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Screenshot of precipice_continuum
Author:Tim Elek
Title:Precipice Continuum (c16854321b083ffeebdf6bd2ae433183)
Filesize:991 Kilobytes
Release date:03.07.2001
Additional Links: Ethereal HellRetroquakeTEAMShamblerTen FourUnderworldfan's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
precipice.txt3 KB03.07.2001
precon.bsp2423 KB03.07.2001

Precipice Continuum

A large outdoor/canyon map with temple ruins.

Tags: medieval, dkt, outdoor, large, temple, canyon, ruin, planetquake-map-of-the-week, greek

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4/5 with 34 ratings
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Aen 15 October 2010, 17:13
Very good!
Cocerello Registered 20 January 2013, 20:44
WOW, this was a surprising map. At first, or if you look at the SC you think that it's another decent outdoor map, but when you begin playing, even the decent brushwork, linear layout, and nothing special monster placement blends extraordinary well with the rest with no reason and you get to play a truly excellent map.

Difficulty is a bit over ID maps, OK. A highlight too is how it's made the layout into 2 interconnected ways that feel natural. The bigger drawback to this map is that there's enough ammo to spam it, even in nightmare, and that it needs to be better distributed across it.
NightFright Registered 8 March 2014, 13:12

Definitely a classic! This ancient setting with its temples and aqueducts creates the impression of having travelled back in time, a bit like the second Daikatana episode. Super Nailgun lovers will definitely dig this map since there is tons of ammo for it, and you are going to need those nails for sure. A bit tough, but enjoyable.

MikeTaylor Registered 10 March 2014, 22:58

It's impressive, but not particularly enjoyable. It all feels too arbitrary, and it suffers from more than the usual amount of Sticky Scenery Sydrome. Maybe it would have been more fun on Hard than on Nightmare, but to me it felt like a grind.

dBAudio Registered 7 September 2014, 18:36

i definitely enjoyed this.

Lane Powell Registered 30 December 2015, 21:18

What is lacks in detail is makes up for in fresh, surprising progression. Didn't feel arbitrary to me at all. It's also nice to see ancient Greek ruins in a game with so many quasi-medieval fortresses and the occasional Egyptian/Mayan ruin. Only problem is there was too much ammo, and there was an entire large area near the end of the map I found I could skip and go straight to the exit. I also missed a lot of monsters, somehow.

bfg666 Registered 19 September 2016, 8:12

Great map! A bit easy on skill 2 and has waaaaay too much ammo, armor and health. Surprisingly, the ultra-classic (overdone?) and systematic succession of large arenas and narrow caves never feels forced or unoriginal. Such a feat borders on alchemy. If only it was a bit more challenging!

Note that this map segues into Coagula2.bsp, in case you also have it installed.

bfg666 Registered 19 September 2016, 8:19

Forgot to mention: I explored every inch of that map and murdered everyone in sight but my frag count is still 10 kills shy from complete. I guess it's that damned fish bug acting up again...

Also, NO SECRETS?! At all? This will be reflected in my final rating.

MikeTaylor Registered 20 September 2016, 16:30

Replayed this on Hard; and, as predicted after my first run-through, I enjoyed it more. So I am upgrading my mark from 2 to 3 stars. Despite killing everything, I ended up with only 125 of 137 kills -- which makes no sense to me, as there are no secrets for the other 12 to be hiding in. Has anyone found an unofficial secret area?

bfg666 Registered 20 September 2016, 16:41

Mike, as I said in my post above, Quake has a frag count bug when there's rotfish in a map. I had two more kills than you. There's an ogre hidden on top of the colums in the first cave area that you probably missed.

Ζ†N Registered 20 January 2018, 8:02

this is definitely a neat lil map. it has it's fun bits for sure. for example, after you get through the first few rooms you come to the building with the big well, which is you can run around completely. welll, if you start a bunny hop through the entrance the shamblers will hit you and give you a sweet boost and you can fly fast as hell around the rest of it then back into the entrance to work the hole for the infighting.

also you can grenade jump up to the ogre ledge across from the vore up on the top in the first big water room, you just swim down get the nade then jump up to the ledge and across & up to where the vore was, then you blast through those zombies in the hall and it takes you to an opening up top where you're looking down onto those 2 gazebo buildings in the shallow water room.

not really puzzle oriented though, but no secrets mixed with looking for secret-like jumps to weird places because they exist does help relieve that.

rchavp Registered 5 November 2021, 20:31

How could I ever missed this?

Fantastic map

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