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By Juha Koiste 8/12/97


Extracts from the read me file from Area 51:

"The mysterious base known as Area 51 has been doing some research on Aliens..On a cold, winter night something very strange happened in the base....Everything had been destroyed, or had it? Deep in the base in the middle of the dead bodies something began to've only got one chance...Feeling the adrenaline pumping in your veins you walk through the doorway. The blue heavy metallic door closes behind you, there's no turning back anymore... now it's in your hands." -Juha Koiste

Juha has created an exciting and fascinating single player level. Using a creative and interesting blending of themes, he teleports you through a brutal and fast paced action adventure.

"I tried to add some unique architecture to this map (a good example of this would be the teleporters) to make it a bit different from the other maps out there. I've again combined two themes together in this level. This time I haven't used Wizard textures, but I have used some Base textures in this map to make the second part of the map a bit different (...a lot different) from the first one." - Juha Koiste

And it is a lot of fun to play through. A fine map with nice, sometimes very striking architecture, well worth the download time. You may need to start the game with "quake -winmem 9" or higher. Its one loaded level!

Now just look at that guy, I don't think he is happy to see me. A great 3D effect through the use of architecture.(Do you think Juha planned that?)

Looks a bit like my room...after I've straightened it up!