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Screenshot of networld
Author:Dave Kelvin (Kevlar)
Title:The NetherWorld (de9f0a6d862892bc405bba169452f9aa)
Filesize:623 Kilobytes
Release date:24.07.1997
Additional Links: Crash'sRetroquakeSPQ Level HeavenTEAMShamblerUnderworldfan's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Walkthrough demos:
Nightmare speedrun for fun.

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
networld.bsp1452 KB24.07.1997
networld.txt4 KB24.07.1997

The NetherWorld

Medium sized Metal map.

Tags: medium, metal, runic, oldschool, machinery, traps

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.2/5 with 36 ratings
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Spirit 11 July 2008, 22:27
Beautiful map.
Qmaster 23 December 2010, 17:16
Excellent metal map, very much like an original id map.
Drew 6 August 2012, 2:59
ID quality map - not too big but all quality, with good beefy combat on hard.
Scampie Registered 22 July 2014, 1:42

Map is really nice, bit short on ammo on hard I found. Feels very classic while also looking really good.

Cocerello Registered 9 December 2014, 22:09

Very solid map in ID quality (and higher), difficulty and style. Good setups and ideas. Id styled secrets but still original.

Bigger downsides are that you are left craving for more and that you can find yourself charging forward to look for ammo on the first two combats on skill 2-3.

ptoing Registered 20 August 2015, 17:09

Really nice oldschool map. Very id, but it has some nicer moving parts to it. Very well done, esp for the time. Played on Normal, no problem with ammo there.

Does anyone know if there are more maps by this guy? He must have done more, right?

JMP Registered 10 August 2016, 5:57

Hellishly difficult on nightmare, and I only found 3/5 secrets. Frustrating in the best possible way.

MikeTaylor Registered 22 May 2018, 11:29

Tough and inventive (though maybe too much of the difficulty arises from a shortage of shells). I only found 2 of the 5 secrets, and one of those (a megahealth) was no use to me, so I surely missed at least a nailgun that would have allowed me to make use of the nails I found, and maybe lots more goodies. Anyway, this is huge advance over the same author's The Wherehouse from just six months earlier. It's a shame he didn't go on from here.

whirlstr Registered 19 September 2018, 10:55

Not like the id maps at all. Uninteresting in level design, visuals, and combat. It's a completely linear progression through small hallways. Nails are scattered about, yet I got no nailgun. How fun, you have to find a secret to use one of the basic weapons of the game. Why include the super shotgun in regular gameplay then? Only dedicated wall-humpers deserve such a luxury.

pmk Guest 18 April 2019, 18:24

Very old school metal quake map that looks and plays like one of the original levels for quake. It has interesting level design, and it is filled with plenty of secrets for the player to discover. Wish the map was longer though as it can be completed rather quickly. I would give this map a four out of five rating and say it is worth a play through especially if you liked metal themed quake maps.

triple_agent Registered 10 March 2022, 3:32

Outstanding map in terms of combat encounters.

OldKnavy Registered 11 July 2023, 2:14

This map is better(and older) than that Matt Sefton Metal map that gets all the praise.

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