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Screenshot of warpspasm
Title:Warp Spasm (8df7fc5d394cbc31da826dea01fd947c)
Filesize:42296 Kilobytes
Release date:10.05.2007
Additional Links: Tronyn's Top 10: Elder WorldUnderworldfan'serc's Quality
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
winwarp.exe518 KB14.04.2007
warp/org8.jpg21 KB11.05.2007
warp/pak1.pak20460 KB11.05.2007
warp/pak2.pak19 KB20.04.2007
warp/readme.html96 KB11.05.2007
warp/pak0.pak62902 KB11.05.2007
warp/autoexec.cfg1 KB30.04.2007
nehwarp.exe489 KB20.04.2007
FMOD.DLL115 KB19.02.2001
glwarp.exe416 KB14.04.2007

Warp Spasm

Probably the most evil and hostile atmosphere a Quake release ever had. This episode is built upon Quoth code and monsters. It comes with "dark ambient" music which adds to the feeling. The levels are huge, and the number of monsters in each one is extreme. An essential release, but clearly not for everyone.

Note: This episode requires Quoth and an engine port with raised limits. A modified version of GLQuake is included.

Tags: huge, difficult, epic, episode, evil, industrial, base, medieval, music, horror, exhausting, rubicon, knave, ikbase

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating: 4.6/5 with 49 ratings
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Spirit, rated this a 5 15 July 2008, 16:31
Such an amazing piece of art.
dooomer 5 December 2008, 3:21
Actually I quite like the background story provided in the readme.

It's an engrossing story. Wouldn't mind reading a full novel along this path.
danshalam 12 February 2009, 23:48
Number 2 after Nehahra no more and no less...Great !
Damian 17 November 2009, 21:13
When I run it, demo is going but after choosing singleplayer it crashes on loading start map. This is what I've received:

Host_Error: Mod_LoadModel: progs/s_plas.spr not found

Any suggestions? :(
Spirit, rated this a 5 17 November 2009, 22:02
You need Quoth to be installed (and loaded) too. Make sure you read the installation instructions.
Morpheus 11 December 2009, 21:17
If you need Quoth to be able to play the Warp Spasm demo then where do you get Quoth? Do you also need to have Quake? And if so which version of the game, exactly, and where is it best to get the it from?

I know that these questions may seem very basic & all but, although I have been on the internet for almost a decade, it's been almost four years since I've played any type of first person game.

I've been out of that loop for a while.

Spirit, rated this a 5 11 December 2009, 21:30
Then I feel honoured that you stumbled into this website. Welcome! :)

I recommend you save yourself a lot of hassle and instead install Java ( )and then get our Quake Injector ( ). It will enabled you to install and run all the maps and mods from this website with a few mouseclicks. Otherwise Quoth is available here:

Yes, you need a full copy of Quake. Once you have it, download and extract it into the Quake directory. Use it to play.

Be aware that if you buy Quake from Steam or other stupid download/renting services, the soundtrack is not included and you would miss a lot of atmosphere. I'd recommend ebay, amazon and the like. If you get an old CD with no Windows support, just send me a mail (spirit aatt quaddicted doodot com) and I will help you out with the files.
felch 23 January 2010, 13:07
Long winding corridor. Huge room. Oh no! Lots of monsters. More monsters teleporting behind you. Repeat 500 times. This is like a job. Boring.
Quaker 27 February 2010, 1:10
Guy above must just hate Quake, this is epically awesome! A good challenge and two of the five levels took me over an hour to get through - biggest Quake maps I've ever seen. I'd say this pack, at just five maps, is at least a good majority as long as the original Quake, and way funner to boot. Although it's an episode, it could easily have been split into a mission pack and still have good-sized levels. This is a must-play!
ijed 24 March 2010, 3:42
Just saw these, thanks for the comments.

The maps can drag on a bit. They're for those who enjoy map crawling - I was trying to emulate Insomnia, but didn't reach the same level of visuals, nowhere near.

Mind you, not sure how closely I should listen to someone who calls themself 'felch'.

New stuff is underway, though when it'll finish is anyone's guess.

That's the blog, made and maintained by Gb - though we should all be contributing sooner or later.
Ankh, rated this a 5 8 April 2010, 19:00
I liked the second map in the pack (Bile Plant) the best. One of my favourites. Third map is also great. The following maps are too big and exhausting but worth playing anyway.
MegaQuaker, rated this a 5 23 April 2010, 4:19
This was awesome pack, probably the most epic release in the last many years. Actually @ ijed: Insomnia's massive levels almost look medium sized compared to these monstrosities! I agree though that neither the visuals nor gameplay are quite as good. But still - this is essential, 5 star stuff!
quakeplayer 9 June 2011, 19:28
Personally I liked this better than Nehahra.

When I saw monster count of second level I thought I gonna be playing Serious Sam port to quake. But it positively surprised me, as there's no horde combat - killcount so high because level is extremely huge! It's longer than hipnotic or rogue mission packs...

Very immersive levels and good health balance. Ammo was kinda short, even at skill 1. At skill 2 I often found myself with nothing but bunch of shotgun shells and plenty of monsters wanting me dead. Don't be cocky and select skill 3 right away. Here skill 1 is actually harder than original quake nightmare mode! Plasma gun is kinda overpowered to me so not gibbing enforcers is essential. 6 cells are enough for a fiend, 12 for shambler. It's very good for Spawns too.
Scroggles 2 March 2012, 18:05
This release would have been fantastic if the maps had been cut down to about half the size, maybe even smaller. As it stands, the overall quality is seriously diluted by gruelling, repetitive, and in many cases, maze-like grind.

