTaylor Registered 17 November 2014, 12:49

I finished mfx's Ceci N'est Pas Un Pipe. Despite the invitation to explore after the last combat, which I have taken, I am still only on 261/384 kills (on hard) and a rather feeble 13/23 secrets. At the risk of repeating myself, this is just heartbreakingly wonderful -- such a sense of exploration and reality, such an epic experience. In a way I feel sorry for this map having been released as part of RRP: instead of thinking of it as one of the very best handful of maps I've ever played, I am thinking of it as merely the second best base-map I've played this week :-) But really, it's wonderful, and I highly recommend that anyone who's not upgraded their Quakespasm to v0.9 do so now, so they can experience RRP.

As for the pack itself: I'm all out of superlatives. Marvellous as all three map-jam packs have been, RRP is without question my all-time favourite Quake release -- finally eclipsing Insomnia, which has held that title for a long, long time.

Hrimfaxi, mfx, ijed: I salute you!

MikeTaylor Registered 17 November 2014, 12:49

(Someone scored this less than 5*. Amazing.)

knows who did it Guest 17 November 2014, 13:09

that was a shrimp...

MikeTaylor Registered 17 November 2014, 13:45

On question ...

Near the level-select area on the introductory level is an inactive slipgate. I'd hoped that completing the three proper levels would activate it, but it doesn't look that way. Is there anything I can do with it, or is it merely scenery?

-mfx- Guest 17 November 2014, 13:53

Only eye-candy, sorry. It was our kind of wildcard for a map that wasnt finished on time.

MikeTaylor Registered 17 November 2014, 14:20

Ah, what a shame! Well, I'll look forward to the not-yet-finished map when it turns up. I suppose it's not this one, as that doesn't seem to be in-theme (though that's good because it gives me two awesome new maps to look forward to!)

-mfx- Guest 17 November 2014, 14:25

The unfinished map isn't mine Mike. It was supposed to be done by another mapper, but he had a very tight schedule. So... The shot from twitter is my jam3 map, only with added areas and totally new pacing. Soon..:)

MikeTaylor Registered 20 November 2014, 17:07

I loved Telefragged so much, I played it again. And loved it even more. I hardly know where to start. Dear everyone who doesn't yet have a BSP2-capable Quake Engine: Get one! This map is not just awesome craftsmanship, it's art.

(BTW., 893/954 kills this time: odd that there were 16 more monsters than when I played it before -- maybe something to do with the way the megaspawns split up?

Still only 15/31 secrets, though, even though I found a few this time that I missed first time around. Evidently I forgot some, too!

ericw Registered 20 November 2014, 23:35

MikeTaylor, from what I understand the max monster count increases when you blow open a spawn box. I heard it's possible to get over 1000 monsters in telefragged :D

konstructor, I would guess the oldest machine that could run these decently is a ~10 year old gaming pc. I tested on a 2004 laptop and it was unplayable, but a low-end pentium M with horrible integrated graphics (can only get 30-40fps on id1 start.bsp). These huge maps need quite a bit of CPU just to run the physics.

faelnor Registered 9 February 2015, 15:44

Amazing pack. What a feat!

ludicrous Guest 28 March 2015, 21:19


I'M so impressed ... found this site just searching for good ol'fashioned quake files and found THIS - and a lot of others. I'm from Germany, tryin' to write good English. I'm 55, and played Quake first when I was 37.

But in Telefragged I get a stack overflow as described here and here (playing with -heapsize 256000 -zone 4096) and, yes, I played it on Easy. Whimpy of cause, but I'm an unexperienced player and on most of these newer maps I have not much chances on Normal or Hard. Even Easy often is Nightmare :-) Tried it with Quakespasm 0.85.10 and 0.90.0, but it doesn't work.

