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Screenshot of carnage
Author:Andrew Smith
Title:Carnage (96d6e795bd373787eca6bbf86b1ced0a)
Filesize:564 Kilobytes
Release date:09.10.1997
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
CARNAGE.TXT4 KB09.10.1997
CARNAGE.BSP1393 KB09.10.1997


Medium sized Metal map.

Tags: metal, runic, medium, short, planetquake-map-of-the-week

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.1/5 with 52 ratings
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gb 18 May 2010, 4:03
This deserves the Excellent rating not in looks (those are between average and nice), but in layout and gameplay.

I played this under Remake Quake, and hence enjoyed its more powerful super shotgun, which probably made me like this even more. Very RMQ-compatible map.

"id quality" in the best sense. Five... erm... hearts.
Aen 31 August 2010, 23:55
Like old Quake maps, but It's too short. 3/5
FifthElephant Guest 12 January 2013, 21:01
It's not a bad level, it's a bit coridoor-y. There's nothing wrong with the graphics either, perfectly serviceable. 3.5/5
jackieben Registered 26 January 2014, 20:09

Perfect for a short classic quake fight, medium detail, well crafted with a castle feel, lots of big monsters

Cocerello Registered 25 May 2014, 22:30

Played on nightmare. 3/7 secrets.

Very good for its year. The combats are good but there is nothing special to remember forever. The shamblers were a bit repetitive, always in the same way except for two fights, even though were enjoyable. it abuses a bit of the same placements of monsters, but its OK for the year. The layout has loop and ''y'' form, is always on the same level, is a bit obvious and repetitive sometimes, but have some nice parts of the type of showing whats beyond. The brushwork is good for the year but a bit repetitive. Ammo is very well placed in the perfect amount. Health is a bit much but not too much. Difficulty was like in ID maps. The most common way to die would be falling into the lava. The secrets i found are very ID-like and well placed, both the secret and its contents. To highlight, the platforms part, that is very good.

dgl33d Registered 13 January 2016, 9:54

It's a fun straight forward map, but the number of health packs makes it too easy.

Lane Powell Registered 5 June 2016, 21:06

It's not too easy if you play on Nightmare like the readme recommends. ;)

MikeTaylor Registered 6 June 2016, 15:44

Very well balanced: on Hard, I finished with just seven shells and two grenades. Mind you, that was having killed all 66 monsters and found not a single one of the seven secrets -- so presumably it's a bit easier if you're more eagle-eyed!

For the most part, I would classify this as competent rather than inspired; but I did very much like the reverse-direction transport platforms over the lava.


Frederic Bezies Guest 6 June 2016, 19:12

Great little map for 1997. Found 3 of 7 secrets. Two are linked in a way... :)

JMP Registered 9 August 2016, 6:24

Great map, comparable in style and quality to the original game. In particular, the secrets felt well-placed (at least the ones I found--I got only 4/7). The one thing I didn't like about the level was having to fight a ton of ogres right at the beginning, but that's a minor complaint.

JMP Registered 11 August 2016, 20:37

Played this again and found two more secrets. Perversely, finding more secrets was disappointing because it makes the gameplay much less challenging--most of the secrets are strategically-placed powerups, and if you find all of them, the map turns into a slugfest where it's really easy to blow away most of the enemies.

Nonetheless, this is still a great level. One thing I particularly like is the use of embrasures in some of the corridors, which let the player glimpse areas of the map he has yet to visit. The gameplay is generally linear, but the embrasures give it a sense of depth.

bfg666 Registered 17 September 2016, 16:43

Quite tough from the get-go with those ogres in close quarters and only a few shells to dispose of them, this one is a short but brutal ride. Ammo is very tight, a few more boxes would be no unnecessary luxury for people with poor accuracy. Combat is efficient if not inspired. One thing though: I do love fighting shamblers but having to fight several of them in a row one after the other feels a little tedious. As MikeTaylor said, the reverse platforms section was a nice touch.

Repus Guest 3 November 2017, 21:45

This is a very boring map. Narrow corridors and enemies running towards you. I was able to make monsters fight each other two or three times despite the fact that I lost some health because of that. There are seven secrets which are hard to find. It happened that the ring of shadows secret was pointless, 'cause I ran into yet another shambler that blocked my way, couldn't get past it without shooting. Overall, this map is very linear, fights in general are plain, monsters just run towards you. Also I did not understand the idea of placing about five vores in a row in those narrow corridors, I just bumped into them one by one, and they were easy to kill.

This is not a map I am going to play again! Primitive idea, simple architecture, fights that made me wanna fall asleep.

AnthonyS Registered 6 November 2017, 2:13

Played on hard - quite easy

Killed 100 % enemies, found only 3/7 secrets

Quick level

ubiquitous Registered 29 September 2018, 23:30

Nice map, especially by 1997 standards. I liked the interwoven criss-crossing paths through the level. The moving platform sequence (backwards!) while under attack was a nice trial. The only downside I'd highlight is the lack of enemy variety. You face long sequences of the same enemy in a row, which gets a bit repetitive.

Greenwood Registered 11 March 2020, 7:08

An excellent metal level for 1997. Clean, crisp construction and some hairy setups (sidestepping to avoid grenades on a narrow paths over lava, jumping reverse-moving trains with scrags in the way). Fairly easy if you're cautious, but punishing if you are not.

I do think a fiend or two would've been nice though!

rchavp Registered 14 October 2021, 19:32

Rock solid for 1997!

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