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Screenshot of pb2
Author:Wright Bagwell (Paul_Bunyan)
Title:The Soul Grinder (55f83e1cd65dfa9fb2169253aebadd5f)
Filesize:1026 Kilobytes
Release date:12.04.1997
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
pb2.txt3 KB12.04.1997
pb2.bsp2227 KB12.04.1997

The Soul Grinder

Large Medieval map.

Tags: large, medieval, bricks, traps, wizard, terracotta, dm

Editor's Rating: Average
User Rating:
3.7/5 with 17 ratings
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Cocerello Registered 24 July 2017, 20:08

Played on skill 2. Stripped 83 out of 84 of their souls and found 1 out of 4 secrets.

Quite solid map, nothing bad but nothing too special either. I would sa that its around episode 4 iD maps in man ways.

The brushwork is not much detailed for its time and around iD maps but the architecture does its work well in creating good looks and provides with enough room to move around, the layout is mainly linear, with some sides areas and some small parts of backtracking, lighting is good and don't hinder both looks and combats, ammo, health and armour is well placed and in amounts around iD maps, combats are mainly straightforward and in difficulty around or a bit over iD maps. I couldn't find the secrets after much searching but the only one i found was hidden in a well known way while not obvious so i suppose that i am to blame here for not searching in a good way.

I liked it, it won't amaze anyone but as it is quite solid its hard to find bugs or even big flaws. The mayor nitpick is the trap, that there is no way to avoid and will always hit the player.

I don't see a reason for not giving it a solid 4.

JMP Registered 6 August 2018, 4:51

This is stylistically similar in to the author's previous map (pb1) and has some of the same flaws: plain textures, relatively monotonous combat, etc. But in other respects it's an improvement. It's larger, the layout is more interconnected, and there are challenging secrets.

Despite the blah textures, the architecture is generally good. It's cohesive enough to give the map a real sense of place, and the large open areas toward the end of the map are impressive.

pmk Guest 24 January 2019, 21:28

Very well done quake map for its time that is more impressive than the level designer's first map. The secrets were hard to discover as i could only find three out of the four total secrets within the level. The combat was fair and not too challenging and i really enjoyed the level design as it is much improved over the level designer's first map. Overall i would give this map a four out of five rating and would highly recommend playing this map.

Esrael Registered 10 February 2019, 8:31

I think this is a perfectly adequate map for its day. It looks good and flows well and doesn't have any glaring flaws (except maybe this one cheap trap I wasn't very fond of).

The overall scale of the map is larger than average, but I think the author had managed to decorate the areas well enough to prevent them from feeling empty. Instead, they have a touch of grandeur to them, so the large scale has been executed well. On the other hand, there is ample space to dodge enemies, of which there could be a little bit more in a map of this size. Especially, when the player is handed some powerful weapons in broad daylight. So the map will only sate the hunger of casual difficulty Quakers.

I think I'd rate this map 3,5/5, which generously rounds up to 4/5.

Solomoriah Registered 10 February 2019, 21:58

Solid gameplay and good though visually unremarkable architecture. I quite enjoyed this one, though I feel like if it were longer I might have gotten a bit bored with the visual aspects.

Greenwood Registered 14 March 2020, 14:32

Nice old-school map. That one backstabbing nail trap sucked big time, but I was ready for it the second time. The map has some good interconnectivity and is fun for a casual play (could've used a few more enemies).

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