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Project: Monsterfree (fitzquake v080) - 55kb Project: Monsterfree (fitzquake v080) - 20kb Project: Monsterfree (fitzquake v080) - 71kb

It's an unusual and strange project. You won't find any monster in this map, but it is still a single player map. You will pass through numerous traps and puzzles here.
Welcome to the Monsterfree Training Center

Type: SP
Size: 606 KB
Reviewed: Underworldfan

Menkalinan (fitzquake v080) - 120kb Menkalinan (fitzquake v080) - 87kb Menkalinan (fitzquake v080) - 95kb

This is a large scaled map dressed in incredible Sock's egyptian textureset. It's something like ancient temple filled with lots of monsters and lava.
There's a quite big amount of secrets, but some of them may be hard to find. Test your skillz=) And remember: traps and ambushes are everywhere...

Type: SP
Size: 3.5 MB
Reviewed: Underworldfan, PlanetQuake Level of the Week

SM57_pulsar_se (telejano quake v7) - 93kb SM57_pulsar_se (tenebrae quake v1.3) - 45kb SM57_pulsar_se (telejano quake v7) - 47kb

This small map was originally created as a speedmap, i.e. the map created in 100 minutes. The theme of that session was "4 seasons of Quake", session 57 was about Episode 3, runic style. This is the expanded version of that map: there were added new rooms, more details and more interesting gameplay

Type: SP
Size: 516 KB
Reviewed: Underworldfan

Hell Bridge (telejano quake v7) - 72kb Hell Bridge (telejano quake v7) - 53kb Hell Bridge (telejano quake v7) - 64kb

This is the map in the original Quake style (Episode 3). Texture theme is a combination of blue bricks and brown metal. The size of the map is also similar to ID's maps size.
There are many monsters, buttons, traps and quite interesting architectural constructions.

Type: SP
Size: 0.99 MB
Reviewed: Underworldfan

This section contains some of my early not that good looking maps. If you're interested you can download them from here. I'll probably upload some sources of my unfinished maps to this section too soon.

copyright 2006-2009 PuLSaR

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work in progress (fitzquake v080) - 45kb

work in progress (fitzquake v080) - 42kb

work in progress (fitzquake v080) - 40kb