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Re: Peril Mod updated to 0.2

"QSS" is known to have superior multiplayer technology, therefore now I can see where you come from. I assumed you wanted a singleplayer experience from start to finish - in the end, "Quaddicted" is about singleplayer 'Quake' - and you chose "QSS" because of particles and because it was recommended for "Arcane Dimensions" by the lead "Arcane Dimensions" developer.

For the mod development, I know nothing about it. For the mapping, I know nothing about it. I just know my intuition and sometimes I can spot a nuance; like a girl, y'know.

In the end, I am a guy who does nothing in terms of a product, touting a guy who at least tries to do some thing of a product, therefore you are the one who is right, whatever you choose - thanks to people like you, 'Quaddicted' has anything to work with.

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