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By Jonathan E. Wright 6/3/97

 This is not a level.

The ZEUSbot is both a helper bot and a deathmatch bot. In single play he will effectively annihilate just about anything that gets in his way, and you'll be lucky if you can pick anything up before he does. -Jonathan E. Wright

Jonathan is right. This guy is very good. Luckily he comes with a set of commands, everything from "stay" to "give me all the goodies you have picked up".

Besides being _at least_ as smart as any of the standard Quake enemies, the ZEUSbot also has a few enhancements:. can pick up any item a player can pick up. . knows how to jump intelligently across obstacles, down from ledges and into water. . can fire all of the standard weapons, plus the plasma gun (included in this mod). . knows when an object is unreachable, and will not keep trying for an unreachable object. . etc,etc,etc. -Jonathan Wright

 Check the readme file for all the details and commands. The commands are entered form the console within the game by hitting the tilde key ~. You may not use him often, but he can be fun as a helper if you don't want to resort to "cheating", and can even offer some challenge as a "deathmatch" player. You've got a friend!

Here he is, ZeusBot himself. In the upper left corner is a heads up display that will give you info on his status. You can toggle this off if you choose not to use it. 

Here's looking at you kid. A cool feature of Zeusbot is the ability to look at yourself from his eyes.