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By Obi-Wan 6/97


Office of the dead is an excellent adventure. Architecture is fantastic. Take a look at those screenshots! Because architecture is detailed you may need to run this one with the -winmem command. I allocated 10 megs, so in my command line I started the game like so: quake -winmem 10. Your particular machine may not need it but if you find it won't load you may.

Office Of The Dead is a stunning piece of independent quake level construction. From the moment this one loads up you feel the difference. The rounded entrance door for example, shades of middle earth! I almost expected a hobbit to come bounding down the stairs and run across the wooden plank bridge.

Gameplay is also superb. Good mix of villians in excellent strategic positions. The lighting is very well done also. Once inside check out the light that pours through that rounded door.

This is the kind of fantasy world that transports you out of your room and computer and into a setting much like the place you go when reading a gripping novel. Escapisim at its best!

If you're a fan of Tolkein or Brooks or any other sword and sorcery novel series, Obi-wan has constructed the perfect quake map for you. Dim the lights and take a virtual trip through time and imagination. Enjoy!

I don't know what it is about rounded doors but I love em. How come more maps don't have em?

Look at the detail on this rounded door! Lighting and architecture are amazing. I was half expecting to find scratched in stone somewhere "Bilbo Baggins was here".