I still liked it, but this is a case where "less" would have meant so much more...
ijed 24 March 2012, 4:49
People still play this :)

The level length was far too long, true. I was aiming for a very deep level of immersion, so that when the shit hit the fan or the player got lost the impact would be greater.

It was a bit hit and miss, I don't have the knack for making visual set pieces or environment art, which makes me lazy, so many parts ended up c+p+modify.

So these maps defaulted to a hostile, hopefully unnerving place to imagine.
Luna's Loyal Subject 27 March 2012, 4:51
The grindy, grueling feeling mixed with the in-fucking-credible visuals (ijed, stop selling yourself short) are only part of why this is my absolute favorite pack of all time. I run through this every few months for the hell of it but I just wish I could play it for the first time one more time.

This is the best pack on the site. Insomnia was great, as was Zerstorer, but this is unforgettable.

Also I found all the runes. That was pretty intense at the end, not to mention the special kill message, AND the actual rooms I found a few of the runes in.

I could rant about this pack all day. This is why I still browse Quaddicted.
qualia 25 June 2012, 14:26
I wish this was compatible with Darkplaces... Hardly any of the Quoth enemies load properly when I try (I get rainbow coloured octahedrons instead).
negke, rated this a 4 26 June 2012, 10:09
It's because Darkplaces doesn't support the -quoth switch. Currently, the only way to play this on DP is to integrate the Quoth files into the Warpspasm mod directory. The pak files have to be renumbered for this to work (pak0,1,2,3 etc) - first come the ones from quoth, then the ones from Warpspasm.
Spirit, rated this a 5 26 June 2012, 18:39
Actually, you can stack mods in Darkplaces, ie use multiple -game arguments. No idea about the order though. Try both "-game quoth -game warp" and the other way around.
Norbert 5 July 2012, 19:35
To anyone that's running into this error:
QUAKE ERROR: Mod_LoadModel: progs/s_plas.spr not found

Note that the quake directory that contains your "id1" directory, should not just contain "warp", but also "quoth"! This is because quoth is a dependency.
ShakeNquake Guest 24 February 2013, 4:50
This was the first Quake map( yeah, multi-pack I know ) I have never finished. Why? Because it was the dullest, most pointless, poorly constructed map I've ever played. A huge mess of set pieces joined together by long hallway after hallway, with over-used ambush spawning behind you every 2 minutes. It's so bad, in the second map I ended up wandering aimlessly until I resorted to noclip just to figure out where I was. I was still lost, and stumbled on some monsters, then tried back-tracking to a good spot to start from again. I finally gave up.

As others said, this could have been a half-decent map if it was about 1/4 the size, and had some kind of coherence to it. Sorry to be so harsh, I'm sure the author spent a lot of time, but that's the point. This map is a terrible waste of the player's time.
bcbc2 Guest 2 March 2013, 17:17
ShakeNquake completely misses the point of Warpspasm. For me, it is the War & Peace of Quake maps, and a phenomenal mapping achievement by ijed (kudos). It is not for the casual gamer.

What makes the map so great are the points in it at which you exhaustedly stop and think, fuck, I'm never getting out of here--I'm so totally lost and confused. To me, THAT'S THE POINT OF THE MAP--it is a full-on war of attrition. To say the map is the worst piece of crap ever is just plain stupid. ShakeNquake, stick to the shallow end of the pool.

Luna's Loyal Subject makes a great point about wishing he could play it again for the first time. That is so totally true.

Bottom line, ijed is awesome. This map should be in everyone's collection, well maybe not everyone. . . ; )
ShakeNquake Guest 9 May 2013, 17:23

bcbc2, everyone is entitled to their opinions. Calling someone stupid or making snide comments doesn't reflect well on your own level of maturity or intelligence.

To respond, to the worthy parts of your comment, I'm all for a challenging map. Look at Troyn's latest ( heel, any of his maps ) as an example. Excellent design and flow, lots of areas to get lost in, but not feeling like a bad movie on repeat. Or Honey, or The Anomaly 2: Water, or... there are just so many superior maps to warpspasm's complete lack of interesting play. Again, I'll state my main problem. Nice set pieces, but with endless, dull slogging between them, with no coherence or relationship of those set pieces. It was boring, not fun to solve the map, and just not worth the player's time when there are so many great alternatives.

The author has talent, they just need to tell a better story

bcbc2 Guest 19 May 2013, 4:11

ShakeNquake - I didn't call you stupid, I called your comments stupid. Most boring, pointless, worst-designed map EVER? Really?? That's just, well, . . . ; )

Anyhoo, I do get what you are saying, but I LIKE the rare map that is a pure war of wills. And ijed throws down a helluva challenge.

Sounds crazy, but I would have liked the map to be even longer and more complex! Perhaps it's akin to the mega-crossword puzzle that's as big as a coffee table top, or the 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Neither of those are my cup of tea, but it's the challenge, not the game itself perhaps.


