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Tuesday 3rd July 2001

Precipice_continuum: "Precipice Continuum"
(Size: 990 k. Alternative downloads: Precipice_continuum.)

A large and spectacular map, set in convoluted canyons and chasms, often containing temple constructions. Initially the layout is a straightforward combination of temple areas connected by passages, later on the map features impressively complex multi-tier flooded ruins. The final section is an excellently designed maze of walkways and waterways, giving a sense of discovery and exploration. All of the rock sections, both the cliffs and the ground, are naturally angled, and using the classic Unreal rock texture, they look very good. The temple buildings are equally dramatic, varying from small ruined sections to circular shrines and inspiring intact temples (including the starting temple from Cursed, review), all with good, subtle angles or curves. Towering pillars are a great defining feature: they support acropoli and aqueducts, protrude from deep pools, or just lie collapsed in ruins.

The whole effect, enhanced by nice details like waterfalls and light fittings, is of discovering a lost civilisation (though the monsters aren't that civilised =)). Some people might dislike the purple water, and the lighting, though dramatic, is sometimes strange. Otherwise all aspects of this theme work very well. The map has some good exploration, either just exploring around the temples for items, or the more significant route choices and side areas at the end - some ways are distinctly better than others and it's worth having a look around, this adds some tactical flavour to the ending. No secrets, though, and a few could have been squeezed in.

Despite initial warnings, the gameplay isn't that hard at first, but it builds up relentlessly to the finish. Lots of tougher monsters, supported be even more lighter monsters, are lurking menacingly. The excitement comes from finding what's lying in wait, rather than more artificial ambushes. Weapons and armour are in good supply initially, which allows a balanced introduction despite tough monsters, while ammo is in good supply throughout. All areas have solid combats, and with the fair supplies, the map gives good, honest, upfront action. Skill settings are used too. The only real problem is that some passages, especially underwater, can be a bit awkward to navigate due to their angles. Aside from that, a good balance of fun, challenge and action, in an original, stylish and excitingly designed map.

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