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By Stuart Maine 8/14/97


"You are an Assassin on a mission to hunt down and kill the Hell Knight 'Lord Marcek.' You will need to infiltrate his castle and find him. The halls of his keep are populated by his loyal minions and are said to be full of dangerous traps. To add to your problems once you find him you will have to deal with his elite Shambler bodyguard. Do not fail, Assassin, as failure is punishable by death." -Stuart Maine

Well brave Quakester sounds like another day at the office right? Wrong! Another excellent map is to be found here. I always like em' better when they have a story line of some sort, and this one really sets the mood. Lord Marcek is one tough dude. Actually, getting to him will be the really tough part. But what the heck, it is a noble quest anytime you can rid the world of another hell knight.

You may need to allocate more than the standard 8 megs to run this one. I allocated 9 megs and it ran just fine. You can do this by starting quake with the command "quake -winmem 9" without the quotes of course, if you find that she just will not load.

This is an excellent map with an assortment of traps, a maze, some nice outside spaces as well as inside, and atmospheric lighting, This "thorny" look gives it its own character. Nice to see in a world that can sometimes look all to similar. Get going Assassin, duty (and perhaps death) are calling.

Just your everyday crevice with your humongous thorny spikes. In fact this is the land of spikedom as ye shall soon see.

Anybody for a game of chess? Guess who the pawn will be.Yep.