Ijed Guest 8 October 2013, 11:28

'Tell a better story'

That's great feedback, thanks. Although my next release won't be smaller, and the story I've chosen to tell certainly won't be to everyone's taste.

dBAudio Registered, rated this a 5 22 December 2013, 18:36

i thought this pack was great. this mod is worth ANY player's time, at least to try. no, it's not everyone's cup o' tea. if the player doesn't like it, move on! i think if the original quake was smushed together into five maps it may be similar to warpspasm. anyone want to take that on? :-P anyway, i'm excited to see your next epic adventure!

ijed, do what you do. everyone doesn't like everything.

boink182 Guest 31 December 2013, 3:03

not for me. i found it really boring and tedious. this pretty much put the final nail in the coffin of quoth for me. it really serves to highlight for me that the whole mentality behind quoth and so many of the releases that use it, is that some people think a good way to increase challenge is to throw enemies with huge hp reserves at you, and to be stingy with ammo placements on the map. dude, no. that is boring as hell. i play quake because i have a short attention span, and this just ruins it for me. don't make enemies harder to kill, make me easier to kill!

this set doesn't suffer too much from the stingy ammo thing, but still, just sayin... eff quoth. unless you are gonna spawn me with a rl and give me plenty of rockets the whole time, just say no to quoth.

Lane Powell Registered 12 April 2014, 2:28

Hey Ijed, since you apparently check this every now and then, is Schism still happening? :)

(As for Warp Spasm, can't believe I never played this, dl'ing now...)

Dan Guest 6 June 2014, 17:25


Sounds like you should be playing Doom.

ijed Guest 9 June 2014, 22:19

Lane, it's dead I'm afraid.

Azradun Registered, rated this a 5 15 August 2014, 0:59

Enormous levels, good use of quoth monsters, intense battles - and yes, "exhausting" is the proper word here, after each map I had to take a break :) The story in the Readme was very nice and climactic.

CaptainSalt Registered 25 September 2014, 13:15

best ever maps so far! Top marks to the developer(s). Very absorbing.

Now, can I find more from the same?

onetruepurple Registered, rated this a 5 25 September 2014, 18:49

Just filter the download list for "ijed".

Mecheye Registered, rated this a 5 19 February 2015, 3:06

This map pack was fantastic, with only a couple problems. I'll go over them below:

The overwhelming ambiance of the maps are amazing. The first two maps were phenomenal with getting the general feel of the story in place. One of the reasons was the unsettling music. Quake itself had some interesting music to set the mood, this was no different.

However I'd have to say that the most unusual aspect of the music that really added to the feel of the maps was that the music seemed to generate from somewhere on the map itself, rather than just play over the game like normal. Its a unique phenomenon that this pack has that grants a much more mysterious and unexplainable feeling to it. its super hard to put into words but it was extremely satisfying.

The graphics were well done and they meshed very well with the general level design. The heavy use of accent panels and textures made trying to find secrets a total pain, but significantly helped the immersion of the maps as opposed to having one texture all over the place.

The only problem I had with the maps was the "OH MAN monsters behind you!" motif that was prevalent throughout the series. To some, it might not be a problem. However i LOVE to go slow and stare at the scenery, and its a bit frustrating to constantly have a dog up ass for no reason.

No clipping around the map after finishing it in an attempt to find the 15 secrets i missed was also very fun! Though I couldn't figure out a legit was to get into the Rune Shrine in the 3rd map legitimately at all.

Overall, I loved this set. Great job!


MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 5 17 March 2015, 12:28

Just a note to anyone else who made the mistake I made last year ... I started playing this, and found the first map ugly and tedious, and gave up. Don't do that.

I came back to WarpSpasm partly because of Tronyn's very positive review of Sealed City (one of the five maps in this page), and partly because of loving ijed's Telefragged so much. This time I hacked my way, slowly and painfully through level 1, only to find that level 2 was completely different and very much more enjoyable (not to mention five times bigger!)

My advice would be to play map 1 on normal or even easy, then manually set difficulty to 2 (hard) just before you exit the map, so that you get the full challenge in map 2.

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 5 17 March 2015, 16:40

Some way into Sealed City ... I see what some of the earlier commenters mean. I really could use a bit less of the old New Monsters Appearing Behind You In Areas You Just Cleared trick. Once or twice is a clever surprise. To do it constantly just makes the level feel like work.

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 5 25 March 2015, 12:54

Well, I'm on (what I assume it) the final boss fight, with the vermis, the gugs, the numerous fiends and the void. I have no idea how to stay alive for more than a second or so -- and that's only on hard, I hate to imagine what it's like on nightmare.

I assume there has to be a secret that you need to find to stand a chance -- a pentagram. But I don't see it. Can anyone help me?

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 5 25 March 2015, 18:37

Got bored of the final, stupidly difficult, combat, and unashamedly did it in god-mode. I realised that completing the game had started to feel like an obligation, a burden, rather than fun.

It's a shame that such a magnificent experience should end in such an unsatisfactory way, but I'm scoring this as a 5* download anyway, because there is just so much awesomeness here. No, it's not for everyone, but the scale and scope, it's still pretty much unrivalled.

Finally: please, everyone who enjoyed Warpspasm, play ijed's Telefragged from the Rubicon Rumble Pack. It's just magnificent: it has everything that makes Warpspasm great (scale, brutality) but adds everything that's sometimes missing in this package, most notably a sense of progression and narrative beyond "enter room, kill monsters, repeat".

