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By Sonya Roberts 9/11/97


"A mansion, complete with courtyard, chapel, living room, kitchen, outdoor and underground areas." -Sonya Roberts

And some mansion it is! Initially "Court Despair" starts out quiet enough. A good ammo supply and double barrel shotgun from the getgo. But this quiet starting visually appealing map soon heats up! In no time at all you will have your hands full planning your next strategy to defeat your next group of foes. They say experience is the best teacher and if you "save" often you will see from your experience the best strategy to complete your quest.

Game flow is linear, you are pretty much directed in the route you must take, but the planning to complete the level absorbs your attention and you really don't have time to notice this. A slew of new textures abound which are also visually interesting. Aside from the pair of tar babies and the full bright white windows (whoa, where are my sunglasses, hard to see..) "Court Despair" offers a nice level of visually appealing textures and furnishings as well as a challenging romp through Quakeland.

The central courtyard. You will return here on several occasions as you enter the different doors to complete your quest.

As tempting as this big comfy canopy bed is, you have miles to go before you sleep.