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Screenshot of tintin_jam_nait
Title:The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House (cd8873213ac4b8430659737891fd1787)
Filesize:9198 Kilobytes
Release date:11.08.2020
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
Tintin_jam_nait/Tintin_jam_nait.txt2 KB11.08.2020
Tintin_jam_nait/tintinjam_nait.bsp19643 KB10.08.2020
Tintin_jam_nait/tintinjam_nait.lit5637 KB10.08.2020
Tintin_jam_nait/tintinjam_nait.map15786 KB10.08.2020

The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House

Late entry for the Doom Tintin Jam: a medium-sized DOOM3 base map with hell areas. The map source is included.

Note: This map requires Doom Tintin Jam or Arcane Dimensions and a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support.
[Cannot be played through the Quake Injector]

Tags: medium, base, hell, doom3, d3, textures, ad, arcanedimensions, limits, bsp2, source

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User Rating:
3.6/5 with 25 ratings
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Solomoriah Registered 29 August 2020, 19:53

Stuck in the second zombie fight area. Not sure what the trick is to kill them; must be overlooking something. But I did discover a few areas where there are unintentional "holes" in the walls, particularly if you go all the way around the circle to the far end.

holaareola Registered 2 September 2020, 14:59

The visuals are excellent. The architecture and texturing work together hand in glove, and the hell area, though small and simple, looks better than anything in Doom3 itself in my opinion!

But like Solomoriah I also got stuck in the zombie area and had to noclip out. In general, too much melee (never Quake's strong point) and it just starts to get more interesting with the hell section right before the level finishes.

Neat gameplay idea making the player use the death knights homing missiles to blow up the zombies at the start though.

Mars Registered 12 September 2020, 22:47

Fantastic map! But it's too short. 5/5

zombiechops Registered 25 September 2020, 14:40

I really liked this map. It was a little aggravating at first, having to backtrack to the room with the bobomb death knight from the second room. It gets clearer in the later part of the map that it's one of those classic Quake maps where going back to places you've been before doesn't mean it's still the same! And I can't stress CLASSIC enough. 5/5!

MikeTaylor Registered 8 October 2020, 11:09

Well, what a joyless grind that was. I admire the architecture, but after the frst set-piece, none of the others was really enjoyable. The second room in particular was a horrible experience. Having to go back over and over to the first room to pick up the vore ball from the blue flail knight was bad enough, but having to do the lava jumps repeatedly — and on pedestals with sloping surfaces making it hard to jump reliably — was just no fun at all. There are some nice ideas here, but the execution was off. Sorry, Nait!

carlmartus 6 January 2021, 13:52

Top aestetics. First I didn't get the puzzle aspect of the map. But when I understod that. It made sense.

Short map but unique.

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dwere 7 January 2021, 1:18

Those giant doors and oversized everything else sure look weird. I think the original context of these textures is fucking with perception a bit.

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Jehannum Registered 29 May 2021, 15:34

Like some of the other reviews, the map took a little getting used to, but once I had the flow and gameplay figured out a little better, I really enjoyed it. This one takes a different strategy than I'm used to, and that's not a bad thing in this case. The low number of enemies was a definite plus here because too many would have made the level tedious.

Loved the architecture and texturing too! Great job.

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