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Screenshot of xalanoth
Author:Remilia Scarlet
Title:Xala'noth - Part 1 (a3c6626f150671809db11045a262c4f4)
Filesize:22640 Kilobytes
Release date:12.01.2020
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalanoth1_bk.tga4097 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalanoth1_dn.tga4097 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalanoth1_ft.tga4097 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalanoth1_lf.tga4097 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalanoth1_rt.tga4097 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalanoth1_up.tga4097 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalastart_bk.tga3073 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalastart_dn.tga3073 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalastart_ft.tga3073 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalastart_lf.tga3073 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalastart_rt.tga3073 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/gfx/env/xalastart_up.tga3073 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/maps/xalanoth1.bsp9443 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/maps/xalanoth1.lit3181 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/maps/xalanothstart.bsp7580 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/maps/xalanothstart.lit1864 KB12.01.2020
put-in-ad/music/track169.ogg7914 KB12.01.2020
xalanoth.txt6 KB12.01.2020 - Xala'noth - Part 1

Medium-sized level using GothicDM and Knave textures and featuring strong colored lighting. It comes with a start map, a custom skybox and a music track by the author.

Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions 1.70+ and a source port with increased limits.
Cannot be run from the Quake Injector!

Tags: knave, gothicdm, doom, arcanedimensions, music, ad, medium, limits, skybox

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating: 4.3/5 with 22 ratings
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Titosor Registered, rated this a 4 19 January 2020, 9:33

Pretty high quality stuff. The colored lighting really makes it pop, cool textures and good atmosphere all around.

dwere Registered 19 January 2020, 11:51

A little messy, a little cluttered, strangely Doom-like overdetailing. So I guess this one is closer to the author's Doom works than the previous one. I got lost somehow, even though it's very small.

Custom music is always appreciated.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 19 January 2020, 20:22

I like color lighting, but here it is acid lighting, my eyes are broken!

QuakeFreak Registered 20 January 2020, 2:33

Very good looking map. Cool music too. Quite the challenge as well. Can't wait to see the rest when they are done. I'll wait to rate until it is a complete set.

Ninja Registered, rated this a 5 20 January 2020, 22:41

This map is beautiful. On hard setting gets your blood pumping, could only find 1 of the 2 secrets. Well done on this map.5/5

whybmonotacrab Registered, rated this a 4 25 January 2020, 9:04

Really dug this map. Very atmospheric with some beautiful details, Gameplay was almost perfectly balanced for me. I felt like I was always on the cusp of death but always just made it through. The coloured lighting is a little bit strong in some spots, but in most areas it looks fantastic. Also, the custom music adds so much to it. Fantastic work!

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 4 11 February 2020, 13:03

Basically I agree with everything everyone has said above: this is a really nice map with plenty to look at and very well-balanced gameplay that left me often short on health but never feeling things were impossible.

I've only given four stars, partly for the difficulty in finding secrets when things are this visually elaborate, but mostly just because the most awesome modern maps are so much bigger. I really hope that the other four episodes are along soon, and I can rate the whole thing — almost certainly at five stars if the other three maps are as good as the first.

brunomiwa Registered, rated this a 5 17 February 2020, 4:32

I liked the idea of giving a pumped axe at the start and later on the author still plays with some zombie knights. I liked the this idea, although I hate axing enemies. Maybe give a widowmaker with fewer shells for the player to choose when to spend ammo.

Agree with what everyone said above. Zero secrets for me, although the yellow armor was clearly a secret, I couldn't spend time searching for details in an already detailed map.


Johnny Law Registered, rated this a 4 31 March 2020, 21:49

Lots of fun with this one!

Some clashing colors in a few spots yeah, but I enjoyed seeing someone have a more "saturated" and kind of old-Doom-like approach to the color palette. Between the colors and the new music it did a good job keeping my interest.

The path crossing back over and through some of the areas was handled really well too, I always enjoy that sort of thing.

I think my only real gripe was that some spots were too dark, playing on a default-gamma setting with a monitor that I think is pretty well calibrated. For example the doors to the Hall of Pain and the Hall of Not-Quite-So-Much-Pain (or something like that) were invisible to me, I just found them by wallhumping.

Looking forward to seeing this pack/series continued.

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