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Screenshot of ter_shibboleth_part_2_rev2
Author:KenChennar alias Orl
Title:Ter Shibboleth Part 2 (d872605719b05acaf4e5af421163b08f)
Filesize:136684 Kilobytes
Release date:15.01.2020
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
TerShib_readme.txt3 KB14.01.2020
Tershib_source/amphiteater.wad9019 KB30.01.2020
Tershib_source/boreal.wad4904 KB10.01.2020
Tershib_source/paris.wad8822 KB31.12.2019
Tershib_source/shib6.map25658 KB06.02.2020
Tershib_source/shib7.map44536 KB04.02.2020
Tershib_source/shib8.map52912 KB08.02.2020
maps/shib6.bsp59744 KB06.02.2020
maps/shib6.lit42667 KB04.02.2020
maps/shib7.bsp87451 KB04.02.2020
maps/shib8.bsp126101 KB08.02.2020
pak0.pak24465 KB12.06.2011
pak1.pak11425 KB12.06.2011
pak2.pak4701 KB11.12.2012
pak3.pak6355 KB11.12.2012
progs.dat1760 KB11.12.2012
quake.rc1 KB04.09.2019
sound/shib6amb.wav1658 KB12.01.2020
sound/shib7amb.wav2250 KB19.03.2019
sound/shib8amb.wav1293 KB14.01.2020

Ter Shibboleth Part 2

The sequel to Ter Shibboleth, follwing the same boundary-pushing vein in three huge levels with impressive vistas: a snowy village in the mountains, the city of Paris (complete with Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower), and an ancient Roman city next to a colosseum. The levels run on the Drake mod which is included.

Note: These levels require a source port with increased limits and BSP2 support as well as server protocol 999. The memory heapsize must be set to at least 1 GB.
Due to the large open areas and no optimization (VIS), a considerable impact on performance should be expected.

Tags: drake, huge, bsp2, winter, village, mountains, paris, rome, france, coliseum, eiffel tower, city, episode

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3.5/5 with 13 ratings
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dwere Registered 6 March 2020, 19:48

Would it be feasible to vis these maps at all? Like, I don't care how big would the resulting files be, as long as they run better than unvised.

electricsheep82 Registered 6 March 2020, 20:33

If I load shib6 from the console, it loads fine, but if I load it from the command line, I can't see the ground.

KenChennar Guest 8 March 2020, 3:05

I do apologize dwere but it is not feasible. Many efforts were tried but it simply cannot be done. Firstly, vis refuses to even touch these maps, it always returns in an error. Now even if vis is able to work, the amount of time to process these maps would be staggering. We're talking like, years at least because the program was never meant to do huge maps like these. Further still even if the maps are full vissed, their huge open nature would make very little to no impact on frame rate. And not just that, but there would be visual bugs everywhere like invisible walls and very long stretched out planes.

EricW has done all he could to try and make some attempt to vis these maps but sadly no luck. Vis as it currently is, just isn't equipped to handle these maps.

dwere Registered 8 March 2020, 16:35

Oh well. I guess I'll have to wait a few years.

That picture looks like Oolacile. Very cool.

MikeTaylor Registered 10 March 2020, 11:54

On the first map (shib6) I've cleared out the lower and higher villages, and found two areas that are blocked by gates — one needing the gold key and the other needing the silver. I have neither. (I had a silver key earlier, but used it to open the gate that got me from the mountain area at the start into the village area.)

Can anyone give me hints where the keys are?

Also: I stopped trying to get into the houses when the first half dozen were all unopenable. Am I right to ignore all the house doors now, or are some of them real?

MikeTaylor Registered 10 March 2020, 12:47

OK, I found both keys. It wasn't hard, they weren't really hidden. I suppose I was just being particularly stupid before. (The silver key is out in the open in the middle of the village nearest the silver-key gate; the gold key is on the other side of the chasm to the right of the gold-key gate, and you can just walk around.)

MikeTaylor Registered 11 March 2020, 18:35

I found the secret sanguinoch on the second level. What is the point of picking this up? All it seems to do is drain my health.

KenChennar Guest 11 March 2020, 19:06

Bring it to living enemies or gibs, it will attack and absorb their health and give it to you where it can go beyond 100 without slowly being drained. Think of it as a lesser version of a megahealth, but you have to work to make it really effective.

MikeTaylor Registered 12 March 2020, 12:51

Ah, that makes sense — it'll work well for players who like to get right into the middle of a melee, but it's done nothing for me who prefer to snipe when I can.