Any ideas? OK, except tryin' Normal, of cause ...


blinded by the might Guest 29 March 2015, 5:08

Someone would have to make an external entitty file which fixes the easy skill/gold keycard door crash. I assume thats the way to go, if not recompiling the level with updated entitylump. Kindly ask Ijed for help with this one? Its a pity this happens, true, so true..

ludicrous Guest 29 March 2015, 9:53

I began to play Telefragged on Normal. OK, died 4 times more than on easy and got much less time to think about the next 4 steps. But may be much more fun. And I accept that Easy is the exception for almost all players :-) Learning on - so much fun with this. Thank U all who invest time to create such wonderful maps. It's ART, really. Cheers ludicrous

MikeTaylor Registered 16 April 2015, 13:44

Replayed Hrimfaxi's absolutely magnificent A Locust in August. Once more, the Rubicon Rumble Pack exhausts superlatives. The climactic sequence in the three-level warehouse would be one of the best 5* maps all on its own. This time I got 341/343 kills and 13/19 secrets, including the mega-secret with the tribute to the authors.

MikeTaylor Registered 17 April 2015, 15:58

And I replayed mfx's Ceci N'est Pas Un Pipe, which was also just as much fun the second time around (i.e. a lot!) I think that when I said I got 261/384 kills last time, that must have been a typo for 361/384. This time I managed to up it to 367/384, but I still have no idea where the elusive last seven monsters are. Probably inside one of the nine secrets that I missed -- yes, I only managed to improve from 13 to 14/23 secrets this time around.

After finishing the final combat, I went back to the "finish your mission first" door, which was a nice bonus. Enjoyed the play-testing credits level, but finished up wondering whether there is a way to untelefrag yourself on that level?

MikeTaylor Registered 17 April 2015, 15:58

My only regret is that I have but one 5* rating to give the Rubicon Rumble Pack.

MikeTaylor Registered 24 April 2015, 12:01

Is there a console command to stop the countdown after you blow the reactor in Telefragged? I'd love to be able to take my time touring all the wrecked scenery instead of having to sprint to the exit.

-mfx- Guest 24 April 2015, 18:05

Mike, there is no way to be healed in the credits map. As for the countdown sequence in Ijeds map, once activated, it cant be stopped if i recall correctly. Well, thats the point of that sequence. Any exploration you'd have to do before i guess. Else godmode:)

NightFright Registered 7 May 2015, 11:06

This pack truly shines with insane amounts of details in each of its maps. It's really hard to pick a favorite as they are all great and serve as a fine showcase of what Quake mapping can still accomplish these days.

If you are interested in some serious exploration that may take one hour or more per level to thoroughly check out all the secrets (20-30 usually) and details, impressive architecture and enjoyable gameplay, download this at once. IMHO, this sets new standards for high-quality mapping in Quake.

Technical note: I was playing this with one of the very latest FitzQuake Mk V snapshots from April/May 2015 and had no problems at all since it features full BSP2 support by now with raised limits. The only issue that remains is the "Telefragged" crash on easy. Hope that Ijed will eventually address it.

NoNameUser Guest 16 May 2015, 14:39

I did as instructed and used the "-heapsize 256000 -zone 4096" command line, and I'm still getting several warning messages (example: 720 models exceeds standard limit of 256). Also, "r_lerpmodels" is set to 1 by default, but the weapon models lose their smooth animations outside the start map; monsters are ok, though, and everything else seems fine too. I've had this problem with the weapons animations with other mods too (Warp Spasm, The Horde of Zendar, and others). I'm at a loss here, how can I fix this? I'm using QuakeSpasm 0.90.0, but this happens with any other engine except maybe DarkPlaces (which I'm not really fond of).

ericw Guest 16 May 2015, 21:48

It's normal to get some warnings like "720 models exceeds standard limit of 256".

Hm, I see what you mean about weapon lerping. Will look into it.

ericw Guest 17 May 2015, 0:35

@NoNameUser, thanks for reporting that bug. for the tech details, I posted on func_msgboard. If you want, there is a dev build of quakespasm available here that has a fix in.

NoNameUser Guest 30 May 2015, 15:53

Will try that. Thanks

Qmaster Guest 20 August 2015, 23:35

I'm going into Telefragged with Quakespasm and have Hunk_Alloc: Failed on allocation of ###### bytes (where the # signs are digits). What do I need to change?

