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Screenshot of tfl3
Author:Anders "Backspace" Persson
Title:This Feels Lurid (46aeb2d342bb0551d85248da56cb1694)
Filesize:650 Kilobytes
Release date:05.06.1997
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
tfl3.bsp1453 KB05.06.1997
tfl3.txt3 KB05.06.1997

This Feels Lurid

Large Metal runic map. OK.

Tags: large, metal

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
3.7/5 with 14 ratings
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MikeTaylor Registered 7 July 2015, 15:56

Quite nice for its time, though it's aged badly in that modern maps tend to have more of a sense of time and place, where this is a fairly arbitrary sequence of room-with-a-combat. There are some nice moments, but nothing very memorable. By 2015 standards, I can't give more than three stars.

Pritchard Registered 16 October 2016, 4:51

I really enjoyed my time with this map; although it certainly doesn't hold up in a visual sense, there is a good sense of what makes a Quake level fun, and a general air of creativity that I felt in some sections of the map that isn't often expressed in older levels such as this. Ammo balance struggles at times; the latter half of the map is almost entirely devoid of shells, with the player expected to rely on grenades/rockets and nails to get through. Thankfully this is pretty feasible; there is plenty of nailgun ammunition to make up for that lack of shells.

To me what really makes this map fun to play is the set pieces, particularly those around and near the silver key; the three tiered tower, with its center that opens up to drop the player down into the water, was fun to fight around, and the hallway that lights up in sequence afterwards was also interesting.

Of course, by many modern standards, these features are rather boring and unexciting. But I found it quite charming as I played, so I'm not going to rate poorly.

Cocerello Registered 16 September 2017, 19:52

Played on skill 2. All but two killed and 1 out of 4 secrets found.

A bit below Id maps in brushwork detail, mainly linear with some backtracking layout, decent lighting while a bit bland sometimes, combats are fun and varied and there was only one enemy which was where he couldn't do a thing, ammo quantity is below iD maps and well placed except around the middle of it where there could be shortage if grenades aren't used. Secrets are fine, but have maybe too much of a reward inside.

While it is named tfl3 in the text file it says it is the first map of the author, and that shows up on the map, as the room's brushwork and layout is quite simple for most of the time and the rooms's structure too, but the gameplay is fun and probabyl better than tfl2, even though it feels too long sometimes . - It doesn't feel hard, but there is two unfair combats that can leave the player easily without health and a pool of lava where it is easy to fall in due to the natural tendency of going backwards when seeing a demon.

  • The realiance on explosives gave me a bit of a problem as i didn't use them at all the first time i played, but after using them from time to time i was never low on ammo on an type and i even had to leave behind some nail boxes.

4+ for the time, but given it is the first map of the author it is worth of more.

pmk Guest 10 March 2019, 4:15

Interesting, well designed map for its time that is worth a playthrough. Could only find two out of the four secrets that are built within the map. I would give this map a four out of five rating for its varied combat even though it is outdated by maps that are made by the modding community today. Worth a play through.

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