Confused Guest 13 March 2020, 4:14

I'm getting a Bad surface extents crash to desktop when I try to load shib6 & shib8. The other maps are fine though.

Confused Guest 13 March 2020, 4:23

Ignore my previous post, I just needed to update Quakespasm. Derp.

MikeTaylor Registered 24 March 2020, 16:36

OK, I give up — where should I be looking for the Silver Sword in the Colosseum map?

MikeTaylor Registered 24 March 2020, 16:54

Ah, I found it!

KayX291 Guest 10 April 2020, 14:19

The mod shuts down out with this following message in console when i end shib6: QUAKE ERROR: Hunk_Alloc: failed on 14090432 bytes

Same thing happens when using "map shib7", i am currently using Quakespasm 0.93.2 which is the recent version

KenChennar Guest 10 April 2020, 18:14

KayX291, you will need to increase the -heapsize to 1048576. (one gigabyte) If that isn't enough, keep going higher until it eventually loads.

MikeTaylor Registered 27 April 2020, 17:01

Well, I have come to the end of this pack — I wonder say I've beaten it, because I just can't legitimately kill the final boss — but in the end I went god-mode and finished him off that way.

I really don't know what to make of a pack like this. I admire all three maps tremendously, but I'm not sure how much I actually enjoyed them. Sometimes the extreme geographical size becomes a bit much. For example, I liked that I could jump off the Eiffel Tower and roam around outside the main game area, but it was sort of mind-blowing to run all the way to the Palais de Chaillot only to find that it was properly modelled in 3d (but unpopulated).

So this is a fascinating experiment, but not necessarily great for gaming.

KenChennar Guest 27 April 2020, 19:17

I do appreciate you playing through the whole thing MikeTaylor. Jumping off the Eiffel Tower was supposed to kill you, but I'm guessing you found a spot where it can't? And the Palais de Chaillot was really only there as decoration and never meant to be a playable part of the map. Just something to add a little variety to the scenery besides the hundreds of 2d houses.

What was it exactly you didn't enjoy? Was the gameplay too difficult or unbalanced? Were the large map sizes too distracting and made it hard to find your way around?

Vasya shkolnik Guest 23 June 2020, 23:53

Awesome and crazy pack. I tried to think about scale of buildings. Minimal height of pipe where player can stay is 64 point. Using r_pos 1 I deducated, that maps from these pack has corners with coordinate += 128000. It means that total area has side 256000 points. It is about 4K human sizes. Let human size 175cm, so total size of map is 7 kilometers. Using this method I counted size of Сolosseum is about 3 kilometers. IRL its size is 150-180 meters. Game Colosseum is 20 times bigger than real. It is the craziest thing in Quake I ever seen. And I wait more!

MikeTaylor Registered 13 October 2020, 0:23

Hi, KenChennar, sorry I didn't see your comment before. You ask, quite reasonably, what exactly I didn't enjoy. It's a hard question to answer. It's not just a matter of size, because I adore (for example) Telefragged in the Rubicon Rumble Pack, which has going on for a thousand kills.

I think it might be something to do with the geographical scale and wide openness. These are in some ways a delight, but they have two negative consequences: first, they leave many areas looking very similar, and the rather flat contributes to that. But maybe more important is that these huge spaces left me a bit unclear on what I needed to do next. You can see a hint of that in my questions earlier about how to find keys and swords. The result was that at times the maps felt a bit like hard work.

By contrast, your Conflagrant Rodent is among my very favourite maps, with progression that always feels right to me: not obvious exactly, but very discoverable.

But none of that criticism should take away anything from the what an extraordinary achievement these maps are. I love that you have done something completely new and different with this quarter-century-old game.

Jugador Registered 21 July 2021, 18:58

I pulled through the first two levels at around 15 fps, but the third one, at 5 fps, is completely unplayable for me. I got a suggestion to try with a different engine, but it didn't help. I guess I'll come back to this one when I renew my computer in 20 years or so. :P

From what I've seen so far, I would give this 3 stars.

HydL Registered 21 July 2021, 19:31

Firstly, Kudos to you Jugador for getting through the first two maps at 15 fps. I strongly recommend using the latest version of the FTE engine ( ) as it boosts framerate drastically. Even with low end hardware, you will at the very least get around 30 fps consistently.

Jugador Registered 22 July 2021, 11:20

Hydl, yes, FTE was the one I tried later, but it just crashes on me, and, on top of that, my screen looks far too bright afterwards, until I restart my computer.

Flint Guest 14 December 2021, 2:37

At last there is an engine that can run these maps in all their glory:

Get this and you will no lag whatsoever.

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