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Title:Corruption Catharsis: Part 1 - Try To Act Normal (1.1) (37e59a874cbc64b6e0871422a45d62cb)
Filesize:8905 Kilobytes
Release date:26.06.2023
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Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
readme.txt9 KB26.06.2023
rt_alk0.bsp1505 KB25.06.2023
rt_alk0.lit686 KB25.06.2023
rt_alk1.bsp2243 KB26.06.2023
rt_alk1.lit1080 KB26.06.2023
rt_alk2.bsp3841 KB22.06.2023
rt_alk2.lit1367 KB22.06.2023
rt_alk3.bsp4039 KB26.06.2023
rt_alk3.lit1417 KB26.06.2023
rt_alk4.bsp490 KB22.06.2023
rt_alk4.lit68 KB22.06.2023
src.zip1260 KB26.06.2023

Corruption Catharsis: Part 1 - Try To Act Normal (1.1)

The ranger has been called to Ranger Station Theta as a precaution as scientists there have reported an anomaly with their slip-tech that would indicate a malevolant force has been trying to exploit the station. They could get a handle on the slip gate interdimensional array and use it as a back-door that would allow them to take control of some of Earth's remote facilities. Your breifing was to investigate the disturbance and eradicate any compromised forces or opposition that you encounter.

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4.6/5 with 20 ratings
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Ninja Registered 31 July 2023, 13:00

These maps are a master piece of work. Played on skill 3. Its brutal, but what a joy to play . Art work in it is 5/5. Play also 5/5. Save a lot lol. Maps put a huge smile on my face, when finished you want to play them all again lol lol. Thanks so much RickyT23. Dont forget you need to run them threw Alkaline.

The_Pirate Registered 1 August 2023, 19:44

Somehow, this isn't really a surprise.

An old hand at work; mastery of the editor; has learned all the tricks of editing, monster placement, lighting...the works.

This combined with a unstoppable imagination and creativity. And we have a beautifully made series of maps - even with the promise that there is more to come.

All in all genuine, well polished craftmanship. This mapper knows the trade.

It is really not a surprise that this is a solid '5'.

Very, very good. Thanks for the efforts, and thanks for sharing !

NoNameUser Registered 1 August 2023, 23:15

I'm I the only one who's not getting any screenshots in the latest maps? 😕

NoNameUser Registered 2 August 2023, 0:24

Oops, nevermind 😅

OldKnavy Registered 2 August 2023, 23:52

I really love the Zerbase map. More people ought to make those.

Alex Ros Registered 3 August 2023, 22:39

I loved it a lot. To be fair I loved all RickyT maps I played (I didnt play even half of their portfolio). Quite vanilla style visually, but experience itself is drastically more rich with the story. Feels more immersive & engaging - to me that's important. Very recommended episode to all Quake fans. Classic but new!

rchavp Registered 8 August 2023, 8:15

Geez RickyT23, we've watched you for some time now since you started out not that long ago. Look at you now, what a masterpiece you've given us to enjoy.

This whole episode is brilliant. 5 stars from me.

One pet peeve though: Sometimes secrets are not marked even when you take the secret item in question. Maybe check that out if you fancy. But nothing that will detract anyone like me from loving your maps of course.

ncMaothVez Guest 11 August 2023, 23:55

Delicious base maps! Very enjoyable!

Anyone else had problems with QI installing the maps in /alkaline/maps rather than /alk1.1/maps?

I have all three versions of Alkaline installed so I didn't realise the maps were in the wrong version's map folder until rt_alk3 failed to load.

mfx Registered 12 August 2023, 8:13

Great Maps, Love the ZerBase!!

Spirit Registered 12 August 2023, 16:44

ncMaothVez: Oops, my fault. Fixed, thanks!

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