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Screenshot of thehand
Title:The Hand That Feeds You (86872f01a6a910036440f7bebfc4b927)
Filesize:5524 Kilobytes
Release date:16.12.2007
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
thehand.txt6 KB16.12.2007
maps/thehand.bsp7162 KB16.12.2007
maps/thehand.lit2829 KB16.12.2007
gfx/env/tramontolf.tga686 KB13.02.2003
gfx/env/tramontoup.tga635 KB13.02.2003
gfx/env/tramontoft.tga695 KB12.02.2003
gfx/env/tramontodn.tga765 KB13.02.2003
gfx/env/tramontobk.tga626 KB13.02.2003
gfx/env/tramontort.tga705 KB13.02.2003

The Hand That Feeds You

Large, interconnected base in the mountains with a lava cave beneath. It comes with a custom skybox.

Note: This map requires Quoth and a source port with increased limits.

Tags: quoth, base, huge, idbase

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.7/5 with 64 ratings
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Ron 26 August 2009, 13:08
Fantastic level !
MegaQuaker 23 April 2010, 4:16
This is the first of 3 imo REALLY good levels by Ricky. The others are slave and starkmon. I wish he'd made more maps!
Aen 9 October 2010, 12:22
Fantastic & Cool. Bu I don't like to see Vore & Grunt on same floor.
damage_inc Guest 21 February 2013, 2:41
Man, what an awesome level :D

Use of colored lighting was spot on perfect. Architecture, GREAT. Felt more like an episode unto itself. I literally forgot I was only playing ONE level.

I was enjoying the gameplay as well but for some reason two thirds of the way through saving kept causing a segmentation fault thus crashing the game :( Had to finish in Godmode, grrr. Simply put, this level is a quake masterpiece.

7/5 most definitely ;)
MikeTaylor Registered 4 June 2014, 13:39

I love this one, and it has great replayability. I must have been through it half a dozen times at least. Beautiful atmosphere (of which the coloured lighting is only a part), a more-or-less credible base layout, and hard-but-fair monster placement make it a winner in every category.

MikeTaylor Registered 20 January 2016, 14:12

Oh, this stands up so well to repeatedly plays. I highly recommend it to anyone who's not already had the The Hand that Feed You experience.

dgl33d Registered 21 January 2016, 15:43

Incredibly large, challenging map that is a Quake masterpiece.

Bloughsburgh Registered 9 September 2016, 13:22

This man knows how to use color lighting efficiently, very stunning atmosphere depicted here. Although skill 2 is expected to be difficult I think teleporting vores behind the player in an open no-cover hallway is cheap. It certainly taught me how to panic though! Still the flow and brooding vibes kept me going. Ricky's maps are probably the most interesting base maps I have played.

Pasokon Deacon Registered 10 February 2017, 19:32

The few enemy warps right behind the player suck, but sometimes make for interesting combat. I wouldn't call the map huge so much as it is long: plenty of creative area reuse, vores everywhere to keep you running, great use of Quoth baddies (even the gaunts!) and surprises like the cave section. It's hard and a bit rough, but I love the map's variety, lighting, difficulty, and good pace. And it helps that the secrets make a lot of sense, except for the Pentagram spot.

Plasma gun shines in this one, as you get it early and can snipe polyps from afar. I like having this option rather than relying on quad nails or lightning to make room in a fight.

vaf Registered 8 June 2018, 15:17

This might be the best base map I've ever played. Excellent use of Quoth.

Greenwood Registered 29 January 2020, 8:45

Phenomenal map. Great use of Quoth. Arguably the best out of his Quoth-Base trilogy (along with Slave to a Machine & Stark Monstrosity), but that's probably because I love the environment variety. They're all really good!

triple_agent Guest 16 May 2021, 4:25

This map had some good flow; it felt kind of professional, to an extent, even if the details were not necessarily all there, in various aspects of design - but it felt good to play it. It was enjoyable. The theme, was part bio-punk, part 'Half-Life' style science-fiction, revolving around mutant hazard and biological threat extermination. I liked the ambience, particularly in the underground section, with proper lighting work around the severe biohazard area. The dogs with freak stats, was a neat concept - after all those warped monstrosities, which came out just to be a starter. But the screenshake effect, in particular at the final, tiny elevator - that was simply awful. Anyway, good one!

Ajora Registered 26 August 2021, 4:48

This is the military installation map that you've been looking for.

Johnny Law Registered 26 August 2021, 21:15

Can't believe I hadn't played this until yesterday.

Top-tier base map, really almost a mini-episode like someone said above. Good flow with revisiting/unlocking areas in an only-somewhat-linear fashion, keeps you from getting lost (usually) and often the new setpiece or visuals in the next area you unlock make for a neat reward.

Some really tough fights on skill 2, in that particular Quoth-y way, but you also get a really big arsenal. So they're fun cutting-loose moments.

whatisquake Registered 25 September 2021, 7:12

Excellent map, except that it is easy to permanently miss the plasma gun. That was really frustrating and should have been caught in testing. Just make sure you have the plasma before the big drop.

JMP Registered 8 June 2022, 3:58

Just a phenomenal map. Probably the best base map that's been made for Quake.

Rez Guest 8 April 2023, 23:34

A very nice map, and my first taste of Quoth. I'm not a huge fan of some of the heavier hitting custom enemies, but the mod is from the 2000s and clearly a product of its time - where crazy experimental stuff was the norm for such projects.

I found most of the secrets since they were fairly easy to spot (for the most part), and had a great time exploring. The level has a great layout and despite being relatively large it was hard to get lost, which just goes to show how well designed it is.

Also, A big thank you to whatisquake for his comment warning about the missable plasma rifle, too. I almost jumped down that pit before remembering what you posted. I would have had a much harder time without it.

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