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The gold key tower setting. Very fine imaginative build.
Another standout locale, the circular lift shaft.
 Wood, stone and metal, this is what little gothic maps are made of.
"...Cold.  You're  hungry  and  tired.  Damned headache  confuses  you to realize what happened. Here is not sun. Clouds  cover  all  the sky for ages. This is kingdom of eternal winter and darkness. The sun no longer rises." ~ from included readme file.
One of the reason's that I return often to Quake 1 is the gothic medieval look that it so aptly carries off. And in the hands of a competent level author that fine look and feel is a joy to behold. So it is with Vondur and his single player Quake I debut, Solarfall. With numerous multiplayer levels under his belt and a single player Half-Life level, Vondur presents a top notch effort here.
Setting is carried off without a hitch. Vondur stays true to theme and creates a solid and believable medieval setting populated with knights, ogres, scragg and the occasional zombie. The architecture is at times grand...particularly the gold key tower and the large rounded lift shaft.
From the opening starting point when the floor recesses and the wall expands to reveal a passageway, you are on your toes. Gameplay is solid but not difficult (in Normal mode) with a good supply of weaponry, health and ammo to complete your mission. Experienced players will want to play this one on "Hard" setting. "Normal" is a tad easy.
Switches to hit, foes to dispatch, and puzzles to solve Solarfall does not disappoint. In fact it satisfies. No other first person shooter has yet been able to match the Gothic look and feel found in Quake I and so stylishly continued here in Solarfall.
TITLE:            Solarfall
AUTHOR:       Vondur
DATE:                  July 1, 1999
FILESIZE:           1.24 MB
DOWNLOAD: Fileplanet
H I G H S:
Nice build with a beautiful consistent medieval look. Very tasty.
L O W S:
While not really short in length, this will definitely leave you wanting more.
N U T   S H E L L:
Gothic medieval Quake I adorned with solid construction and opportunities for exploration.