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Screenshot of starkmon
Title:Stark Monstrosity (2a5cb174008336297e448a51e56752f7)
Filesize:5539 Kilobytes
Release date:21.01.2009
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
starkmon.txt7 KB21.01.2009
maps/starkmon.lit2928 KB21.01.2009
maps/starkmon.bsp6253 KB21.01.2009
gfx/env/duskedn.tga769 KB15.07.2004
gfx/env/duskeft.tga581 KB15.07.2004
gfx/env/duskelf.tga572 KB15.07.2004
gfx/env/duskeup.tga460 KB15.07.2004
gfx/env/duskert.tga672 KB15.07.2004
gfx/env/duskebk.tga593 KB15.07.2004

Stark Monstrosity

A rather unlinear huge base map with outdoor parts. And you should use a decent engine like Fitzquake.

Tags: quoth, base, huge, idbase, large, limits

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
4.3/5 with 27 ratings
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dfsp_spirit 20 November 2009, 17:29
Love the monster placement and some of the cool func_* thingies in there (like those cool stairs you can move up and down with the button).

Good usage of rocks and lava, dense atmosphere. A great SP map altogether.
Thatmey 26 November 2009, 13:42
Brilliant map . Please make a sequal to this .
Rafro007 6 May 2010, 11:14
Great map, very atmospheric, extremely difficult and never a dull moment! Was on edge the whole time and the visuals, lighting, etc. were all very well done. Not a mapper, just enjoy good maps.


FifthElephant Guest 2 April 2013, 14:17

One of the best base maps ever. I love the very subtle coloured lighting, the monster placement was a great challenge and this map is HUGE. Really love massive maps, dunno how you made such great terrain with worldcraft 3! 5/5

QForever Registered 20 February 2014, 18:30

Purely awesome map, clearly one of the best bases ever. I'm even temped to add the tag excellent because nice just don't cut it. But I won't, given the rules.

MikeTaylor Registered 10 December 2014, 10:26

Yes, RickyT23 was on a run of truly great base maps here -- this one, The Hand that Feeds You and Slave to a Machine are all superb maps that show there is plenty of life in the Base Map idiom. The secret sauce with all of these (as with the two base maps that open CZG's classic Insomnia) is the sense of exporing a real place rather than merely moving from one set-piece to another. Lovely work.

triple_agent Registered 18 May 2021, 6:57

Ricky, I have to break your heart. I love your sense for the 'Quake 2' style, but there are things about 'Stark Monstrosity', which simply made me not like the map. I did not finish it - guilty; but I would like to share some observations, nonetheless.

I have finally crystallized the notion of understanding for why some people dislike the 'Quoth' arsenal. These 'Quoth' enemies, indeed are over the top with their capabilities - in particular for their very default outlooks. Right after that, it is such a mixed bag - there are 'Blood' style gargoyles, next to total-nerd-out science-fiction troopers with plasma rifles, next to Cthulhu-mythos monsters - without any better context given clear to it. Similar solution I have seen in the 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' campaign, with certain context there notwithstanding, but still I did not like it. Keep the decorum - keep the vibe together.

The map itself, appeared fairly non-linear, as far as I have played. Spatially speaking, it reminded me more of a palace of some sort, rather than an industrial base. For the sake of gameplay continuum, there was a lot of wandering around; a lot of confusion. The difficulty level, was high; I had to play on 'normal', but still did die quite a lot. I think this has to be the least enjoyable entry, compared to the 'Slave to a Machine' and 'The Hand that Feeds' of yours.

whatisquake Registered 28 September 2021, 2:49

The name should have been a hint, but this map is big and very visually similar throughout, so finding your way around is hard. Progression isn't as clear as it could be. Not terrible, not great.

Alex Ros Registered 19 June 2022, 0:05

Piece of art-mapping

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