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Screenshot of sm173_pack
Author:Cocerello, digs, doomer, skacky
Title:Speedmapping pack 173 - Quake The Way Id Did (376897f8b0b7c55dc5cc9e1da4082f96)
Filesize:1994 Kilobytes
Release date:19.12.2013
Additional Links: func
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm173_Cocerello.txt3 KB19.12.2013
sm173_coce.bsp889 KB19.12.2013
sm173_digs.bsp996 KB17.12.2013
sm173_doomer.bsp1566 KB18.12.2013
sm173_doomer.txt2 KB18.12.2013
sm173_pack.JPG211 KB19.12.2013
sm173_pack.txt2 KB19.12.2013
sm173_skacky.bsp1401 KB17.12.2013

Speedmapping pack 173 - Quake The Way Id Did

Quake The Way Id Did / 4 SP maps / Cocerello, Digs, DOOMer, Skacky

Tags: digs, doomer, skacky, qtwid, quoth
User Rating:
3.7/5 with 15 ratings
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Icantthinkofanickname Registered 23 April 2014, 0:40

I'm glad this has finally been added to the Quaddicted archives. It's a very nice collection of speedmaps, although only one of them really does the official theme ("Quake The Way Id Did It") justice.

sm173_skacky ("Ghastly Citadel") : Very pretty, nicely balanced, varied and very id-like, it seems to distil an episode into one map in a similar vein to R.P.G.'s Quake Condensed. There are two secrets, the second of which I found to be a little too well-hidden, but your mileage may vary. There is also one area that feels like it should have contained at least an unmarked secret. You can get to it with a bit of effort, but sadly there is no pay-off.

sm173_digs ("Forest Hollow"): Wonderfully weird and decidedly Digsian, with bouncing baddies, trippy trees and peculiar progression, it is my personal favourite of the bunch -- even if is not as pretty as Skacky's map, nor follows the theme ... unless one interprets it as, in Shambler's words, "Quake The Way Id Would Have Done It If They Had Been Smoking A Lot Of Crack".

sm173_doomer ("The Corridor 8"): A fun map and decidedly old-school, although not exactly like old-school Quake. It is closer, perhaps, to old-school Doom (which is not that surprising, given the author's name). The least pretty of the four maps, but the second-most enjoyable to me (after Forest Hollow). The secrets in particular are great.

sm173_coce (untitled): A tough and confusing map, which makes the player feel rather like a rat in a maze (to paraphrase FifthElephant). As with Doomer's and Digs's maps, it does not really resemble id's original Quake levels, although it does perhaps convey the feeling of playing a first person shooter for the first time and getting completely lost in its labyrinths. Although I like the overall abstract aesthetic of this map, I have to admit it is the one I enjoyed the least, simply because it was so hard (at least for me). I also commented on it here (before this pack had been added to the Quaddicted archives).

Note: unless something has been changed since I downloaded this from quaketastic via Func_Msgboard, Cocerello's map requires Quoth.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 23 April 2014, 14:18

Ok, the author's name has now been changed from "Various" to "Cocerello, digs, doomer, skacky", which of course renders those tags pointless.

Spirit Registered 23 April 2014, 16:52

You've got mail. >:)

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 23 April 2014, 18:34

As do you, now. :-)

AAS Registered 17 March 2015, 9:01

Five hearts for skacky's map!

Cocerello Registered 30 August 2022, 0:02

Another comment i forgot to add here too back then. Better late than never, they say ... haha.

Played on skill 2.

Digs: quite better than what it seemed at first. The map as a whole was Digs' typical but the outdoor parts felt more id1 alike. The ''trees'' are a good and fun idea.

Doomer: nice for a quick fun. It is similar to id1 in brishwork but not in combats, which are all of horde type, or in layout (side areas). It felt a bit empty even with those numbers.

Skacky: very close to what would latter be named short jam maps and one of the first, for a bit feels id1 alike but after a better look it doesn't that much. It is quite solid in both looks and combats, bu has some issues with Zombies, the size of the GK door, and with the ending. Would have fit better released on its own than on a speedmap pack.

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