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 5 25 March 2015, 18:42

Oh, one more thing. I am really going to miss the plasma gun on other levels. Lovely weapon, really adds something to the game.

1path0gen1 Guest 25 March 2015, 23:42

@MikeTaylor on the final map, you can grab deflection cross pickup in the secret, you need to do a leap of faith from a certain platform (the sound of a working teleporter is a hint there), the artifact is located on the invisible ledge. after obtaining it, you can warp to the boss room really fast using a shortcut teleporter not far away from the start of the map. it'd allow you to spam all the enemies with rockets/plasma point blank. however, playing this pack on skill 2 isn't everyone's cup of tea, that's understandable.

plasma cannon is a standart quoth feature by the way, it can be found on various quoth custom levels.

Spirit Registered, rated this a 5 26 March 2015, 9:43

Mike, now try "map warps"

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 5 26 March 2015, 10:16

1path0gen1, thanks for the tip. Stupidly, although I found and used the Cross Of Deflection, it didn't occur to me that I could have saved it for the final combat. I think its protection against splash damage just might be enough to make the final battle not completely impossible.

I've seen the plasma cannon in other Quoth levels, but somehow never felt I've had the time to get familiar with it like I did in WarpSpasm.

Spirit, I did play Murder Mandala (warps), but straight away realised it was going to be ludicrous and went into god mode. I highly doubt anyone, anywhere has ever completed that level without cheating.

novareaper Guest 5 August 2015, 2:05

^^^ - no cheats here :)

ezze Guest 26 September 2015, 20:17

Yes, people still play this... after all where do you find another shooter fun as Quake? ;) besides, people still play Chess and Go that are much older :D

Unfortunately, I am one of the people that disliked this map set. I really got bored at about 250 kills in the second map. The map kinda drag,

I think it is because (a) it is huge, (b) the classic trick "go in the hallway, get attacked from behind" is used too times, (c) sometime the doors are hard too see, (d) I felt a lack of "action", (e) I feel that the quoth monster are often nothing special, just overpowered or annoying (I just loathe the Flying Polyps and Vorelings, and I dislike the Drole) and drop ridiculous amount of ammo.

However, obviously this is a great work of love and there are people that loves it. So, if you are reading this and never played this one, go for it! But do not expect the adrenaline of maps like The Masque of Red Death or Drysorrow.

Qmaster Registered, rated this a 2 2 February 2016, 6:13

I did not like this...mostly. The levels were way way oversized, horribly long, tedious, boring, well scripted, well made, but very very sparse. Pack it denser, delete 3/5ths of the enemies, compress it, eliminate half of the backside ambushes, make doors more obvious, have a more consistent button/door/teleport scheme for visual clarity, minimize the teleportation of enemies, add more variation in height - maps were very flat (Doomish I suppose, not that that's bad in all cases), and make maze areas slightly less repetitive so that they are somewhat more navigable. If you love Doom more than Quake, this is your haven.

Memorable sections were toggling the bridges over the lava in Sealed City and its dark vast halls of books filled with Droles (I kinda love those guys...the death animation! hoo!). Also memorable was the purely evil themesets, I hated them immediately which I believe was intended. This definitely had an evil feel to it. Which I ended up liking in spite of my immediate distaste. I do think it was intended to give the feel of "Oh man am I ever going to get out of here!"

So it's ok. Not great imo, but ok. The maps had the feel of being first maps all put together...they reminded me of my younger days' maps.

Bloughsburgh Registered, rated this a 5 28 March 2016, 19:52

Brutally difficult (Played on Skill 3) but engrossing to say the least. Each map feels like an arduous undertaking with the exit seemingly non-existent. Quoth enemies tend to get a little annoying to deal with throughout and the immense amount of "behind" spawns could have been lessened.

A must play for those seeking endurance maps!

Mecheye Registered, rated this a 5 27 April 2016, 9:10

How do I access the rune shrine in Nightmare Tangents?

Doc_Holliday Registered 10 July 2016, 14:43

I'm speechless

Nope Guest 10 September 2016, 21:53

I'll won't be too critical of the gameplay. Yes some people are going to hate the many situations which could be considered unbalanced, 'cheap' traps and enemies constantly teleporting behind the player. Others will love being challenged to come out alive after being dropped in the shit time and time again. Adjust the skill level depending on your level of masochism and take it for what it is, or don't bother.

Visually, the maps would look much better if more effort had been put into attractive and interesting lighting. It almost looks like some of them were compiled with automatic ambient light enabled. 'Sealed City' was by far the high point of the pack, aesthetically and probably gameplay. 'Bile Plant' isn't too bad either. I wonder if the mapper just ran out of patience and wanted to be done with the rest of it. It's a shame because 'Nightmare Tangents', the final large map, is pretty good architecturally and had the potential to be epic (with a lot more polishing). Instead it seems like it was indeed bulked out with a lot of copy+pasting and repetitive combat. This map also suffers the most (along with the boss map) from the bland lighting described above. See 'Telefragged' in the Rubicon Rumble Pack for what this mapper became capable of.

ijed Guest 22 January 2017, 3:06

Hah, yes - we were all young once :)

I did terminate work on nightmare tangents before it was really ready to be honest. Back when I released it a few people picked up on this; the meatech theme was supposed to be a lot more pronounced. The veins and organ that gib at the end were just a test for this, but compilers at the time weren't really capable of doing it within the time frame I had in mind.

