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Screenshot of obiwan2
Title:Office of the dead (9c98f6c30f3b8c0c7c76debc77950481)
Filesize:1111 Kilobytes
Release date:02.03.1997
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ObiWan2.txt3 KB02.03.1997
ObiWan2.bsp2525 KB23.01.1997

Office of the dead

Medium sized Metal map in a canyon, with a Base bit at the beginning.

Tags: metal, canyon, medium

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
3.1/5 with 18 ratings
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Drew 6 August 2012, 0:57
A tough one on hard, but very interesting in it's execution, with some good architecture and interesting flow. Could use more ammo.
dBAudio Registered 5 October 2014, 19:23

i liked the swinging hook and the 'snake-torch.' nifty.

kaffikopp Registered 24 September 2015, 13:11

Way too little ammo, stuck in the water with four fiends and nowhere to take cover. Also where's the nailgun? Meh.

Repus Guest 8 November 2017, 19:29

Very confusing design. It's not obvious, where to go. There is a large area that you can enter by pushing a pole, and the doors stay open for a while, and you enter this area being targeted by 5+ monsters, and there's nowhere to hide (besides going back, for that you have press another pole to open the doors). You can only run on a small stripe of land, limited by a wall on one side and lava on the other (having limited ammo and no nailgun). There's a button somewhere way up top that you can shoot and make a bridge across the lava, but man, chances of locating it are close to none. And there's nowhere else to go!!!

If there's nothing else to play, try this level. I would recommend to simply skip it.

Esrael Registered 7 December 2018, 8:20

The architecture and the flow in this map are extremely good, but the difficulty feels borderline unfair, I think mainly because there's little room for evasive maneuvers.

The clues for the two secrets that I found also felt kind of vague, especially because I found them by complete accident thanks to collateral damage from the enemies. One of the secrets contained the much wanted (super)nailgun mentioned in the previous reviews.

I can definitely see the player running short on ammo if he isn't provided a nailgun, so it would've been prudent to provide the regular nailgun outside secrets.

Johnny Law Registered 9 June 2022, 20:36

It's got some interesting paths/progression and unusual areas to play in, for sure. Anyone trawling around looking for a 90's map to play could certainly do worse than this.

However like everyone says, the ammo starvation is kind of ridiculous (skill 2) -- mainly because I guess the nailgun was hidden in a secret I never found? In the end this worked out OK; for such a small-ish map I'm happy to savescum a bit to experiment with axe-ing and infighting and just running past certain encounters.

Also the access for the gold key feels like the author was tired of messing around with this map. :-) "OK I guess since you walked through this particular area on the opposite side of the map, you can now go back and have the gold key, congrats."

But yeah, a fun little 90's-map snack I think, especially if you either find the nailgun or are willing to play the starved-for-ammo game.

SlagMuppet Registered 23 January 2023, 3:37

that was awesome. cool map. thanks

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