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Screenshot of shesp1
Title:Dorghael Arhlannen (16b06e6e49c8885b20826d11d4084756)
Filesize:1641 Kilobytes
Release date:03.08.2008
Additional Links: Underworldfan's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
shesp1.txt5 KB03.08.2008
shesp1_crystal_3.bsp4 KB01.04.2008
shesp1.bsp5054 KB10.07.2008
shesp1_crystal_2.bsp4 KB31.03.2008
shesp1_crystal_1.bsp4 KB01.04.2008

Dorghael Arhlannen

Medium-sized ikwhite-themed temple with nice gameplay and a boss-fight.

Note: This map requires Quoth.

Tags: white, temple, medium, ikwhite, quoth, boss

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating: 4.1/5 with 22 ratings
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Quaker 19 February 2010, 15:49
Decent but needed more color. At least the Wyrm is fair, unlike some I've seen.
necros, rated this a 4 7 April 2010, 20:59
i liked this map a lot because of it's lack of colour. well, i also really like the ikblue set (from which ikwhite is based off of).
it's got great atmosphere but would have benefited from more ambient sounds to match the lonely and cold visuals.
MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 3 13 November 2013, 13:06

I love how different the visuals of this map are to everything else in Quake, but the gameplay doesn't come close to matching it. It's too repetitive and symmetrical, and the very very low on ammunition. I had to axe a shambler, and finally killed the vermis with my very last cell. This map is the seed of something great, but it's not there.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered, rated this a 4 25 November 2013, 15:03

Like necros above, I loved the greyscale look of this map, and gibbing zombies to unlock parts of the map makes for some dramatic red-on-white visuals (at least with the extra blood in DarkPlaces).

Gameplay is somewhat non-linear, but choosing the "wrong" route can leave you with very little ammunition (and/or room to hide) against powerful monsters, making the map seem absurdly hard. Different routes can make the experience a LOT more manageable, as I found out through trial and error (and initially dying a lot. Unlike MikeTaylor I am not that good at axing shamblers to death).

Not sure if this is a bad or a good thing. It may lead some players to write off the map as unfair after one playthrough, but it may lead others to discover different strategies, making for a richer experience.

There are some nice secrets too.

In short: not perfect, but beautiful, interesting and highly recommended.

FifthElephant Registered, rated this a 5 8 July 2014, 1:03

This map is awesome. Makes me look forward to the new jam!

Azradun Registered, rated this a 5 15 August 2014, 20:28

The sheer beauty factor left me speechless for a moment. Crystal lamps created an enchanting, fantasy-like atmosphere, using their colors for designating gold and silver keys was a clever touch. Good use of breakable walls, good use of quoth monsters (curiously, I didn't miss Droles too much, I think they're sometimes overused).

Cocerello Registered, rated this a 5 14 September 2014, 15:17

An astounding map! Leaves you craving for more.

Played it on all skill levels. Killed all besides four enemies that i couldn't find. Found 4/5 secrets (didn't find the way to the RA).

When analyzing part by part this is just decent to good, but as a whole it is very good. Stands out how good is the ambient with just lighting and non complicated gameplay, and how the mapper knew the lack of differences between the textures, and still made a very good looking map, by combining in a good amount detail with brushwork and with textures. Secrets felt very natural and realistic in their placement and in how they can be reached/found, loved particularly the last one because of how the player can reach it, but the reward lacks a bit of punch. Liked above all the theme and how it is presented with just so few elements. The combat is a bit lacking in challenge and variation but does its job for the ambient. The ''explore and move forwards while in a fight to see if there is some tactical advantages or weapons/ammo'' strategy is encouraged in this map's vermis fight in a very good way and makes the fight more epic, as the player have to move and leave cover as is running out of ammo.

The ammo in this map is tight, probably not as tight as in most of my maps. I never found myself lacking ammo without secrets, only the first time with the vermis because i didn't explore for ammo. I suppose the people complaining about ammo is because they rushed to the fights before exploring and knowing the rooms. Probably some more shells for skill 0 would be enough. Rest of skill levels are OK for a bit tight on ammo kind of map.

The downsides, while minor, are: 1. the differences between skill choices are small, so skill 0 and 1 are a bit harder than their counterparts from ID, and skill 2/3 way easier, saving one combat. 2. it needs rooms with more different lighting, 3. even thought the fight with the vermis is well thought, there is some blind spots where you can slaughter the poor guy without getting a bruise, and 4. more work on some ceilings would be good.

Overall, 5-.

epiplon Registered, rated this a 3 6 November 2019, 2:51

Nice with bullshit boss fight.

onetruepurple Registered, rated this a 4 9 November 2019, 21:43

Did you try fighting the boss with the "Always Run" option enabled?

Greenwood Registered, rated this a 4 29 February 2020, 8:37

Super cleanly constructed level that has a striking appearance. I had no issue with ammo sans secrets (never found one); however, I played it on normal. Plenty of health as well. I thought the gameplay could've been more interesting with more enemy variety; however, I am guessing that the author purposely chose enemies that lacked color (shamblers, mummies, etc.) to adhere to the map's austere aesthetic.

Regardless, it's unique and well put together!

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