These are notes about files we could not recover from the depths of the digital world. If you happen to have a copy or know more about them, please leave a note or mail Spirit


Mentioned by metlslime:

  • Industrial Combat by Jim Lowell, circa Fall 1997. May or may not have been released, but this was the first map to use rubicon textures (before rubicon!) and was a submission to a contest run by the company that owned qED. I [metlslime] actually made the textures for this map, then used them myself after.
  • Also super rare: a one-room map I [metlslime] made called trachea.bsp which was passed about on a mailing list in mid-97.

Mentioned by erc

  • marsalis.zip – Marsalis by Noel Weer
  • p2hell.zip – Pathway to Hell by Sam Allen
  • series1.zip – Series 1 (author unknown)


Originally from "Chris Fairall’s Download Page" at http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/3847/

  • crtyrd.zip - "The Courtyard" (224 KB)
  • sanctry.zip – "The Sanctuary" (334 KB)
  • maxcarn.zip – "Maximum Carnage" (147 KB)
  • base13.zip – "Base 13" (246 KB)

Also 2 mods (and one tool but pakker10.zip is in idgames2)?

Spirit mailed the author to ask for copies (of the mods too) on 20091115. No success, the mail address is dead (‘ (expanded from ): unknown user: "chrisf@velocitynet.com.au"‘.


http://kod.org.uk/old/files.htm → gateway.zip

http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://yi.com/home/BuemmerstedeRalph/quake.htm → dabug2.zip (the other files on that page seem archived already)

http://www.lokety.com/quakemap.html → King George Apartment, kgeorge.zip, 121 KB, 08/09/1998

http://web.archive.org/web/20021019235152/http://www.planetquake.com/mal/ → Map sources by malevola: agent_map.zip, swk_map.zip, lady_map.zip

http://www.sodabob.com/3DGames/DQ/maps.asp?MenuID=7#maps1 → ravndngn.zip




  • tQER_SV_src.zip - q.a2 QER QW server source 1.15.00
  • qa4.zip - q.a4 GLQuake 3.22.00
  • tQER_ginny.zip - Ginny: Parametric Skeletal Animation 1.21.00
  • qa4b.zip - q.a4 Beta GLQuake 2.15.00
  • qa4SRC.zip - q.a4 GLQuake Source 3.22.00
  • qa4bSRC.zip - q.a4 Beta GLQuake Source 2.15.00