Telefragged was only possible because of the the amazing tools and engines created by others years after warp was released.

One thing I will say in my defence/autocritique of the backspawns - they wouldn't have bothered anyone if I hadn't used the 'silent' flag from Quoth which stops the monsters from playing their alert sound.

Everything I make is a self indulgence really, and I don't compromise on the vision unless it's a 9-5 thing where I don't have a choice.

I don't think I'll be coming back to Quake. There is one project I could finish, or even just patch up and launch with a single level, but I've got other things to work on that can (potentially) bring home the bacon.

All the same, very happy that you guys played the pack and felt that there was enough substance to warrant such honest and considered commentary.

onetruepurple Registered, rated this a 5 22 January 2017, 11:57

"I don't think I'll be coming back to Quake."


dwere Registered, rated this a 4 22 January 2017, 18:25

One thing that consistently annoyed me was how the BSP model pickups' visible location often didn't match their actual bounding box. Probably because of some flawed random rotation code. AFAIK, such objects have their pivot points at the corner of the model instead of the center, so rotation is tricky. Another symptom is that some of the pickups were visibly stuck in walls.

Nothing like trying to pick up a Megahealth in the heat of the battle, only to miss it and catch a deathblow a moment later.

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 5 23 January 2017, 17:02

I don't think I'll be coming back to Quake. There is one project I could finish, or even just patch up and launch with a single level, but I've got other things to work on that can (potentially) bring home the bacon.

Please, please do patch-and-launch this project, even if you don't finish it. I've said several times that (check the comments) that I think Telefragged if the single best Quake level of them all, and I would hate anything else you've done to go unreleased.

Greed Registered, rated this a 3 28 October 2017, 4:57

This is just too much.

The maps go on forever with non-stop ambushes from some of the toughest enemies. Playing "high level" Quake for hours on end is very exhausting. And every time you take a turn or go through a corridor expect the game to silently spawn more enemies behind you, because getting assassinated by a stealthy fiend is so much fun, right? This kind of gameplay encourages constant save-scumming which is not very fun in an action packed game like Quake.

I got through the Bile Plant and about two thirds of the Sealed City. Way too long, the environments don't change much and it all feels copy-pasted and unnecessary dragged out.

Greed Registered, rated this a 3 3 November 2017, 18:50

Finished this map pack. Even took a peek at the lolwut secret level.

It can be fun in some places, if you go for a strategical side of things and carefully manage your ammo and health, snipe the enemies from afar, etc. But ultimately, the maps drag on way too long, the scenery stays similar and is not very interesting anyway. Mostly you just go from one huge room to another, fight a lot of enemies and make sure to stop and wait for those GOD DAMN stealthed dogs and fiends that always spawn behind you. Nice story in the readme file though, good choice for the ambient tracks. And liked the little details, e.g. how the player is actually a zombie (you can see it if you switch to the chase camera).

Still, too exhausting.

NikoBelic Guest 27 December 2017, 15:11

Bile Plant is the best custom Quake map I have ever played. Point. Even better than Zerstörer.

The atmosphere is disturbing, the sound is creepy with this electric noises and the whole plant is just... death. Corpses, dirty bricks and foul acid water, what more could I ask for? ^^ Everything smells of disease and the big monsters that will surprise you. Ahh my heart :D

I'll never forget this experience and even playing it again after some months, it's just amazing. This is exactly my taste. Do yourself a favor and get this now. Thanks ijed :)

Quagmire Guest 3 March 2018, 18:44

I finally beat WarpSpasm on skill3, and I must say it is one of my favorite games of all time. The levels are so long and there are so many monsters that it literally effects my psyche. The horror and apprehension just keep on mounting until I finally kill the last monsters and open up the portal out, only to begin yet another grueling stress-fest of a level. To be honest, I had to use noclip three times. Once in Sealed City because I ran out of grenades and I couldn't reach the Quad Damage that was absolutely necessary to kill the 6 Shamblers in the "library," another time in Map 4 (I can't remember the name) because I could not figure out how to open the bars that blocked a mega health and a Trinity, and finally I ran out of ammo completely and had to fly through the exit of Map 4 without killing all the monsters. Although I'm disappointed that I could not beat this game without a very little bit of cheating, I still doubt I could ever play it again. Just too much stress. 5/5 work, great job ijed.

Quagmire Guest 3 March 2018, 18:44

I finally beat WarpSpasm on skill3, and I must say it is one of my favorite games of all time. The levels are so long and there are so many monsters that it literally effects my psyche. The horror and apprehension just keep on mounting until I finally kill the last monsters and open up the portal out, only to begin yet another grueling stress-fest of a level. To be honest, I had to use noclip three times. Once in Sealed City because I ran out of grenades and I couldn't reach the Quad Damage that was absolutely necessary to kill the 6 Shamblers in the "library," another time in Map 4 (I can't remember the name) because I could not figure out how to open the bars that blocked a mega health and a Trinity, and finally I ran out of ammo completely and had to fly through the exit of Map 4 without killing all the monsters. Although I'm disappointed that I could not beat this game without a very little bit of cheating, I still doubt I could ever play it again. Just too much stress. 5/5 work, great job ijed.

e Guest 3 March 2018, 21:35

I guess everyone it's own, what you call "so many monsters" to me appeared just as a long walk. Horror quickly vanished replaced by boredom. I agree with the "apprehension," but only for the lack of ammo.