PFL Registered 31 October 2015, 17:28

^ Create a shortcut of the QS exe and add this to the command line

-heapsize 300000 -zone 4096


Bloughsburgh Registered 28 March 2016, 12:58

Easily one of the top 3 maps/packs ever to be released. Just mind numbing with the amount of effort put into these maps. Telefragged feels like a game in itself!

Doc_Holliday Registered 30 April 2016, 10:57

Can't find maps? :(

Lane Powell Registered 4 May 2016, 6:39

Put simply, this is what Black Mesa wants to be.

NoNameUser Guest 14 May 2016, 14:55

Phew, I finished «Telefragged» on hard with 144 minutes, 882 kills and 21/31 secrets; it's the longest time I've ever spent on a single map, quite a trip.

I replayed «A Locust in August» to search for secrets; managed to get 17 out of the 19 this time, which is better than on my first playthrough. I couldn't figure how to open the door that says “Mmmm... ?” when you approach it, but obviously that's one of the secrets I missed. Also, there's this locked room with a megahealth in it, which opens if you shoot a switch that is hidden behind a cracked grate right next to it, but oddly it doesn't count as a secret; I'm unsure whether this is intentional or if it's a bug (I'm using QuakeSpasm, if that means anything).

ericw Registered 6 June 2016, 23:58

Hey.. could an editor please remove the "For now, please use this Quakespasm release" bit from the title?

The linked engine downloads are dead now. Instead just link to .. thanks!

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 7 June 2016, 9:10

Done. Thanks, ericw!

Knowing Guest 7 September 2016, 2:17

Best quake2 atmosphere in a quake1 mod ever. play it!

Kinn Registered 2 January 2017, 12:13

These maps are bum-splashingly large.

It would be a crime to rate these any less than 5, and indeed mfx's map in particular is truly perfect - matching the stratospheric quality seen in Rubicon 2.

Hrim's and Ijed's maps are also brilliant but (don't kill me please) if I had to criticise I might suggest that they may be a bit too large and exhausting. Some judicious trimming could have elevated the whole package to A+++. As it stands it's more like A++.

Atzuras Guest 26 March 2017, 19:59

I do not usually fancy militar base environements, but TELEFRAGGED is just a masterpiece of enjoyment. Maybe monster count is a bit overdriven but it pays the effort. Best progressive opening and final speedrun ever played on this game. Map Design is excellent. And the pleasure to nuke down a genetically-enhanced spawn production factory.. .priceless! Must play, Must replay.

MikeTaylor Registered 25 April 2017, 15:26

Replayed again. These maps have so, so much value to them. Six stars!

PuLSaR Registered 25 April 2017, 16:33


Greed Registered 25 October 2017, 22:50

This is one of the best Quake expansion packs that I've ever played. The attention to detail is staggering. The maps are huge and so well thought out. Can't even begin to imagine how long it took to make the maps. The stealth section in Telefragged is very clever.

One little nitpick though. The auto-save feature overwrites the quick save, wish it would use a separate slot (like "auto") and automatically load that on death. I sometimes like exploring different paths and then reloading my quick save if I want to take another path.

Bender Guest 12 August 2018, 1:00

A pinnacle of map design from start to finish, the creators somehow managed to find the right balance between exploration and progression, i've never seen it so well executed like in this mod. Artistically the maps do follow all the same theme, still keeping their special flavor. Telefragged being a nightmare of a crippled ranger, ceci being a marvel in progression and how it is done right, and locust just strikes all the boxes with being visually and gameplay wise a total threat.

What else to say besides GO PLAY IT YOURSELF!

Vasya shkolnik Guest 4 November 2018, 11:40

On Telefragged a ended level without blowing reactor. When I try to blow reactor, I see closed red lasers upper the lift.

Titosor Registered 20 March 2019, 1:03

These are the best base maps in Quake. 5/5 must-play.

vempa Guest 14 April 2019, 2:12

Best base maps, period.

Nelson Guest 23 May 2019, 17:32

Very pleasing atmosphere, totally nailing the theme. Ijeds map must be the most brutal Quake map i have ever played. Awesome 5/5.

