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Help create the future of Quaddicted

It's been a while since https://www.quaddicted.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=622

In the meantime since ~christmas hemebond has been busy working on a Django-based website for a future Quaddicted. And there is a lot of stuff that you can help with! :)

Most work went into the packages system, with all my weird (but good!!!1) structural requests and hemebond's great sparring. And a basic forum is also already integrated as a PoC.

There is lots to do and with me being swamped at work and hemebond not having as much time as in the beginning now is your time to shine! Know some Python? Know Django? Or maybe HTML/CSS/Templating? Come help making this website (the one I wrote and on which you are reading this) suck less!

https://github.com/hemebond/quaddicted/issues (there is a current state running at

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Re: Help create the future of Quaddicted

The test site is at (fixed the hyperlink)

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