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Screenshot of sm176_pack
Author:Cocerello, DOOMer, Drew
Title:Speedmapping pack 176 - Quantity over Quality (dee8d500179a97b554c46443dd080b15)
Filesize:3452 Kilobytes
Release date:30.08.2014
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard release thread
BSP: ✘ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Walkthrough demos:

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm176_coce.bsp2172 KB29.08.2014
sm176_coce.lit1369 KB29.08.2014
sm176_coce.map1150 KB29.08.2014
sm176_cocerello.txt8 KB29.08.2014
sm176_doomer.bsp1019 KB29.08.2014
sm176_doomer.lit387 KB29.08.2014
sm176_doomer.txt2 KB29.08.2014
sm176_drew.bsp4828 KB28.08.2014
sm176_pack.txt2 KB29.08.2014

Speedmapping pack 176 - Quantity over Quality

Quantity over Quality / 3 SP maps / Cocerello (Quoth), DOOMer, Drew (Quoth)

Follows the same theme as Speedmapping Pack 67.The source for Cocerello's map is included.

Note: Cocerello's map and Drew's map require Quoth.

Tags: quoth, source, doom2, map02
User Rating: 3.4/5 with 7 ratings
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MikeTaylor Registered 11 September 2014, 17:23

Mundane it might be, but I really enjoyed the straightforward blastfest of sm176_doomer. Sometimes I think we need more maps of this Doom-fest type.

(I've not yet successfully played the other two, as I had to reinstall my computer and Quoth doesn't work properly on the new version.)

dBAudio Registered 21 September 2014, 1:03

doomer's map was straight forward. 3/5 cocerello's map i can't quite figure out (for now). drew's map i really liked. tough, large, dark... maybe a little too dark. i was quite short on ammo in the middle of the map(missed secret?), but i had plenty at the end. 4/5

Cocerello Registered 21 September 2014, 23:38

dBAudio, have you played it on Quoth? If it isn't that, you can watch the speedrun demo i provided in this page to know what to do and where to go.

MikeTaylor Registered 10 December 2015, 12:43

Time held me green and dying/ Though I sang in my chains like the sea (sm176_drew) is a superb map, that absolutely merits its own release. It's a real shame it's buried in a speedmap pack where very few people are likely to see it. It packs the feel of a whole episode into a single level, beginning with base monsters and weapons and progressing through lava pits and big subterranean castle to a satisfying conclusion deep below the earth. Highly recommended.

(As far as I can make out, Drew has never made a full release of any of his maps -- everything he's done has been in speedmap packs. But this is not a speedmap.)

MikeTaylor Registered 10 December 2015, 16:52

Finally, Calm (sm176_calm) has some nice ideas, but is just too frustrating. Having cleared the second island and been send back to the first, I gave up and noclipped; even then, I couldn't find the way to progress. A disappointing end to an enjoyable pack.

Jugador Registered 23 February 2020, 17:13

Not sm176calm, but sm176coce. :)

Jugador Registered 23 February 2020, 17:15

Botched underscores. I meant to say sm176_calm and sm176_coce.

Jugador Registered 23 February 2020, 18:08

Drew's map deserves 4/5, even though it can't be completed if you enter the last room with less than four rockets. I had to do "give r 4" to finish. (Okay, okay, I actually typed "give r 100".)

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