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Screenshot of czg04
Title:Numb Nimbus (c2dd40dc0ce766ed3cc44f3283d86571)
Filesize:780 Kilobytes
Release date:18.10.1999
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
czg04.txt5 KB18.10.1999
czg04.bsp1941 KB18.10.1999

Numb Nimbus

Large brick/metal void map.

Tags: medieval, big, stone, large, brick, void, czg, wizards, planetquake-map-of-the-week

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.1/5 with 43 ratings
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Lane Powell Registered 6 September 2013, 11:41

Samey architecture at times. Not my favorite of czg's maps, but he sets a high standard for himself, and this is still def worth playing.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 25 December 2013, 23:00

Very nice. Not sure I mind the "samey architecture" Lane Powell mentions, as the sparse detail fits the overall aesthetic of the map.

Progression is quite linear, but the location is interesting and daunting enough (given the gaping black void) that it does not matter so much. I am glad the pitch black void is only below, as I find maps floating entirely in a a black void a little boring visually.

One minor niggle is that there is one point where the edges of the map are too plainly and obviously visible.

Highly recommended.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 26 December 2013, 11:58

And I love those sloping walkways, for some reason.

JellyGal Registered 10 December 2014, 22:20

The fortress's visuals are a little boring apart from those slopes, but the setting is interesting enough to make up for that. The atmosphere is also very mysterious. The combat is also very good, and there are some pretty well hidden secrets. I also like that medkits are hidden in the water. My only complaint is the first shambler that is spawned as an ambush, I was standing where he spawned and I telefragged him. Great map though, certainly worth playing.

ubiquitous Registered 2 October 2016, 12:01

Very good map. I agree there is something a bit bland about the environment when taken as a whole (though the standard of workmanship is excellent). But the combat was great and the level did a nice job of twisting back on itself a few times. Ammo balance felt spot on (Skill 1).

ubiquitous Registered 2 October 2016, 12:01

Also, cool way to end the map.

MikeTaylor Registered 2 October 2016, 22:42

Wow, all the times I've played this map (and all of CZG's), and it turns out I never commented on it or rated it! I'll have to replay it again and fix that.

Lane Powell Registered 2 October 2016, 23:21

Just replayed it myself. I think by my original comment I meant that there isn't a huge amount of detail busting out of every wall. The abstract design, prominent curves, and the fact that everything is seemingly jutting out of (or hanging in) the void certainly gives this map a very unique feeling for what would otherwise a pretty straightforward medieval map.

MikeTaylor Registered 4 October 2016, 13:35

Having now replayed, I have to admit to myself that it's a definite backward step from the masterful Ceremonial Circles (czg03), and not really one of the better entries in CZG's stellar oeuvre. Still fun to plan, but with little of a mastery of time and place that infuses his best work.

Numb Nimbus leads into the sadly unfinished Aerospace Two (czg05), which is still worth running around and exploring in even though it has only seven kills and seems to stop dead after the silver-key door. Part of me wishes he'd completed this; but I can hardly lament that he abandoned it (and presumably czg06, which I don't think I've ever seen) to work on the magnificant Insomnia (czg07).

AnthonyS Registered 20 May 2018, 2:43

Pretty fun and pretty tough! Digging the textures.

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