Try "Dry Sorrow" or "Masque of Red Death" to see what I think is "so many monsters."

itsme Registered, rated this a 5 1 June 2018, 18:57

There's a common phenomenon with game modding where the community takes an interpretation of the creators' intent - thematics, gameplay, anything or everything - and sculpts a greater exaggeration of it, far beyond the scope of the original. It's not really possible to describe such efforts as "original" because their purpose is to capture and enhance the "feel" of the game, but they can't be called totally derivative either since they're not concerned with refinement or expansion as much as transformation and reimagining.

Quake has several possible examples of this and some are more effective than others. Quoth is probably one of the best, but Quoth's just content; it's not itself something you can play. A better attempt than any other mapset I've played, Warpspasm takes Quoth's "world", the "Quake beyond Quake" so to speak, and actually implements it.

No small part of this is due to the background story and use of ambient sounds and music - such things are worth far more for getting the player invested than the sum of the effort that goes into implementing them, and I'm surprised to see them so rare among Quake mappers. Maybe the lack of such things in the id1 resources leads people to generally not bother, or perhaps early attempts to tell stories by turning Quake into a cutscene-led, statically-mapped game such as Zerstörer and Nehahra poisoned the well. But better yet is how the world is expressed through the attitude of the maps themselves: There's lot of criticism of the maps for being too big and too samey; however, I would argue that's the point. They're not maps, not places, but entire hostile, oppressive dimensions, with nothing but death for an interloper. The player has no idea where they're going or when or how any of this is going to end, but can only keep spiralling deeper into their mad crusade. Reality breaks down and intersects with the elder world until all that's left is abstract chaos and one lunatic tearing through it with a rocket launcher... and then the final map ends and there isn't any conclusion whatsoever. Besides the total lack of an ending, is there anything more Quakey in theme than what I've just described?

e Guest 2 June 2018, 9:07

I am afraid one should not forget gameplay.

e Guest 2 June 2018, 9:10

Also, I am not sure "boredom" should be the feeling one gets from playing a Quake map; doubly so if it meant to be atmospheric.

onetruepurple Registered, rated this a 5 2 June 2018, 13:58

If you can't handle Warp Spasm at its Nightmare Tangents-est then you don't deserve it at its Sealed City-est. ;-)

ShakeNQuake Guest 4 August 2018, 18:39

I played this a few years ago and gave a pretty harsh review on it. I never finished it due to its fatal flaws. So, in the interest of giving things a second chance and because it's raining like waterfalls today, I gave it another shot. Sad to say, it was even worse the second time. I gave up on the very first map, lol. Why, you ask??

Well, aside from the numerous issues myself and others have called out here already, I remembered the single, worst thing about this pack. It is impossible (or made such that you'd spend hours knocking on walls looking for how to get somewhere, fun!) to play without noclip. I got the silver key card but the gold was never to be found. So, I noclipped and scoured every possible inch the player could reach without fly or noclip. Gold key card is not reachable.

I noclipped into the Gold key area and there is nothing there that does anything to further the map objectives. Nothing. I did (with noclip) fly over the impassable wall behind this area and from there you can get.... the gold key card. But, of course because there was no way back in, you have to noclip back and as stated, it is pointless to do so. Nothing happens there. Once I exited the map I saw a number of unkilled monsters which even noclipping I never saw. This is what I remembered from last time. Long, empty areas, pointless objectives, critical things that are unreachable without noclip.

Final thoughts. This map should be called noclip spasm as you need it everywhere. However, when you get deeper into the pack there are some really great areas architecture-wise. The pack author shows they have the talent to make good stuff but the game play is beyond terrible thus ruining the whole thing.

onetruepurple Registered, rated this a 5 15 August 2018, 19:16

It's possible to play it from start to end, with 100% kills and 100% secrets, and without noclipping anywhere, I've done it.

Are you sure the map and the mod are loaded properly?

gamevoin Registered, rated this a 5 7 February 2019, 19:55

A truly awe-inspiring, monumental pack. Calling them endurance maps was certainly fitting - my shoulders even got sore a few times!

One of my favourite things in this work was the backstory. It was really engrossing, and put the whole experience in a new light, the mere implication of you playing as a depraved lunatic, relishing in the slaughter, not that much better than the demons and Iron Hand cultists you murder by the hundreds.

What's great, though, is that the story wasn't entirely limited to the readme, without resorting to cutscenes akin to the Zerstorer. The first map has implications that you could understand even without reading the prologue, and really, isn't the way most people play Quake quite in-character? The start map was brutal in appearance as well, introducing you to the thematic of flesh invading "normal" landscapes. (That nightmare hallway was sneaky, by the way!)

I played on Hard, and the difficulty was respectable, but far from overwhelming. Both the first and starting stage left a good impression. However, the Bile Plant almost crushed me. Meeting packs of defenders and fiends around every corner, always encountering constantly renewed groups of foes while walking about the maze... It felt unfair, and I started to fear that those criticizing comments above were correct after all. Opening a door to be met by a line-up of fiends or shamblers packed up tightly certainly doesn't leave a good impression.