Nelson Guest 23 May 2019, 17:32

Very pleasing atmosphere, totally nailing the theme. Ijeds map must be the most brutal Quake map i have ever played. Awesome 5/5.

Ben Guest 3 July 2019, 1:10

Startmap alone is a piece of art. All 3 maps are outstanding in their own wau. Not finding the credit map, where is it?

bhlaab Registered 24 July 2019, 4:11

The two "real" maps are fine. MFX's had me wandering aimlessly wondering where I was supposed to go after collecting the final circuit board at the end.

The flamethrower enemies aren't very good. I aslso don't see the point in making the start map so complicated. Like if it could just be a menu, I'd be happiest with that.

The two telefragged maps are too gimmicky for me.

onetruepurple Registered 26 July 2019, 22:02

The flamethrower enemies are fine in Rubicon 2, which is where they come from.

.-. Guest 27 July 2019, 3:33


Benjamin Guest 7 November 2019, 17:09

I'm using Quakespam and I'm trying to play Telefragged but in the beginning after I've teletransported when I jump the sounds are different and also I cannot get any gun. It seems that I cannot interact with any gun. I cannot touch or get any gun. The enemies autmatically kills me.

Benjamin Guest 7 November 2019, 17:20

Hi, In the console the only thing that I see is "Sound Ambient/Dishwasher.wav not looped". Just after I'm teletransported. Just in the beginning. I can move around but the behaviour is: - Seems that the vision or the camera is lower - The sound, every time I jump is different. Like when someone shots me.

I've tried to download the patch, the full_patch, etc. But nothing. Always is the same. I want to play this awesome map please!!

dwere Registered 8 November 2019, 7:30

You were in a terrible accident. No shit you sound different! Be thankful you can still move.

Benjamin Guest 13 November 2019, 15:42

Yes but the problem is that I cannot play. I cannot get any gun to play and also the player is lower in perspective (camera). So at the end I cannot play.

qazzaq Registered 13 November 2019, 19:47

@Benjamin You was TELEFRAGGED - wounded by teleport, your body corrupted, You can only creep, Yoy are too weak to pick up somthing...

Lane Powell Registered 15 November 2019, 23:15

That's not a bug, it's part of the map. Keep playing!

Jugador Registered 25 February 2020, 18:50

I started playing "A Locust in August" and frame rate seems much lower than usual. Is this normal? I have a rather old computer, but other similarly large maps ("Forgotten Sepulcher", for instance) run smoothly on it. Has anyone experienced something similar?

I can't really enjoy the game on a low framerate. :(

dwere Registered 25 February 2020, 20:42

RRP is pretty slow. Locust misbehaves in at least some open spaces, and Telefragged is pretty choppy too. Maybe try Ceci-something-something-Pipe. It's relatively smooth for me, as well as being possibly the best map of the pack.

I haven't tried Sepulcher on this particular system yet, but I don't remember it being particularly slow before.

Jugador Registered 26 February 2020, 11:19

Thanks, dwere. "Ceci..." is relatively smooth for me as well, but still choppier than (almost?) all other releases on this site, including more recent ones. "A Locust in August" is unplayably choppy.

1/5 stars for now because smooth gameplay is essential to me. I'm sure the maps themselves are excellent, so rating will probably go up to 5/5 if I manage to run these maps smoothly on my system. Maybe a different engine will help, I don't know.

ijed Guest 2 March 2020, 0:01

Jugador - that's a shame. These maps were intended for modern architecture so are more demanding. Not a lot I can do about it now, I'm afraid.

Just out of curiosity - what are your specs?

Jugador Registered 8 March 2020, 0:24

I'm on a 2009 laptop with a Pentium Dual-Core and 4 GB of RAM.

However, I have to say I tried "A Locust in August" again today and it run smoothly, with only a few minor hiccups here and there. I had tried a few times before and it was always choppy. I have no idea what happened. I completed the map this time, and it was fantastic. Just for this map alone, I have to give the pack 5/5. I'll try the others soon.

