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By  Robert Cruickshank 10/6/98 


"You only had time for a candy bar before being called up and stuck in amongst a heap of crates. Your backside is numb from the jolting ride, your stomach is complaining, and your standard issue flashlight barely illuminates your orders. According to what you've read, your destination is scenic Frater Base, where they're - *rehabilitating Quake goons!?* ... The engine tone changes subtly; the drone's starting to land. You sigh, then methodically load your gun. Your anger still burns, but you're resigned to your fate. May as well take it out on the baddies." ~ Robert Cruickshank

Sporting the fantastic Iikka Keränen texture wad Robert Cruickshank has created level that demands exploration.

Starting in a cavernous crate loading area you are quickly faced with an intense firefight as you struggle to determine the location of your attackers. Fighting them off you quickly make your way into a central tunnel area, and from here you must use your wits to gather the necessary keys, battle fierce guards, shamblers, vores, knights, and scrags to progress to the tension filled final end sequence.

Gameplay is tough. Health and ammo are in short supply and without careful conservation you will be attempting to fight heavily armed foes with an axe, which I was forced to do for a moment or two! Of particular note is the battle for the gold key, as well as several other battles which find you hitting switches and then facing multiple foes.

Architecture is a joy, and the scale is perfect for the premise and task at hand. Even though you will face overwhelming numbers and foes often, you will find plenty of cover to use at your advantage to help even the score.

Robert Cruickshank certainly shows a flair for designing quake levels, keep an eye peeled for his future level creations.
A tense and visually appealing level.
Low health and ammo may put off the casual gamer. 
Sweaty, numbing gameplay. Health and ammo at its limits. Good luck!

The cavernous crate loading area. 
Multiple levels and walkways provide combat in several dimensions.
The solid and scenic build of The Frater Fracas.