The environment looked repetitive, even if I did like the aesthetic at first, it still felt like it was missing something - contrast, perhaps. Nevertheless, I stuck through, and then came across the main element, that, IMO, really brought the subsequent maps to a really unique and amazing level. The pieces of flesh stuck along the wall in the pit of that first Gug, their red contours clashing wildly against all the browns. Then, an open arena - tiles atop a massive block of compressed meat.

The time came in at about 50 minutes, and all the other maps took around the same amount of time as well. Thus, came the Sealed City, and oh boy, it completely changed my opinion, and really uplifted my mood. Instead of reminding me of Doom's slaughtermaps, it was instead a steady flow of challenging, yet fair encounters, all in interesting and incredibly detailed areas.

The Sealed City was the best, but the next map, Nightmare Tangent, for me felt just as good, followed by a short but sweet action-packed finale. All unlike the Bile Plant, I rarely got lost, and only for a short while, never emptied my reserves of rockets or cells, and enjoyed every single encounter, despite their relentless, constant nature.

All the while, it was coated by a hostile atmosphere which I haven't yet met anywhere else, granted I didn't experience many works so far. I couldn't call it dreadful, like in Zerstorer - combat was too common for that, but I could certainly call it... Wrong. And I think I can thank the flesh for that. It was everywhere. You were seeing it, walking upon it, jumping into it, drowning in it, it's tendons supporting almost every piece of architecture; even the console and the readme were covered in gore. It was so beautifully blasphemous - endlessly hammering in the fact that you were somewhere wrong. Not just a castle, but an aggressive, alien dimension, vying for violence and blood. Further enhanced by the impossible landscape of Nightmare Tangent and beyond. And yet, for Sacren, it all must have felt just how it should be.

The nitpicks are obvious by now - the Bile Plant really felt like a bit of a chore, even if it wasn't that brutal if you trod carefully and took your time. I also disliked the use of the Spawns, even in excellent maps such as the Sealed City, but that's my personal dislike of the enemy type speaking.

My major complaint was the lack of an ending, though I did enjoy having so much left up to interpretation. After the journey, all the bloodshed, it ends as a regular Quake map would, with you unceremoniously booted back to the start. What happened to him? Did he perish, ailed by the killswitch? Or maybe he 'ascended', as planned. And what exactly was that device capable of doing - why was it so important? All interesting threads, left loose, hanging, leaving me both disappointed due to the lack of answer and glad for the presence of absence.

I definitely won't be forgetting these maps any time soon.

ijed Guest 9 February 2019, 22:59

ShakeNQuake If you noclip, at all, then the maps will be unplayable. You must complete the critical path in order to spawn the items and enemies up ahead in the following areas. There is no need to cheat in order to complete the levels, but if you feel the need to then clearly the pack isn't for you.

gamevoin There was/is an ending but it needs some clarification. The secret level, in theory only accessible by playing on nightmare and collecting all four runes, although also accessible by typing 'map warps' in the console, was not just a slaughtermap puzzle originally.

Sarcen was supposed to ascend to his ideal state of being (killing monsters forever in a loop) in this level. There was a series of texts which explained this (in a very oblique way) during the fight, but as Sielfwolf or maybe Bengt pointed out during playtesting, it was impossible to read / understand while dodging the hordes of Vores, Droles and Fiends.

I also wasn't happy with that solution and didn't have the patience or technical ability to hack around the Quoth mod and make a proper outro cutscene at the beginning of warps as I should have. If I remember rightly, warps doesn't even point to itself on map completion either.

Gioyo3aa Registered, rated this a 4 28 April 2019, 23:45

Well. The mere selection of Nightmare mode certainly sets the tone. This is going to be a demanding journey ...

Gioyo3aa Registered, rated this a 4 3 May 2019, 17:04

This map pack is so brutal that players even take the fight outside the game and into the comments.

Jokes aside, I can see where all the frustration comes from. I understand that some comments downplay the author's work and may have hurt his feelings, but the gameplay is exceptionally brutal. I wanted to wait to be able to boast about finishing this in Nightmare mode, but I'm stuck at about what must be the 2/3rds of the last map (if estimating its size by my kill ratio makes any sense) with poor health, next to no ammo, and assaulted by Gaunts, so I might take an indefinitely long break from this one.

I'll share a few thoughts for people who haven't tried this pack yet. Hopefully that won't spoil the "fun":

  • if you can't handle frustration or losing, don't play this. If you can, great, but do take long hard breaths anyway, because you're about to be thoroughly tested. Every monster you hate is in there (and then some: I had never seen Gugs before and I don't look forward to that happening again), and they hate you too. What's more, some of them seem to have been pumped up (I don't remember Death Knights running that fast, and apparently Droles can jump now. How nice).

  • gameplay is extremely unfair, so swallow your pride and run when you have to. You don't have to kill every monster to make it out alive, and certainly not everyone can achieve that anyway. Spare your ammo and health for when you really need them.

  • in the same spirit, try and leave a few gifts behind when you can. You'll find yourself revisiting some places time and again, and you may need those resources on your way back.

  • save often, and use several slots just in case. There were areas where I literally saved after every kill I made, and others where I restarted from an earlier saved game because I clearly was not going to make it.

