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Screenshot of dejavu10
Title:Deja - Vu ! (51d5b80bd19ffef15beed5e401a681e0)
Filesize:8206 Kilobytes
Release date:27.09.2007
Additional Links: Underworldfan's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
maps/dv2.bsp1375 KB05.04.2009
maps/dv5.bsp3351 KB05.04.2009
maps/dv1.bsp894 KB05.04.2009
maps/dv4.bsp1993 KB05.04.2009
maps/dv3.bsp1591 KB05.04.2009
maps/dvstart.bsp1531 KB05.04.2009
dejavu10.txt5 KB27.09.2007
dejavu10_quaddictedrepack.txt1 KB28.04.2009
gfx/env/epiphanyrt.tga710 KB05.04.2009
gfx/env/gehennaft.tga694 KB05.04.2009
gfx/env/epiphanybk.tga629 KB05.04.2009
gfx/env/gehennalf.tga649 KB05.04.2009
gfx/env/epiphanydn.tga664 KB05.04.2009
gfx/env/epiphanylf.tga669 KB05.04.2009
gfx/env/epiphanyup.tga628 KB05.04.2009
gfx/env/gehennadn.tga768 KB05.04.2009
gfx/env/epiphanyft.tga685 KB05.04.2009
gfx/env/gehennaup.tga498 KB05.04.2009
gfx/env/gehennabk.tga659 KB05.04.2009
gfx/env/gehennart.tga682 KB05.04.2009

Deja - Vu !

A small 5-map episode for Quoth. Starts with base maps and ends in a Doom-like "hell bunker". Somewhat crude design at times, but fun to play.

This file was repackaged by Spirit. You can find the original .zip in the trash

Tags: quoth, base, episode, small, orlms

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User Rating:
3.6/5 with 17 ratings
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MikeTaylor Registered 5 June 2014, 18:03

This is a really nice, playable set of levels -- a bit visually primitive, but scoring high on the Just Plain Fun scale. That it was RickyT23's first published map is pretty astonishing.

Cocerello Registered 6 July 2014, 20:44

Played on nightmare. all enemies killed. Surprisingly not a single secret was found.

Somewhat crude design at times, but fun to play, this describes it well.

At first it is at a lower brushwork and combat quality than iD maps, but it gets better with time and becomes something nice to play and look at. The start map has some new ideas in it, as have the rest of the maps.

Mainly linear with some small route choices and nice details in layout. Difficulty varies a lot, but overall, is above iD maps. No unfair parts and variation in combats, with straightforward with few ambushes in combats. The final combat is very good and atmospheric, but should have half the ammo or less it has some attempts realism, in the form of chairs and a train.

Rating would be 3+, and 4 for the final level.

MikeTaylor Registered 24 November 2015, 14:03

On replaying this, it's startling how much the quality improves from map to map. I wonder whether these might be not only RickyT23's first published maps, but his first maps, period? If so, it makes them all the more fascinating: to see, unfolding before you, the evolution of one of our best mappers from the humblest and crudest of beginnings. Deja Vu is very enjoyable on its own terms, but it's given a whole extra frisson by this sense of watching history unfold.

Jugador Registered 17 August 2019, 22:24

Some of these maps suffer from the upwards-only-elevator-that-you-need-to-go-down syndrome.

In DV4, I was able to skip the last part with a simple jump onto the courtyard.

Gioyo3aa Registered 6 March 2020, 19:48

Very nice. Unfortunately I played this after his later maps, and as is perfectly understandable they are better than this episode, but it is worth your time nevertheless. Gluing some maps together and providing better concealed secrets would perhaps have improved the whole thing.

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