Privacy was and will be a basic cornerstone of our efforts.

Using Quaddicted

No registration is required to use Quaddicted. The only reason for users to register an account is to

  • Edit Wiki pages
  • Post in the forums with a persistent username
  • Rate, add tags, and leave comments on map pages with a persistent username

Accounts use a combination of an e-mail address (can be a disposable one) and a username. It is not required to provide any personal information beyond that and it is highly recommended to keep anything else private. The username is publically visible; the email address can be configured to be shown or hidden in the profile options.

Third-party resources

By default, there are no third-party resources embedded on Quaddicted. User visits and interactions to this site will not be shown to anyone but the administrator and other users on this site. However, it is in the nature of community websites that third-party content may be embedded via comments or forum posts. In those cases, the web browser will make a request to that third-party site. This can by prevented by using browser addons like Request-Policy or µMatrix.

IP addresses

IP addresses are used in communication between webservers and clients. They are not personally identifiable information by themselves. However, correlation to other information is possible, for example if they are being tracked by third-party sites by means of social media buttons.

At Quaddicted and associated sites, IP addresses are stored in webserver logs for each request. This is standard practise and highly useful for debugging or investigating security-related issues as well as gathering privacy-friendly statistics in an easy way (e.g. how many users the Quake Injector might have).

Apart from the server logs, IP addresses can also be stored by the "higher" software components. When registering an user account, the IP address of the user is logged. When posting in the forums (anything under the URL /forum/), the IP address of the user is logged as well.


Cookies are used to provide persistent user sessions. They are only required for account-based interaction as listed above. The basic functionality of Quaddicted is not affected if users choose to disallow them.


Mails are sent based on subscriptions on the forum or wiki. It is possible to opt-out of messaging in the user profile options.

Details, exports or deletion of your data

If you want to get more detail, a compilation of the data collected, or if you want to request the deletion of data on you, please mail to

Before requesting such services, please consider the heavy burden of work for a small, private, community-centered website like this. Please be assured that your privacy is important to us.