  • use an even larger heapsize than advised (e.g. 128000). The game crashed on me when I was finally able to exit the Bile Plant after numerous attempts, and I think if anyone had showed up at that moment I would have killed them just to let out all my anger. Good thing I wasn't collecting runes.

  • there are surprisingly relatively few opportunities for infighting, but they exist, so make sure you seize every single one of them.

  • push yourself. The game isn't over until you're dead, and you'll be surprised at how long you can survive with less than 10% of your health if you act smart enough.

Just out of curiosity, I gave the secret map a try (I didn't bother looking for any runes and I don't think I'll play the pack again if I ever complete it), and it didn't seem as hard as I expected. Simply running around the square and randomly taunting monsters with rockets allowed me to achieve 49/61 kills before dying, so there's hope for that one.

I didn't noclip, and would rather use god mode if I had to cheat. I was really tempted to more than a few times (including right now at the point where I'm stuck), especially when meeting those six Shamblers as mentioned above, but in the end I managed to make it without cheating. I did have to finish the last one with my sword though.

I'll probably end up rating this a 4/5, but again, this is not for everyone, as many have already noted.

Jugador Registered, rated this a 5 31 July 2019, 18:48

While not among the best of the best, this clearly deserves 5 stars for its rewarding combat (not as tough as I thought, at least on Normal) and atmosphere variety from map to map. Within each map, however, there is not enough variety to justify its size; one feels each of them could be (selectively) cut in half and still be able to "get its point across", just as meandering sequences can be edited out from an overlong movie without loss of meaning.

lukaz Registered, rated this a 3 23 September 2019, 13:56

I am enjoying this is Quakespasm, but would you guys recommend getting Nehahra engine running? The readme seems to recommend using that, but I dont have it installed.

lukaz Registered, rated this a 3 30 September 2019, 12:40

I liked the atmosphere, but the constant enemies spawning behind me was lame.

Maxi Registered, rated this a 5 27 December 2019, 20:35

It's really nice change of pace, comparing with other maps, with pretty vast areas and unstopping action with lots of enemies. It's interesting how unconventional it feels, but at the same time doesn't feel out of place in quake.

Ninja Registered 21 January 2020, 22:37

I run quoth, then command line game warp spasm and it dosnt load stating HostError: ModLoadModel: progs/splas.spr not found. Thens no progs folder in quoth or warp spasm.Theres a progs folder in id1, but hasnt got that splas.spr. So tried many ways and things yest it keeps saying HostError: ModLoadModel: progs/s_plas.spr not found

onetruepurple Registered, rated this a 5 21 January 2020, 22:52

You're not running it correctly. Quoth must be loaded from commandline, like an expansion pack, to allow Warp Spasm to work.

Gioyo3aa Registered, rated this a 4 14 March 2020, 12:16

I am now trying the whole episode again from scratch (mostly because for some reason my previously saved games became unusable after an upgrade) and it is more enjoyable than my first try. Finding the Rune shrine in the Bile Plant is a now incentive to try and find the others.

Finding only 3/16 secrets in the Bile Plant says something about my secret-hunting skills. On the other hand, unlike most other maps I've played, some of these secrets come at a price (rocket jumping to get a mega-health, back-spawning Shambler when you get the super nailgun), which is also why I've stopped looking too hard. I usually look for them when I'm low on ammo or health, but in the Bile Plant they have not really been worth the effort so far.

If you've hated this episode before, give Quenching Urges of Constant Killing a few tries. You'll feel more relaxed when you get back to Warpspam :)

Escalate_krsk Registered, rated this a 4 30 October 2020, 6:55

Completed Warp Spasm... Well, after reading some comments, I expected some sort of mediocrity, but... nope, this is diffrent case. It's a high-quality mod, though it does suffer from one particular problem. Level design is well-thought, maps are atmospheric, the Quoth monsters are great and the only new weapon (which replaces the Thunderbolt) is essintial! Gameplay is balanced, but hard as hell. Still, the mod is 4/5, not all five-star. All because of... THE PROBLEM. Which is... the pacing. Mod relies on the tricks well-established in Id original episodes, only with added difficulty. Add to this the size of the 3 of 6 maps (400-500 monsters), and you'll find yourself stuck for hours in nearly the same combat scenarios... Take Tronyn's maps for comparison. They cleverly use different combat situations. Some of them rely on a new weapon, on special power-up, on sheer numbers of foes or some other idea... sometimes, you're greatly overwhelmed... but sometimes, overpowered... some segments are just for fun, like when horde of Scrags apppear and you blow them all up with rocketlaucnher, in a few shots. Tronyn's Wicked, Unforgiven, ARWOP, Arcanum, Soul of Evil... combat there is so perfect it's comaprable to modern standard: Doom Eternal! Problem with Warp Spasm is that it's combat situations are very old-school in a bad way... they just repetitive, not imaginative enough. They pale in comparison to a modern level-design, which Tronyn uses well. But still........ it's not bad. The new gun helps to easily deal with Gugs, Droles and - surprisingly - yellow polyps and bad-old Spawns. Vermis boss returns from The Lost Chapters. It's okay, i guess, I just love to see a new boss in any new mod. The last levels provide fascinating challenge... expect tough scenarios. Heh, Warp Spasm could as well be called "Quoth: the campaign". Anyway, it's good... but it's repetitive. 4 of 5.

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