I assume this pack is partly to blame for the low frame rate because, as I said, this doesn't happen with other maps, but, at the same time, there must be something wrong with my computer that makes it run this pack too slowly at times and just fine at some other times. I'm pretty sure I had nothing else running in the background the other times.

Jugador Registered 8 March 2020, 1:31

Meanwhile, some nitpicking about "A Locust...", for what it's worth:

  • I was able to open the final door by pressing the same button twice instead of the two buttons once.

  • Towards the beginning, there is a place where you can slide out of the map (without even trying). I assume this is a known issue.

  • Is it just me, or everything speeds up when those flying nail-gun grunts show up? I had the same impression in earlier Rubicon maps as well.

Jugador Registered 18 March 2020, 19:19

FWIW: I may have had r_novis set to 1 when I reported that these maps ran slowly on my system. I don't remember having changed it since, but it's set to 0 now and the maps run perfectly. When I change it to 1, they run choppy, just like before, so I guess that's the culprit (rather, I hope it is).

I had been using r_novis 1 a lot to get transparent water in older maps.

onetruepurple Registered 19 March 2020, 22:23

Modern problems require modern solutions

BonfireBunny Registered 25 March 2020, 6:29

For each level, respectively, it took me 52, 91, and 73 minutes to beat. Each level was a fantastic example of architecture and atmosphere. As long as a full-blown game.

The Silent Registered 29 March 2020, 12:22

Can't believe anyone had ANYTHING to comment but praise. People got some weird shit going on...

lukaz Registered 30 March 2020, 5:42

I imagine showing someone in 1999 telefragged and just blowing their mind. Incredible work.

ijed Guest 13 April 2020, 18:58

Jugador - rnovis should never be used for modern maps. If you want to know why, try rshowtris 1 and turning r_novis on/off. Those white triangles are everything being drawn by the engine.

If you turn off vis then the whole level is being drawn at once. If it is on then stuff you can't see will be culled away as you move around the level. You can play a tiny id1 map no problem, but most levels made later than Y2K are much larger and will choke up just about any PC.

I believe there are recompiled versions of the id1 levels with transparent water added, somewhere.

onetruepurple Registered 15 April 2020, 20:33

He said older maps, not id1 maps.

Jugador Registered 1 May 2020, 14:27

Yes, some old custom maps have no transparent water, and r_novis is useful there. I knew it affected performance on bigger maps, but it didn't occur to me that I might have left it on by accident. Sorry for the drama. I hope it will at least serve as a cautionary tale for fans of see-through stuff. ;)

I have almost finished playing this pack now, and it is truly amazing.

dawood92 Registered 1 August 2020, 14:16


Ninja Registered 11 November 2020, 16:14

In the map mfxsp19, ive collected 6 circiut boards, i cannot find one machine slot to put them into, gone as far as i can go, because it says circut board not present, killed all enemy, been in every room umpteen times, so i give up.

triple_agent Registered 19 June 2021, 12:41

I have not played all of maps in "Rubicon Rumble Pack" to full extent, but basing upon the observations I made, the package captivates the vibe of "Rubicon 2" well, attempting to expand on it. The "Rubicon Rumble Pack" does succeed at making things larger, even somewhat more puzzling and impressive - as compared to the "Rubicon 2" - but the notion I carried out from my contact with the release in review, is that it could suffer from certain overambition, arguably trading quality for quantity at times.

whatisquake Registered 14 September 2021, 9:51


Alex Ros Registered 25 December 2021, 0:56

One of the best map-packs created so far for Quake. All time. Recommended to all. Especially to people who doesn't like base-theme as me myself actually. This one is a game changer. It feels like a different game with its own mood & style & storyline, background lore. Detailing is astonishingly good. Layout is god-level, maybe the best layouts I ever saw in Quake - extremely large complex but lively and easy to navigate levels. For mappers it's a must-play with no excuse. 100 out of 5

SR Registered 26 December 2021, 15:00

Excellent maps! I had a lot of fun.

