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Screenshot of aqua
Author:Roger Staines
Title:The Ancient Aqueduct (be3f01681077d23f9027b8e19d0d5ab8)
Filesize:1041 Kilobytes
Release date:22.07.1997
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
aqua.bsp2145 KB22.07.1997
aqua.txt5 KB22.07.1997
The guys.JPG66 KB09.07.1997

The Ancient Aqueduct

Fairly large aqueduct level split into three color sections, and some underwater bits. OK.

Tags: large, brick, metal, water, wind tunnels

Editor's Rating: Average
User Rating:
3.6/5 with 16 ratings
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Spirit 20 March 2009, 11:57
I find this map actually pretty nice.
It is based around a hub from where you get into 3 differently themed parts. A red brick base part, a green swampy something and a blue brick/metal mixture. Windtunnels are a main element of this map as is water (hence the title).

Considering the age I'd rate this "nice".
MikeTaylor Registered 6 August 2014, 14:59

(I've not played this but ...)

I'm not fond of wind-tunnels. They always feel like a cheat to me -- just plucking you up from one part of the map and dumping you in another, like a teleporter. I admire maps that have a sense of place and solidity, where you progress from one point to another instead of being put there.

Down with wind-tunnels and teleporters!

Cocerello Registered 9 September 2014, 20:06

Played on nightmare. 5/6 secrets found (missed the first one), plus many others not numbered in the map.

Quite good.

The brushwork is just above average for the year, but loop shaped with some non-linear bits layout, size and secrets are good. Combat is decent and varied. Difficulty lower than ID maps. Ammo/health/armor in a quantity like ID maps. The secrets range from decent to original, and from them stands out the last one with the LG, and the big secret area. There is also many secret or side areas with no trigger_secret entity with some goodies.

whirlstr Registered 17 March 2019, 1:01

Pretty cool level. The level design is very solid, always guiding the player in a certain direction and often looping back around itself. Unfortunately the first wind tunnel is bugged (in Quakespasm at least). It just got me stuck in place no matter how I approached it (had to resort to noclip). The different sections are mainly monochrome, but the varied brushwork and texturing keep them from looking bland/repetitive. There are some neat ideas, like the pipes lowering into place or the Roman-style aqueduct ramp. I found a few secrets, but the remaining ones must be quite significant as I left the map with over 20 enemies left.

pmk Guest 15 April 2019, 16:58

This map is much improved over the level designer's previous released level. There are a variety of different environmental themes within the level which makes it interesting to play through. The level design is also greatly improved here as well. I enjoyed the level designer's implementation of wind pipes in order to traverse throughout the level. Overall I would highly recommend downloading and playing this quake map and would give it a four out of five rating.

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