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Title:Temple Of Anubis: Judgement Of The Dead (9ae7543693bf5da8331d15afa255c7c7)
Filesize:1077 Kilobytes
Release date:15.04.2009
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive:
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readme.txt1 KB15.04.2009
toa.bsp2419 KB15.04.2009

Temple Of Anubis: Judgement Of The Dead

A very nice medium sized egyptian map. It has a somewhat similar vibe like Return to Dust. And it features a fun zombie quad massacre.

Tags: egyptian, temple

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
4.1/5 with 25 ratings
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Freze 25 September 2009, 16:41
Hard map in singelplayer. I had to do a lot of quicksaving. I keept running out of ammo and in one place I was left with only the axe and ~10 enemies. Had to run around so they started shooting at each others instead of me. I think its very deathmatch-friendly map the same areas are visited all the time.
Fr3n Guest 10 October 2012, 7:03
This map looks a hell of a lot better than mine.
Tronyn Guest 31 August 2013, 18:51

This is a great map, sort of like a cross between Return to Dust and Kona's Egyptian Myth. Fun quad section. See my article Q1SP Top 10: Temple for more.

bfg666 Registered 1 October 2016, 2:41

A very cool map with nice architecture, a spoonful of non-linearity and tough but fair combat. Supplies are very well dosed in neither lack nor excess. Egyptian textures are mixed with a more aztec/mayan theme for a somewhat unlikely result, but nothing too distracting.

bfg666 Registered 1 October 2016, 3:01

By the way: there supposedly is a "zombie quad massacre". I've found the zombies and the GL to reduce them to pulp, but where the hell is that quad supposed to be?

Also, has anybody found the access to the one secret (ring of shadows)?

MikeTaylor Registered 1 October 2016, 11:46

bfg666, the quad is the simplest thing in the world to find! You can see it through the bars from the arena where the two ogres bombard you. From there, you go along the walkway and drop down to where the zombies are. Just run back to where you saw the quad, and you can pick it up from your side of those same bars.

I have a different problem: having opened the silver key gate, I have almost no ammo, and a shambler and vore the deal with. Ouch! I'll report back when I'm past that bit.

MikeTaylor Registered 1 October 2016, 12:52

Having fiinshed this now -- I ran past the shambler and grabbed the grenade launcher, which meant I could use my exploding ammo and get past the monsters to the next stash of shells and nails -- I think it'a a lovely little level. Really beautiful, and in a unique way: I don't recall seeing these textures elsewhere. It's a clear four-star map, and would have been worth five stars back when it was released. An overlooked gem.

bfg666 Registered 1 October 2016, 13:11

Well that's an engine-related bug, then. Played it in Darkplaces and there was no quad whatsoever in there.

MikeTaylor Registered 1 October 2016, 13:30

Huh! That is weird. Sorry to hear that -- the zombie-quadding massacre is probably the most fun part of the map.

Woolfe Registered 1 October 2016, 17:55

bfg666, the quad is exactly where it belongs to be when using darkplaces. We told you 5 days ago what you need to do to prevent items from falling out of maps. If you refuse to learn things and do not listen to others, why do you ask questions in the first place?

Again: svgameplayfixdroptofloorstartsolid "1" is what you always want to have enabled. And you remember the other 2 cvars, right? If not, then please read the post at quakeone again.

bfg666 Registered 1 October 2016, 23:16

Yes, I need to take care of that, thanks for reminding me. I asked the question because I didn't know it was one of those occurrences. I thought I just couldn't find it.

OldKnavy Registered 4 July 2023, 7:35

Very good map. I like how there are monsters above you affecting the gameplay from the start, and you can later get your revenge on them.

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