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Screenshot of circulation
Author:Bal & Greenwood
Title:The Circulation of Shadows (e70be4359a0ddeaae7faeac0050e6a40)
Filesize:16860 Kilobytes
Release date:13.01.2021
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardAdditional screenshots
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Walkthrough demos:
Full completion of the map.

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
circulation/circulation_read_me.txt2 KB13.01.2021
circulation/pak0.pak34167 KB13.01.2021
for_joequake_markv_users/track13.mp33095 KB13.01.2021
installation_instructions.txt1 KB13.01.2021

The Circulation of Shadows

Large underground industrial base with rocket silos and conveyor belts; and a small start map. It was originally started in 2005 for a Nehahra addon episode. It uses Daikatana textures and runs on the Rubicon 2 mod (included), featuring new and modified enemies and effects. Also comes with a music track and a custom skybox.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits

Tags: large, base, industrial, daikatana, underground, rocket, silo, conveyor, crates, rubicon, textures, monsters, sounds, music, skybox, limits

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4.5/5 with 42 ratings
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Solomoriah 25 January 2021, 2:12

Nice. Not a fan of base levels, but this one is very well designed. I enjoyed it.

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ShubShubAzathoth 31 January 2021, 8:05

I like base maps, especially rubicon-/industral-styled maps, that was fun!

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whatisquake Registered 16 March 2021, 1:19

Really good!

Jehannum Registered 17 April 2021, 0:02

I'm really glad that this was finished and we got to play it! So much better than mouldering away on your hard drive! Thanks!

MikeTaylor Registered 30 April 2021, 18:32

Enjoyable, and the section with the moving crates is interestingly different for a Quake map. But somehow it never quite took off for me. I'm sorry I can't be more specific. I'm torn between three stars or four stars, but given how very amazing the very best new maps are these days, I guess I need to leave more headroom for maps that are very very good but not quite the best, so three it is.

Ninja Registered 2 May 2021, 11:28

Well i give it 5 star, it put a smile on my face, well laid out, enemy placements good also, the moving crates, bit of figuring out, but good when done.Played on skill 3.

metalliqaz Registered 13 May 2021, 3:54

cool map, I like the silos and the conveyor puzzle was well done

Alex Ros Registered 11 July 2021, 23:10

This is also Lisa Gerrard (best known for Gladiator OST) track. I mean 'The Circulation of Shadows' title itself. Is it coincidence? THANKS for the map.

Bal Registered 14 July 2021, 19:16

Alex, nice catch!

As mentioned in the description, this map was part of a final Nehahra ep that was never completed, all the map names were Dead can Dance song titles (or Lisa Gerrard anyways).

There are 2 other maps that have been recycled from that project thanks to Greenwood, the start map to Epochs of Enmity which kept it's DCD title, "Towards the Within", and Kelluva Lina, which was renamed from "The Arcane" cause that word is a bit too established in the Quake modding community already.

Alex Ros Registered 14 July 2021, 20:19

Oh cool. I've seen them live on 2012 in Moscow. It was fascinating. One of my best experiences in life. Live "Nierika" was sooo haunting!

Epochs of Enmity? Hmm. I need to play it. I didn't. Thanks for the aiming...

brownwood Guest 4 September 2021, 8:21

this map is great!

Jugador Registered 5 January 2022, 22:03

A base level that looks like no other base level I've ever seen before. And a great one at that!

Titosor Registered 11 September 2022, 22:48

Fantastic! Very nice geometry, very clean looking map. Pace was good, encounters fun throughout. A lot of fun!

SlagMuppet Registered 27 December 2022, 6:39

that was awesome. great job

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