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Author:digs, necros, negke, ZealousQuakeFan
Title:Speedmapping pack 164 - Unthemed (4fd7b3b82fd9eaad9f9ad4bc6a508703)
Filesize:2197 Kilobytes
Release date:06.06.2011
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm164_digs.bsp542 KB03.06.2011
sm164_digs.map266 KB03.06.2011
sm164_necros.bsp1653 KB05.06.2011
sm164_necros.lit546 KB05.06.2011
sm164_negke.bsp1488 KB05.06.2011
sm164_pack.txt2 KB06.06.2011
sm164_zqf1.bsp500 KB06.06.2011
sm164_zqf2.bsp650 KB06.06.2011
sm164_zqf3.bsp1364 KB06.06.2011

Speedmapping pack 164 - Unthemed

Unthemed / 6 SP maps / digs, necros, negke, ZealousQuakeFan
User Rating:
3.3/5 with 8 ratings
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digs 29 June 2011, 20:33
FifthElephant Registered 12 April 2013, 2:09

Some really interesting maps here... they all seem very much like Doom maps in terms of gameplay. I would have written of ZQF's maps as the worst, however ZQF3 is the best map here by a long shot.

MikeTaylor Registered 12 December 2017, 10:50

When Digs names a map The Strange Place, you know he is not messing about. Very odd, well worth playing. The doorway that runs away is particularly elegant.

Necros's Copy Pasta is, unfortunately, another map that lives up to its name. With every room looking pretty much the same, it's a maze despite its small absolue size. I can't remember the last time I was so lost in a 23-kills map, and not in a good way. I love Necros's best work, but this isn't it.

I couldn't figure what I was supposed to do in Negke's I Have No Mouth And Must Scream, and quickly lost interest into trying to figure it out while being sniped by shamlers.

I gave up on the ZFQ series a short way into map 2 when, having killed four ogres, I was barricaded into a small, featureless area. I noclipped my way out only to be assaulted by a shedload of shamblers and fiends in a narrow passage with no room to manoeuvre. Not my idea of fun.

MikeTaylor Registered 12 December 2017, 11:56

Ah, my bad on ZFQ2: it needs Quoth. I'll try it again.

MikeTaylor Registered 12 December 2017, 12:52

Yeah, I was right the first time. ZQF2 is an unrelenting sequence of close-quarters mass combats with the retreat paths constantly cut off. Like I said: not my idea of fun.

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