ComfyByTheFire Registered 6 June 2022, 1:45

Abstaining from rating as these weren't for me, but I can see how somebody would like them. I loved seeing the massive amount of detail, but I was pretty much lost for the entire time, blindly running into whatever was next needed for progression (including the start map), in one case needing to noclip. I wasn't able to complete the one with the nuclear detonation at the end despite loving the idea of it, since I just got lost until I died. I've played tons of large open-ended maps, base and otherwise, where this wasn't an issue at all, so I suspect it may be a matter of low visual distinctiveness/landmarking, where many of the areas can feel a bit samey despite being so intricate. That being said, a lot of people seem to like it, so maybe it's just a me problem.

Ord Registered 26 September 2022, 22:03

The first Quake mod I ever experienced and it blew me away. Even returning back to it, after having played many more custom levels, this here is still one of the best.

Funnily enough I initially played it with Dark Places, because I didnt know about Quakespasm, which resulted in 1 unplayable map, 1 very glitchy map and 1 that seemed to be fine. (Ironically it was the biggest map of the set) And despite these problems it still had a positive impact on me.

Rez Guest 4 April 2023, 17:37

I thoroughly enjoyed Rubicon Rumble (for the most part), and would easily recommend at least two of the maps to anyone even if they do start to feel a little similar to each other in terms of layout and appearance.

A Locust in August is a wonderful level, I especially liked the beginning with the two facilities on opposite sides of the river. Going through that giant base just to gain access to the other facility was a fun hour long adventure and I enjoyed all the secret hunting.

Ceci nest pas une pipe had an equally memorable introduction with the amazing otherworldly view and infiltration of a large mountainside base. I often wondered whether the noclipping flying enforcers were planned from the start or just a bug the modders couldn't fix and just ran with at times, but they were alright and sometimes unintentionally hilarious. The secrets seemed to be harder to find but were always rewarding, and I enjoyed my time there enough to stay and secret hunt some more. I ended up finding the credits map here but didn't really care for it. I understand the idea behind it but the whole "telefragged" gimmick is just annoying outside of its cool concept.

Speaking of that mechanic, I wish I could see what others saw in Telefragged. The starting stealth section was a frustrating exercise in trial and error since stealth doesn't really work in Quake, and while the rest of the map was decent enough the final section was maddening. Where do you go? You've got four minutes to aimlessly bumble around the map until you die. Eventually I went on youtube and watched Greenwood beat what seems to be an earlier version of the map and still had to improvise with the occasional rocket jump since stairs that should be there weren't. I'd have forgiven the weird gimmicky intro, but the escape section is such a confusing and poorly designed mess that it soured me on an otherwise decent map. Oh, and the Shoggoths made me hate Spawns even more. Maybe I'll give the map a second chance someday but for the time being I'll be giving it a miss in future playthroughs.

qazzaq Registered 4 April 2023, 19:59

"flying enforcer" aka CENTURION, appearing for first time in Rubicon 2, has the ability to fly through the walls by design. As described in blueprint of model "Some centurions have learned to exploit the experimental technology of the flying platform to "phase" through solid matter. It is not currently known how this works."

dwere Registered 4 April 2023, 20:23

I always thought it was a way to lampshade a difficult bug.

Rez Guest 4 April 2023, 20:49

Same, I know what it says in the in-game manual, but I just thought they were probably a bug to start with and were either too hard or amusing to fix.

I also partially take back what I said about Telefragged. It turns out the missing stairs were because I missed a small area that makes them appear, but oddly going there lets you finish the level without setting off the reactor. It's just a very strange level I guess.

nerjal Registered 5 April 2023, 22:31

This is close to perfection set of maps. Every single one of them is intrincate enough to keep you busy for enough time without losing fun. They all got an intimidating industrial setting the fits quake very well. It deserves the high score it got, a must play for sure.

The Poughkeepsie Pelcher Registered 16 September 2023, 17:24

mfxsp19 and locust are 5/5 maps in my opinion, but telefragged is a bit of a mess.

I suppose if you manage to complete the strange starting gimmick section without quitting out of sheer boredom or frustration, then you might get a kick out of a fair chunk of the map once it starts properly. However, even when you give it the benefit of the doubt, it eventually wears you down with its relentless, overwhelming, sloggy sloppiness.

The other two are works of art though. Wow.

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